Friday, February 17, 2012


I am going to attempt a QUICK post...think I can do it?  It will be something different for me for sure. (smile)

My week has been busy.  My mom had another little "mini" seizure on Wed. morning.  It actually worked out kind of good (as well as these things can of course) as I was already going over there to take her to see her neurologist for a check up anyway that morning.   They are kind of scary when they happen of course, but really are not very significant.  She just begins talking in jibberish for a few minutes.  The part of the brain that controls your words (both reading and speaking) were affected in her original stroke and so when she has a little seizure it is that same part of her brain that is mis-firing so to be speak.  Within 15 minutes or so she is totally back to normal.  The doc is going to increase her medication for this a little bit and thinks all will be well.  Hopefully (and prayerfully) that will be the case.  Other than that, my mom and I had a good day, though she was especially tired.

Thursday morning I went down to San Diego for women's bible study.  Such a good study!  Larissa is just doing wonderfully with this and I don't know who I am happier for.  Her, because I know she was very apprehensive about this, her hubby who was soo sure that this would be great, or all of us ladies who are going to benefit from it so.  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the ride down either.  It was just GORGEOUS outside.  We had a pretty good rain the day before and it was clear, crisp and soo just clean looking out.  OH, and all the surrounding mountains (and there are soo many of them) were covered in snow. Just soo pretty.  I turned up my praise music on the radio and sang my way down there.  Good thing no one but the Lord could hear me though.  I did manage to hurry out of there right after lunch with Larissa, Tella, & JD so I did manage to miss the traffic coming home.  I stopped at Trader Joe's on my way home to look for more gluten free products and imagine my delight (you Trader Joe shopper know what I am talking about) when I discovered that their store brand yummy tomato soup is indeed prepared with NO gluten...,YAY!!  I do love a cup of soup with my half sandwich at lunch.  One problem I have discovered however is that while the gluten free breads are quite good, they CRUMBLE terribly after the loaf has been opened.  So my first piece or two is good, but then it is crumble city.  I am keeping it in the refrigerator, but this is somewhat disappointing.  Maybe there is another way around it, but it is somewhat of an issue....sigh.  Other than that it is going OK.  I'd love to report I am feeling 100% but it just isn't the case.  Soo much better though so I think I will press on with this for a while.

Tomorrow is Donatella's birthday party and I am looking forward to that.  I am still working on my baby shower items, and I am pleased how they are turning out.  I have finished my first book in the King's series, and am well into the second.  I have found that I must discipline myself, else I think you'd find me curled up somewhere reading ALL day, haha.  Melody got a iPad for Valentine's Day so we hooked up last night with our Mac computer (hubby's work one, not mine) to try some "face" time.  It was fun but there is still a bug or two we will have to work out. Such as a delay when we were talking, and we got thrown off a few times too.  Mel & I were both in our PJ's and glasses (we were contact lenses during the day) so we were kind of funny for a face chat, haha.  I am kind of afraid that the fact that they live out in the country that their internet connection may not be strong enough for this, but I am remaining optimistic.   She sent me just the cutest video of Sam this morning that just made my whole day.  He was laying on the floor underneath his little mobile of toys cooing and talking and breaking into spontaneous laughing spells.  It was just soo darling.  He was finding something MOST amusing.  He seems to be such a happy baby.  I actually figured out how to copy and share it, so enjoy.....Just two more weeks and she is coming out!!!  YAY!!  I can hardly wait.

And since I figure out how to do it, I just HAD to share the one where he is having applesauce for the first time.  The faces he makes are priceless.  Sorry if this is too many "grandma loving" videos for you, but I just can't resist.  How I love that it is soo easy for me to catch little glimpses into his life like this...

I came across this verse this morning during my devotional time and it just soo blessed me that I decided to share it with you.

Psalm 34:8  Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good;  Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!

Yes, blessed indeed!  Have a wonderful week-end!


  1. You are such a good grandmommy, Debbie. I love your enthusiasm for your grandkids. Little Sam is so cute and I loved the videos and a big Happy Birthday to Donatella.

  2. As one grandma to another I understand the joy you get from those little ones. Love Trader Joes, I went gluten free last year then kind of fell off the wagon after my surgery, I was doing it for joint pain, is that why you are doing?

  3. You are awfully busy too! So sorry to hear your Mom had another episode. I know how worrisome this can be.
    Hope you find the right things to settle your tummy down. The baby is getting so big, so fast!!
    Have fun tomorrow!!!

  4. So sorry that your Mom had another "episode". Even though it worked out well (considering), it's still disconcerting and worrisome, I'm sure. {{hug}}

    Sure hope you're able to get the bugs worked out of the face time with Mel ... if you can't be together in real life, at least being together via computers has got to be the next best thing ... especially if that means you get to SEE Sam as well as hear him.

    And share away, Grandma! There's no such thing as too much "grandma loving"! No such thing at all!

    Glad to hear that you're feeling better ... praying that your gluten-free diet will continue to help. {{hug}}

  5. Your love and joy for your family just always takes over the pages of your blog, which it should, and what a true blessings and testimony to who you are.

    I hope the gluten-free helps. So many are going gluten-free. You take care of yourself...I have been praying for those knees.

    Blessings on your mom, my Dad has mini strokes, and it is so hard for him and the family.

    Precious little boy...oh technology, can you imagine how families survived in the past?

  6. So cute. Have a nice weekend at the birthday party. It all sounds good and I am sorry about your poor Mom, I am glad that she doesn't have the kind my Mom had. It would be so scary to me but at least you know how to handle it.
    I will be praying for you and your Mom.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  7. What a happy little baby boy! It's okay to be totally ga-ga over grands. =D

    How good that your mom was on her way to the doctor as you say. The timing was good if it had to happen at all. It's not easy to have our parents in any kind of distress.

    Hope that you'll share a bit about what you are learning in your Bible Study with Larissa.

  8. OK, I giggled at your first line. We are so much alike, you know. I think it's in the name.

    I enjoyed the video of laughing Sam. I love a throaty baby laugh. Don't you think it's one of the grandest sounds EVER?

    I'm glad your mom is OK at this point and hope the new medicine works!


    I praise with you for the success with the bible study. As one who teaches them, I know exactly how she feels beginning it and how she is feeling watching God work through it. He's pretty wonderful, isn't he?

    (Apparently, my comments can't be any briefer than my posts. Sigh.)

  9. Hi! Debbie, this is such a cute post, and that baby is so cute! I'm trying to catch up with everyone and enjoy your words so much! I haven'nt been doing much lately, haven't felt well the last couple of weeks, as I have been "nursing" both of my arms back~ I really strained them while painting another room! It seemed that the room wore me out! But praise God they are feeling some better! after 2 chiropractor treatments! goin again today! but anyway have a great day~ and praying that you are feeling better!


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