Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Well it's Wednesday and time for Hodgepodge.  You can join the others HERE.

1.  St. Patrick's day will be celebrated this coming Sat.  What's a favorite article of clothing you own that contains a touch o'the green?  I have MANY to chose from as green is not only my favorite color in general, it is one of the best colors I can wear.  I think I would chose for my favorite right now the green top that my oldest son Joe and his family gave me for Christmas.  More of an aqua green I guess, but soo pretty, and comfy too.

2.  What's your favorite "green space" in the town, state, or province where you live?  If I am understanding for sure what you mean here by "green space" which would be to "reuse" an area for a wide range of things from agricultural, to recreational, or ecological uses, in my particular area I guess it would have to be the ball fields and parks.  Most of my particular neighborhood is VERY city with neighborhoods, restaurants, busy malls and shopping areas etc.  And while I have NO objection to any of these things, there is nothing like sitting in a gorgeous park full of huge trees and flowers and rolling hills covered in green grass.   

3.  Do you wish you were taller, shorter, or think you're just about right in the height department?  At 5 ft. 6 inches I think I am just about right.  I think that falls into the "average" height for most women.  I always felt like if I was a little taller though my weight would suit me better, haha.

4.  What's the surest way for someone to pick a fight with you?  Uummm....I guess if I think one of my kids or grandkids were being picked on or attacked in some way I'd probably find myself jumping to the defense and ready to do battle.  I remember one incidence in particular when I was a VERY young mama and my oldest son was only 2 (really close to 3 I guess) years old.  Words flew out of my mouth soo fast that I honestly couldn't believe it.  I was at the laundry mat doing our weekly wash and my son had a few little cars and was lying on the floor under the table where I was folding our clothes playing with them.  He was a typical little boy and he was making the cars crash and making car noises etc.  He was being as good as gold as far as I was concerned and not hurting a soul.  Well, there were a couple of older women in there as well who were finding him annoying for some reason (honestly, I never did understand why other than maybe she was trying to read and the place was small?) and had rolled their eyes and sniffed around and you just knew were trying to get my attention so that I might make him collect his cars and sit quietly in a chair I guess.  I ignored them.  That is until one of the women finally spoke aloud and said, "Some moms just don't understand that this isn't a place for children to play.  She should have left him at home." (Really?  from a LAUNDROMAT? )  I turned to her and said, "And some women don't remember what it was like to BE a young mom trying to get things done, or a young boy just trying to play while she does.  They were always OLD and FAT...."  Can you believe I said that?  Both of their mouths dropped open (and then quickly shut) and that was the end of that.  Can't tell you how I regretted that.  WHY did I find the need to add on that last little bit?  There is such power in our tongues.  We have the ability to bless others or hurt them every single day.  What others say to us and what we say to others can last a LONG time, for good or for evil.  The casual sarcastic or critical remark can inflict lasting injury on another person.  Likewise, the well-timed encouragement or compliment can inspire someone for the rest of their life.  Proverbs speaks of the person who doesn't consider the destructive power of his words.  Like a madman who throws firebrands, arrows, and death, is the man who deceives his neighbor and says, "I was only joking!"  Proverbs 26:18-19.  I felt bad about that for a LONG time.    

5.  Broccoli, Spinach, String Beans, Peas, of the four, your favorite green veggie? (Or the one your dislike the least if that first option is too hard?  I just know there is some veggie haters out there)  I LOVE them all.  But probably my favorite would be Broccoli.  However, I don't like it raw or uncooked or whatever.  I love it steamed or cooked only.  Then I could eat it everyday.   

