Saturday, January 28, 2012


I have a feeling this post might be ALL over the place as there is much on my mind…But first things first.

CONGRATULATIONS to Janette from Janette’s Sage.  She is the winner of my Valentine’s give away.  For those of you who do not know Janette, (but I think most of us do!) she is an absolutely delightful, spirit filled woman who blesses me every time I visit her blog (which is pretty much any time she posts something new) She is wise, funny, creative, and loving and she is definitely one of my very favorite friends to visit in blogland.  So if you don’t know Janette, pop by for a visit and I KNOW you’ll be glad you did.   Now I have to tell you that while Janette did win my BIG giveaway (it’s really not that big Janette, haha ~  but there is a surprise or two besides the coasters) I decided that since I had soo much Valentine fabric that I just couldn’t resist, that I would just go ahead a make up one extra set as well.  Sooo, Cindy from Letters From Midlife has won that set.  Congratulations to you!  Now Cindy, (for those of you who don’t know her) is a wonderful Christian woman whose well written blog is always a blessing to me.  She is also VERY creative and talented and makes beautiful gift cards and gift tags that she sells at her Etsy shop.  I consider Cindy a kindred spirit in many ways.  It was harder for me to do a giveaway then I thought it might be as I kind of wanted everyone to win, haha.  If I had my way I would have picked you all.  Anyway ladies, send me your addresses in an email, and I will get those off to you as soon as I can. 

And then I wanted to mention that I have been a fan and an avid reader of Karen Kingsbury for quite a while now.  I just love the way she writes.  Her stories and style of writing have always seemed to really touch my heart.  Can’t tell you how many of her books I have cried my way through.  Well, a few months back I had purchased two in her new Bailey Flanigan series but for some reason or another had never gotten around to reading them.  Well, since New Years I have read them both and was very excited to find out that there are two more in the series; actually only 1 is available now, and the other will come out in the spring.  I purchased book 3 today!  YAY!!  I am soo looking forward to reading that.  I also purchased a new Bible.  I felt kind of wild, haha; but here are my thoughts on that.   A few years ago after I lost (I won’t go into that sad story now) the Bible that I had carried for years and years, I had decided I wanted to get  a small Bible that I could just carry around in my purse if I wanted to, so that I would never be without it, should I need it.  Seemed like a wonderful idea.  However, since the time I purchased that it has become harder and harder for me to read the tiny print even with my reading glasses on of course.  I have found myself straining and struggling.  So I decided I needed to break down and get myself a LARGE print Bible.  I quickly found out most of them were HUGE!!  Too heavy to lay in bed reading, or to tote around easily, BUT! The sweet gal at the store helped me to find a smaller type one that I think will be just perfect.  I am soo pleased for some reason. 

And then, I wanted to tell you about the thoughts I have had as I have been studying through the book of James in my devotional time.  Oh, and btw, it certainly works out well that my DIL will be teaching this book at the women’s Bible study group when it starts back up in February.  It will all be very fresh in my mind. : )  But I regress….I have always loved the book of James.  I have read it soo many times of course that I could never really count them up.  Pastor Dave from our old church taught for several months on the book as well and I remember it well.  But I love how no matter how familiar some scripture is to you, the Lord finds a way to bring a new insight or thought to your mind; or sometimes just another focus.  Now truthfully of course this is not a new thought for me, but rather a never ending challenge and struggle; the power of the tongue.
James 3:8  But no man can tame the tongue.  It is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.   

What others say to us and what we say to others can last a VERY long time, for both good or for evil. The casual sarcastic or critical remark can inflict a lasting injury on another person. Proverbs also speaks of the person who doesn’t consider the destructive power of his words. 

Proverbs 26:18-19  Like a madman who throws firebrands, arrows, and death, is the man who deceives his neighbor and says, “I was only joking!” 

WOW…I have been dwelling all day on how many times I have been guilty of that.  The fire of the tongue has been used to burn many.  Children are told, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.”  But that child’s rhyme isn’t really true.  The pain of word spoken against us can hurt us for a lifetime, long after a broken bone has healed. 

James goes to talk about the contradictory character of the tongue as well.  How the very thing that can spit gossip, cursing, and hurtful remarks, can also bless God and others.  The well-timed encouragement or compliment can inspire someone for the rest of their life.   I love these next couple of verses.

Proverbs 16:24  Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the bones.

Proverbs 12:25  Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, but a good word makes it glad. 

I guess what I am trying to say here is how much more I want to focus on what I say.  And truthfully what I write for others to read as well.  The ONLY one with the power to control the tongue is the Holy Spirit.  So I am going to make that a part of my daily prayers from now on. I want my tongue to bless others and spread the sweetness of Jesus.  I have (at times) prided myself (always a mistake) with being able to “speak my mind”.  Well I read today in a commentary, “If your talent is to speak your mind ~ God probably wouldn’t mind if you buried that talent.”  A VERY good idea!

Hope you all have a wonderful week-end!  


