Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Just a quick update....the flight with Sam couldn't have gone better.  He was the hit of the plane, haha.  He is soo adorable and has slept soo well and done soo well it has almost been unbelievable.  The shower was PERFECT.  Just the right combination of good food, loving people and fun.  Again, Sam did great.  All of my boys made it up Sat night for dinner and to see Mel and that couldn't have been nicer either.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE being all together.  Sunday morning we went to church down in San Diego and Sam again just couldn't have been better.  He slept the whole way down and the whole way back.  We decided to go by my mom's after church so that they could see the baby.  And here's where everything took a BIG turn.  Melody became suddenly VERY ill.  Within 10 minutes at my mom's she was vomiting and just became the sickest she thinks she has ever been.  When we couldn't control the vomiting for more than 10 minutes at a time we headed to the emergency room thinking it was food poisoning.  We were there over 5 hours with Grandpa walking the baby around outside so he wouldn't be exposed to anything inside.  They gave her fluids and medication but it really hasn't done a lot of good.  He told us that he didn't think it was food poisoning, but rather a stomach virus that is particularly nasty, VERY contagious, and rampant right now.   Just everybody has got it he said.  Well, since Melody came down with it SEVERAL more of us have been hit as well.  Last count there are 14 of us sick.....including both my dh and me.  I am not going to lie, it has really been somewhat of a nightmare.  Some people are being hit HARD like Melody, while others are not too bad.  I am somewhere in between.  I think if I wasn't dealing with my stomach issues already, I might not have been too bad, but I am not able to take the digestive pills (naturally) and so all the same symptoms I have been dealing with for weeks are acting up as well.  Thankfully, the baby is still well.  We are hoping that the fact that Melody is nursing him and he is picking up her antibodies in her milk is causing him to fight it off.  Plus of course we have all been praying diligently.  So far by far the worst hit are both Melody and Michelle, who is the one the shower was for.  Melody was suppose to go home tomorrow but she changed her flight until Sat. instead.  I feel bad that Mike's mom and sister haven't even gotten to see the baby yet as they were suppose to get together yesterday and Mel was just too sick.  We have told them coming over here would be REALLY dumb unless they felt like getting sick too.  Please pray Mel starts feeling better soon and that the baby doesn't get this.  I am not sure why this has happened.  Not exactly the visit we all had planned.   But I do KNOW the Lord has us all in His hands and so we will just trust Him.  Hope you all are having a good week.


  1. I am so sorry, that is the worst kind. 14 of you have come down with it??? We had the same thing hear, and my daughter got the sickest and then everyone where she worked all got it the same way and as fast. I feel so terrible for your poor family. I am glad the baby is staying well, I will be praying and praying for your family. Oh I hope your Mom and Step-Dad don't get it.
    I am glad though everything else has been nice. Your visit sounds like it was so nice with everyone home. :)
    I will be praying for healing for all.

  2. OH MY!!!!!!!! Praying right now..healing in Jesus name and protection for the baby..full recovery for everyone!!

    So glad the visit prior to this was so wonderful...so sorry!

  3. Oh Debbie! Praying for Mel and your family right now. And I can't believe that I just got a text from my daughter Katie and she had to take Bryan (her husband) to the Navy ER in Florida during the night with the same symptoms you described. Bryan was on fluids all night in the ER and is home now. She said he is the sickest she's ever seen.....very nasty!!!

    Would appreciate your prayers for Katie and Bryan, too! Katie is on fertility treatments and may be preg now (will know soon) so we are praying against any virus that would try to come against her!

    Praying protection and healing for you family and mine!!!! IN JESUS NAME!!!


    Love and Sweet Blessings!

  4. Hi sweet friend, Oh what a horrid situation for all of you,especially when you wanted to visit and get caught up. Standing in the gap for you and yours dear one.
    Love, Noreen

  5. How awful! Poor Mel ... and everyone else. Praying for you all! {{hug}}

  6. Oh my gosh Debbie, what a terrible thing to have happen!!!! I sure hope EVERYONE is better very soon! Our Noah was terribly sick last week! I didn't get what he had, just a bad sore throat and cold.
    Prayers for Mel to feel better soon, and that baby Sam will NOT get sick!!!
    For all of you to be well soon!!!

  7. Oh my I am so sorry, praying right now for all of you

  8. Oh, my goodness, this is awful and I pray that it will leave just as quickly as it come. Also praying that Mel will regain her strength quickly. I am so sorry this has happened. Blessings!

  9. I pray all are better now. Nothing much worse than stomach viruses.

  10. Oh no! I will pray very specifically for the whole family and wait for the praise that you have totally ridded yourselves of this virus!!

    I'll pray a continued hedge of protection around baby Sam.


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