6.  March is National Women's History Month.....besides friends, neighbors, and the women you are related to, who's a woman in History you admire and why?  When my boys were young and going through elementary school, the school they attended had an assignment called "Famous American".  They had to chose a famous American to research and write a paper on, then they had to write a speech pretending to be this famous American, and then come to school dressed as their character on the final day.  This took place during the entire month of February, and included all the kids from KG through the 8th grade.  It was adjusted of course as the child grew older and more and more was required.  As I recall the KG's just dressed as their characters.  Anyway, this was A LOT of famous Americans over the years for my boys.  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed these assignments.  The reports, speeches, and costumes were judged and awards were given out etc.  I was often asked to serve as a judge for the speeches.  I LOVED it.  But I remember wishing at the time that I had a daughter so that more time could be spend researching famous American WOMEN.  By the time I finally had Melody we were no longer sending our children to that particular school, and the new one did not participate in this event.  So I never did get to dig deeper into the famous American women.  However as I judge I spent a lot of time listening closely to the girls as they gave their speeches.  There were soo many that caught my attention and admiration.  But I remember one in particular.  Someone always chose this woman every year, and I looked forward to hearing about her.  And that was Rosa Parks.  This is of course the woman who refused to give up her seat on the bus for a white man.  She was both arrested and fined for this.  Rosa boycotted the city's bus company for a duration of 382 days.  This caused the Supreme Court to rule that the ordinance under which Rosa was fined was wrong.  They also put out a law against racial segregation on public transportation.  She also later received the martin Luther King Jr. Nonviolent Peace Price.   I remember thinking how brave she had to be.  And how committed to wanting to make a change for the good for the future.  What a scary time in history that had to have been.  It still amazes me that these things all existed in the first place.  Anyway, she is right at the top of women I admire...

7.  Keep calm and ____________ on.  You fill in the blank.  How about....keep calm, and carry on....or....keep calm and press on....or keep calm, and continue on.  Made me think of the verse in Philippians.  I press towards the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.. Phil. 3:14.  I have got my eye on the goal where God is beckoning us onward---to Jesus.  I am off and running, and I am not turning back.

8.  Insert your own random though here.   My head as always is all over the place, haha.  But picking our just one of my "random" thoughts is.....How much I LOVE day light savings time.  Now I know it is soo annoying that first morning or two when it is time to get up and begin your day and it is still kind of dark outside, especially when you rise as early as I do.  (and yes kids I am WELL aware of the fact that I don't HAVE to rise that early anymore) But it is soo worth it at the end of the day when it is still light outside LONG after dinner is over and you can sit outside and enjoy the sunset and the weather.


  1. I just love your answer to #7.

    And I'm so glad to find someone else who loves DST. it is dark when I get up in the morning, but not for too terribly long. And it's well worth it to be able to have daylight after dinner.

  2. You are the first one I've heard saying that you enjoy daylight savings. I like it too :). Its definitely lighter earlier :).

  3. Love your list...

    #3...totally relate...I'm also 5'6 and think that my weight suits someone ummm maybe 5'!

    #4...totally relate...I've also got some of those "laundromat" stories too! I nearly got into a rumble at McDonalds about a similar situation!

    #7....I'm all about Keep calm and eat dessert! :)))

    Luv your new blog look!

    Have a blessed day!


  4. I loved reading your answer to #4. I think we've all been there at some degree or another. It's very easy for words to slip out of our mouths and it's so hard to take them back. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Love the way you stood up to those Biddies in the laundromat!!!

  6. Hi there, I love these themes-you and I are certainly alike in the fact that no one better mess with our kids or grands. I like having longer evenings but it takes me awhile to adjust getting up when it still seems dark.
    Have a great afternoon dear friend.
    Love, Noreen

  7. The scholl project sounds like so much fun, especially since it was a yearly thing. I think that it is really wonderful for kids to feel connected with the people in history who helped us to get to where we are today.

  8. Very nice questions and even nicer answers.
    I think I will get used to the time change and I have loved it in past years, this year I am having a hard time getting used to it.
    I always enjoy stopping by and reading your answers.

  9. Great post Debbie, you always have so much fun stuff to say.

    Blogging is right up you alley and you are good at it :)

    Enjoy your day and stay out of the laundrymats....


  10. Hi Debbie, Just catching up tonight, So glad to see that you all are over that stomach virus. I so enjoyed this read, especially the laundromat story, nothing gets us mother hen's feather ruffled than have some one pick on our baby chicks. been there done that! lol.

    Miss Rosa parks was indeed an inspiration, to us all!

    I went and looked at all of your photos of Sam and they are so precious, the video of him with your Mom is for sure a keepsake. I also love seeing the ones with you holding him. I know you really miss them, I experience the withdrawals too!

    Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers.
    Much love,

  11. I so loved your honesty in sharing what you really said. Been there, done that, have the regrets.

    Memes are such a fun way to get to know a person better. Enjoy wearing the green!


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