P.S.   The girls won last tonight!  The losing streak has been broken!  YAY Mom!!


  1. First, congrats to the winners! Janette happens to be one of my very favorite bloggers, too! I hadn't heard of the other blog, but the title of it has me so very intrigued.

    I think we have so much more in common than just our names. I am starting a study of James too. We started last Thursday. I also am very VERY convicted by passages about controlling the tongue. I love the proverbs you mentioned, especially the one about saying something and then adding the "I was only joking". I think that particular little "trick" is far, far too often employed (in a variety of ways) in the flesh.

    And I have been seriously considering the large print Bible. The truth is, the one in my current one is very small to leave room for study notes which really aren't as good as my other resources anyway. I have a gift card to Life Way and have thought about using it for a large print so that I don't have to use my reading glasses in church.

    Vanity, thy name is Debbie.

  2. Congrats to Janette and Cindy!

    I have a large print bible, but it's just so big. I'm curious to know more about the smaller large print bible you've found.

    My Sunday School class is going to be study James as soon as we finish up our current study. I've studied that book several times, but like you, I always gain some new insight or truth.

    Oh, and I love your new headers and blog layout! FABULOUS!

  3. Thank you so much! I look forward to receiving the coasters.

    Oh, I can relate to the Bible thing and fine print. I do have a compact Bible that I can put in my purse but can't read a thing in it without reading glasses. I'm definitely at the large print stage of life even though I only use glasses for reading or close work. Fortunately, I can see things further away better so it doesn't affect my driving...yet! lol

    Still jealous of you being a grandma!

  4. Oh thanks fun and for Cindy also, she is great...I too enjoy her blog.

    As for the large print..oh my I am needing it also. I haven't understood why churches have started to be darker...LOL, I keep wanting to remind our young pastor that he too one day will need a little more light on the word to read...LOL, so I need that larger print to read the word in our church.

    Precious little fast do they grow..yea on the win for the girls.

    God just recently talked to me very gentle on the issue of the sad that the flames of it are usually thrown at the ones I love most...truly the Holy Spirit can tame my surrendered tongue

    Thanks for your sweet words on my blog...that really blesses me since this the enemy hit me with flames over my blog this week.

  5. Hi sweetie, I love that Janette won-cause I love her heart too. I think I've visited Cindy once but will go back again. You are such a generous and thoughtful gal and I treasure you! I love Karen's books as well but haven't read any in several years-will have to check the library. BTW, I am doing the Beth Moore study of James, good but deep in some ways. I've done a study, many years ago, several times on James and was always going through trials so I can honestly say it is not my favorite book. I too got a large print bible several years ago and you are right-they are soooooo heavy that I use it just for reference.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Love, Noreen

  6. Congrats to the winners! I recently purchased a new Bible to take with me to church since the one I've had since I was a little girl is just too worn. I still use that one for my devotions. But yes, this one is pretty heavy as well! I do have a really nice small one that my mom gave to my dad when he graduated from college, but the print is so small I can't read it! LOL! Love the picture of Sam! He's so adorable! Hope you have a nice weekend. James is a favorite book of mine. I remember memorizing portions of it as a teen at camp one year. Hope your DIL has a good study!

  7. Congrats to Janette and Cindy. (you were so kind to offer the give away)
    What kind of bible did you find with large print that wasn't enormous, I love to find one.I have the same problem (even wih reading glasses)
    Your grandson is absolutely adorable

  8. Oh I am so glad, Janette won! That is so nice, Gosh Sam is getting so big and what a cute smile!
    Have a wonderful Sunday Debbie.

  9. How exciting to read both Janette and Cindy's names as the winners! I love both of these women, even though we've never met in person. But I think you understand well. I follow both of their blogs too.

    I love the photo of Sam! He is so adorable.

    Blessings and love,

  10. Oh I'll have to keep an eye on Janette's place for the prize to arrive! Your little grandson is so cute. What a sweet expression he is wearing at just 4 months old. Hope that you are able to see him soon before he's all grown up!

  11. Congratulations to the two ladies,... Janette i know, but will visit and get to know Cindy. So glad you found a Bible you like, I am needing a new one, but hate to put the one I have been using on the shelf, but it is so well worn. The book of James is one of my favorite books in the Bible, and always learn so much when I read it, and James certainly talks about the unruly tongue. I know your DIL will do a wonderful job. Be blessed!
    And Sam is absolutely more precious than ever, I know Mel is enjoying be a mother! That is one happy baby!

    Do you see me doing the happy dance, over the card game?? You go girls, Yea!!
    Enjoy your week, thanks for your sweet words when you visit.

  12. I will have to look for those books!!! Sam is adorable! 4 months!!!

  13. Congrats to the winners! Like you, I pray for a fresh cleansing of the soul that will also clean up my tongue.

    PS: Your grandson is changing so quickly! Grab these moments and squeeze the life out of them.

  14. You're too funny with all your "Favorite" movies! Hope you had a nice day!


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