Wednesday, April 4, 2012


As I have found myself preparing my heart for Easter, I have been reading through each of the gospels accounts of the death and resurrection of Jesus. I am as always, horrified and amazed at what Jesus went through for each one of us. I am overwhelmed at His love and His forgiveness. I find myself, often for some reason, really trying to picture myself living at that time and in that place. How would I have been? What would have been going through my mind? I wonder if even if I had been one of His faithful followers, would I too would have been as fearful as Peter? He was soo sure he would never not be there for Him. Never let anything happen to Him. Protect Him with all that was in him. Peter had walked with Jesus through his whole ministry. He saw Him preform many, many miracles. He loved Him with all his heart. And yet, Jesus knew better. He knew Peter would let fear get the best of him and deny Him 3 times before he heard the rooster crow. And he didn't deny Him before a judge or an angry group of city council men, but to a lowly servant girl, and a small group who were standing around watching what was going on. He didn't just deny Him either. He cursed and swore and became very emphatic that he did NOT know Him. When he heard the rooster crow he remembered Jesus saying that he would do this and he began to weep bitterly, his heart full or remorse and sorrow. Now of course Peter goes on to have a wonderful ministry after Jesus raises from the dead, preaching the good news of the gospel whenever he could. But still at that time, in that place, he let his fears lead him, and he did deny Him. Can you imagine how badly he felt?  I have a strong feeling I too would have been just like Peter.  And yet as I was thinking about all this I took some comfort in knowing that Jesus doesn't require perfection from any of us. Even his own disciple's who lived and worked with Him for three years were ordinary men and failed at times as well. We just have to have repentful hearts to be used by Him. One of my all time favorite songs to hear at Easter time is He's Alive written by Don Francisco from the perspective of Peter. It brings me to tears every time I hear it for some reason. Here is a video of the song, and the words are posted underneath it.  ENJOY

The gates and doors were barred
And all the windows fastened down
I spent the night in sleeplessness
And rose at every sound
Half in hopeless sorrow
And half in fear the day
Would find the soldiers breakin' through
To drag us all away

And just before the sunrise
I heard something at the wall
The gate began to rattle
And a voice began to call
I hurried to the window
Looked down into the street
Expecting swords and torches
And the sound of soldiers' feet

But there was no one there but Mary
So I went down to let her in
John stood there beside me
As she told me where she'd been
She said they might have moved Him in the night
And none of us knows where
The stone's been rolled away
And now His body isn't there

We both ran toward the garden
Then John ran on ahead
We found the stone and empty tomb
Just the way that Mary said
But the winding sheet they wrapped Him in
Was just an empty shell
And how or where they'd taken Him
Was more than I could tell

Oh something strange had happened there
Just what I did not know
John believed a miracle
But I just turned to go
Circumstance and speculation
Couldn't lift me very high
'Cause I'd seen them crucify him
Then I saw him die

Back inside the house again
The guilt and anguish came
Everything I'd promised Him
Just added to my shame
When at last it came to choices
I denied I knew His name
And even if He was alive
It wouldn't be the same

But suddenly the air was filled
With a strange and sweet perfume
Light that came from everywhere
Drove the shadows from the room
And Jesus stood before me
With his arms held open wide
And I fell down on my knees
And I just clung to Him and cried

Then He raised me to my feet
And as I looked into His eyes
The love was shining out from Him
Like sunlight from the skies
Guilt in my confusion
Dissappeared in sweet release
And every fear I'd ever had
Just melted into peace

He's alive yes He's alive
Yes He's alive and I'm forgiven
Heaven's gates are open wide
He's alive yes He's alive
Oh He's alive and I'm forgiven
Heaven's gates are open wide
He's alive yes He's alive
Hallelujah He's alive
He's alive and I'm forgiven
Heaven's gates are open wide
He's alive He's alive He's alive
I believe it He's alive
Sweet Jesus


  1. There's no point in denying it. I'm a lot like Peter. That's why one of my very favorite passages of post resurrection scripture says, "Go tell the disciples AND PETER..." Jesus knew all about his weaknesses, but he also knew his heart. Too often folks want to describe the look that Jesus gives him after the rooster crows to be a look that said "I told you so". I don't see it that way. I think it was a look that said, "I love you still."

    Oh, that I can be even more like Peter and turn my big talk into bigger action for the King.

  2. I would hope I would not have denied Christ like Peter and yet ...I may very well have done so.

    I love this song!

    How thankful I am that I am forgiven and free in Christ.

    Blessings and love,

  3. Oh, I just LOVE that song ... maybe because I'm more like Peter than I'd like to be ... and this song reminds me that the forgiveness that Jesus offered to Peter is offered to me as well.

  4. I have been reading through them the same way. I have wanted to look at it closer this year too.
    It seems really important to me to focus on that empty tomb.
    That is a very nice song.
    So glad you shared today.

  5. Reading about Peter gives me hope...he was kind of a mess and yet God was still able to use him. Can it be possible God can use me too....I know what being a mess is all about...sinner in need of a savior

    About the plants...we each took one pot home, the pots in the picture were extra we made for ladies that weren't there or for people we thought might enjoy some flowers

  6. Wow, what a beautiful song. I just read through the lyrics and now I am going to give it a listen!

    Happy Easter to you and your family if I don't get back to visit before then!

  7. Just like Peter... breaking the Father's heart, shaking and shaping the Father' kingdom. What a road we walk! What a God of grace who walks it with us!

    Such mystery. Such love.

    Blessed Easter walk to you and yours, Debbie.


  8. What powerful words! What an exciting message we have this Easter! What a God we serve!
    Beautifully shared post from your heart. Thank you Debbie.

    Happy Easter!


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