Friday, February 24, 2012


Guess who is 5 months today??!  How darling is this little guy?  Grandma is having a hard time over here...It is soo time to see and hold him.  No definite date when he is coming yet, but Grandma is still praying.  : )


The week-end is upon us and I for one and looking forward to it.  Not much is planned and I am happy about that too.  I love events, parties, plans etc. etc., but sometimes it is just soo nice to have NOTHING at all you really have to do.  Not that I can't think of plenty of stuff we SHOULD be doing, but don't know if I am going to even let my head go there this week-end either.  ; )


Bible study was REALLY good yesterday and how I am enjoying getting to know the women better as well.  I am feeling a little guilty with the price of gas is what it is, and it is a LONG trip there and back, but I guess I feel like it is for a good cause and the day is sure to come when I won't be able to do things like this anymore, so I guess I will just enjoy it and not let the enemy steal my joy for now.  Plus my son took me out to lunch afterwards and I got to enjoy that and them for a little while longer as well.  Afterwards I went over to my oldest son's house to drop off a photo of my great grandparents that I have so that Jeffie could complete a project on family history he is working on for school.  This made them his great, great, great grandparents of course.  I helped him get the paper written for that and I enjoyed every minute of it.  It really is one of the big things I miss about not living so close anymore.  I don't get any opportunities to do school work with them, and I truly miss it.  I think I am just a "wish I had been" teacher.  It was almost 6 thirty when I FINALLY got home though and imagine my pleasure to walk into dinner on the table.  Hubby got home a little early and so decided to barbecue the chicken up that I had out.  Put a big smile on my face for sure.  It has been a LONG day as I had left at 7:45 am!  Considering those are the hours hubby usually works EVERY day, it gave me a new appreciation of how tired he must be when he gets home.  My stomach still continues to bother me so I am doing the best I can with my diet changes.  I have found that the smaller the meal, the better I feel.  Think my body is trying to tell me something?  haha  I will be glad to get this all figured out though I am not going to lie.

I did finish up ALL of my sewing projects this morning and I am soo pleased with how they turned out.  The shower is a week from tomorrow so I have next week free for helping my sister Diane out with a few details.  She is coming over here (she lives in the mountains I think I've mentioned) on Friday and we will spend the day making candy and decorating cupcakes.  She has found some DARLING ideas on Pinterest and we are both anxious to give them a whirl.  Plus we will need to pick up food and just organize things a bit as well.  She will spend the night (too far to travel back and forth) and that way we can decorate everything in the morning.  The shower will be at our wonderful club house where we had Jeff's 60th birthday party.  It is soo nice to have access to such a thing.  I am still hoping that Mel comes in on that Friday too so that she can attend the shower as well.  Everyone else is anxious to see them too and this is just the perfect opportunity.  (hint hint if you are reading this Mel).

The weather is gorgeous here again today and I am needing to get out side and give all my plants on the porch a good watering, and hose and clean off some out there as well.  My Azalea bush is blooming soo pretty.  Guess that means I should sign this and get out there.  Oh, there goes my dryer too.  A gal's work is never done is it?  haha   Have a wonderful week-end!

Psalm 34:8  Oh taste and see that the Lord is good!  Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!!



  1. Oh my, I can't believe Sam is 5 months already!!! Such a doll!!
    I must have missed who the shower is for? Is Diane's daughter having another baby? I miss her blog!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. Oh my, I can't believe Sam is 5 months already!!! Such a doll!!
    I must have missed who the shower is for? Is Diane's daughter having another baby? I miss her blog!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. Seems as if it was just yesterday that I was looking at all those lovely pictures of your daughter's baby shower and now Sam is 5 months old. Hope you get to see him really soon and that your stomach issues get resolved.

  4. Hi there, Where do the months go? Loved seeing little Sam, he certainly is a handsome young fellow. Loved seeing Jeffie too. I'm so impressed that you go such a long distance for your study-especially with Ca. gas prices(ouch). I do miss Azalea's and other flowering bushes; it was fun to see a green winter setting in Ca.-unlike the brown here. Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. Oh, Sam is so, so cute! I think we may all have to start thinking about how far we're driving. It's awful! But, we'll go as long as we can. Hoping it is a restful and relaxing weekend for you. Blessings!

  6. So true, our work is never done.
    The shower sounds like it's going to be so much fun. I hope sweet
    Sam and his momma make it!
    And I hope your stomach problems disappear soon!

  7. Babies grow up so quickly. What a cutie.

    Have a restful weekend, Debbie.

  8. Sam is such a doll ... I hope you get to love on him soon!

    The talk of gas prices sky rocketing has me worried because we've got a couple of long trips planned in the next 3-4 months.

  9. Sam is really growing, and so adorable and happy too! I so relate with the separation.
    Our weather has been extremely warm too, we think an early spring is in order.~smile~
    I always enjoy reading of your days, filled with so much love, and family devotion.
    Thank you for your prayers and sweet thoughts, I am feeling so much better.

  10. He is just a doll...and what wonderful day you had...I love hearing.
    I am praying for your health and so you can discover what you need to do.

    Pinterest...oh I am so enjoying the sewing projects there...I have a board full of ideas to try...too much for inspiration to production

    Happy Weekend

  11. Just love days when there is no schedule.
    Sam is certainly getting big and he is adorable, hopefully you will get to see him soon
    Hope your stomach issues resolve soon
    Have a relaxing weekend

  12. Hope that your weekend is going along just tickety-boo. I like a quiet weekend sometimes myself. I had to check where you live again when I read that your azaleas are blooming. Mine won't bloom until May. Love them and wish that they lasted longer. What color are yours?

    Your son sounds like a great guy to take his mother out to lunch and his father sounds like a keeper for sure. My hubby might be able to make me grilled cheese sandwiches...

  13. Hey Deb!

    I so enjoyed reading several of your posts and getting caught up a little bit on what you've been up to. You are one busy gal! Oh, I didn't know Mel had a baby!!!! I'm sure you are just thrilled and I hope you get to see him real soon.....He is sooo adorable!!

    Hope you and your sis have a blast making all the shower goodies and also get a chance to relax and just enjoy yourself!

    Have a wonderful week!!

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