Sunday, January 15, 2012

Getting ready to run out the door for church, but just had to share this for any of you that may have missed this....It was just soo exciting to see this commercial played on public television on a commercial that literally millions viewed.   My hubby and I's jaws dropped when we saw it and had to run it back a couple of times.  How darling these children were and how powerful to hear the word coming out of their mouths.  I do feel badly the Tebow lost yesterday, but his impact with his testimony for Christianity is unforgettable.  Have a WONDERFUL day.


  1. Beautiful. Sorry he lost, but his message is out there!!! Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. oh we saw it and LOVED it, could not BELEIVE it!! What a fantastic and wonderful departure from the norm... and Tim will be back! :)

  3. Hi, I too loved this commercial. Apparently, several years ago Focus featured Tim on a commercial during the playoffs and it was his mom's story. I don't remember the ad but I probably wasn't into football then.
    Hope you have a wonderful afternoon and evening. Hugs, Noreen


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