Monday, September 10, 2012


I SOO enjoyed our week-end.  Saturday was SUCH a lazy day.  Sleeping in, long conversations, football games, (is it that time already?) reading, naps, grocery shopping were all worked in somewhere, lol. Sunday found us down in San Diego as always and lunching at Larissa's and James and playing with the grands.  I don't think I ever thanked her for lunch if you are reading this Larissa, THANK YOU for a wonderful lunch!  She always fixes something totally tasty AND "gluten free" and I soo appreciate it.   Other than that, the weather has been just horrid.  I am soo done with the heat!  Hot and humid and weird.  At one point driving home from San Diego yesterday we drove through an area where is was just POURING RAIN!  And I mean pouring soo hard we could barely see the road.  The temperatures dropped from 98 degrees to 74 in a 15 minute period, and then right back up to 101 as we arrived home.  We left our air conditioner off as the electric bill has been through the roof, but it was 91 in our house when we got home around 4, so we popped it on!  Praise God for air conditioning.  I honestly don't know if I could bear it otherwise.  We do turn it off at night and put on our ceiling fan, which is usually just fine, but I was still HOT last night.  I think because the house never did cool totally down. Truthfully, the insulation in this house is just plain old bad.  The windows should really be replaced with energy saving ones, and the air conditioner is 30 years old and should be replaced as well with an energy saving one.  Both of these changes would REALLY help our utility bills I know, but the expense of doing this is making it not an option right now.  So guess it is the is what it is, huh?  lol  I have been doing crock pot meals and salads for dinner.  Did I mention that I am done with heat?  haha   Just done....guess that's all I will say about that.

This week I am going to work on the picture collage for mom, and getting birthday gifts for both JD (whose party is this Sat.) and Sam and Larissa.  Sept is a busy birthday month for us. (my 58th birthday falls in there somewhere too... ; )  )  We are 98 percent at this point that we are going to Mike and Melody's for Sam's first birthday.  Soo excited about this.  A couple of little details to still work out to make it a 100 percent plan, but I am feeling pretty confident.  Haven't seen the little guy in over 3 months and Grandma is needing to squish and kiss him pretty badly.  It will be just a short trip (4 days) but sure beats not seeing him at all until Thanksgiving.  This is the year all of my sons have Thanksgiving dinner with their in-laws, (we trade off years) and so Jeff and I are planning on going to New Mexico this year for Thanksgiving.  All of these plans are in God's Hands of course, but I am hoping and dreaming ahead.

Guess that's all I have for now.  I will leave you with a couple of quick pics/video of Sam.  He is at that age where he is saying and doing more every day.  She does manage to catch most of his new accomplishments on film for Grandma.  Recently she has been asking him, "How big is Sam?"  And he responds by throwing his arm up in the air high while she says, "Sooo big!"  He loves it.  Here is a pic of him doing that.  Kind of blurry because she had to be fast, haha, but you get the idea..


And a recent video.  In this she is asking him how the cow goes.  Now remember Sam has up close and personal views of cows everyday.  I think it is hysterical that he shakes his head the way they do too, and his MOO sounds more like a real cow as well.  haha  ENJOY

We serve such an awesome and giving God.  He supplied our needs today in an unexpected and generous check from a source my hubby had just about given up on....Thank you Jesus!

Hope you all have an awesome and joy filled week.  Look for God's blessings, they are everywhere.

Oh, and I almost forgot.  My 11 year old grand daughter Lindsey is running for school president.  She gives her speech on Friday.  A quick prayer that I am able to make to the assembly would really be appreciated.  Rather she wins or not I am soo proud of her for putting forth the effort to try.  She is a great student and would make an awesome President...just saying.  ; )

And finally (I promise this is it) I just had to share this picture of my youngest granddaughter Donatella.  She spent a day with her daddy on Friday for some important one on one time.  Always appreciated when you come from a family with other sibblings.  Her face in both pics says it all...



  1. Hi there, I so loved reading that you are going to see Sam soon-I know how much you miss him. He is so adorable!!!! Wait til he can Skype or have Facetime on the cell phone. Wow, you keep the air off at night-I'll keep it off during the day and leave it on at night; however the lowest I have it is 76. Our bill for two months ago was $200+ but we had neighbors whose was way over $300. I'm looking forward to cooler days too; we can feel fall in the air here.
    Have a great evening my friend!
    Love, Noreen

  2. It has been dreadful weather hasn't it!!! Sounds like you had a very nice weekend though!
    I am so happy you get to go see your daughter and Sam for Thanksgiving! He is at such a fun age!!!
    Enjoy it all!!!!
    Stay cool!!
    XO Kris

  3. I don't know. Your weekend sounds mighty busy and exhausting to me. I don't imagine that you could stand a truly, lazy one. ☺ Your comment about the in-laws having Thanksgiving dibs this year reminds me that this is true in my family as well. Hmmm...better give this some thought.

    Your grands are so cute. I wonder what platform your granddaughter is running on.

  4. Oh my, does it ever really cool off enough NOT to use your A/C in California? Please don't laugh if that's a silly question. I have no clue! I'm so very grateful for our central air. I thank God almost once a week when we're using it that my hubby insisted on installing it when we built our house. I just wanted to use our window units. Hope you had a nice Monday!

  5. Are you ever right about the heat!.. our electric bill has been through the roof for the last 3 months as well and like you, our AC unit is old and needs replacing but we dont have the money so we have no choice but to deal with it.. Sounds like you had a nice weekend and a busy one..

    I hope you don't mind if I put a link to your blog on mine, I like reading yours and Im sure others would too!
    Robyn : )

  6. What a nice week and what a unexpected blessing of getting a check. I love that. Your grands are all so precious and I loved Sam doing cows. You can tell he has been paying attention.
    Yes, I am with you on the heat. I almost cried today when the weather man said it was going to be triple digits this weekend.
    Not to mention all of that humidity we have had all summer.
    I do not know what I would do without air conditioning.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week. I will say a prayer for your grand daughter.

  7. Our weather has been terrible as well hot and humid, almost tropical feeling. This week it has begun to change a bit but the hot weather will rally again, before it stays cool. Praying you will be able to get out to see little sam and melody. Have a wonderful week

  8. Ahhhh, it would seem Fall has fallen at your hosue too. What a great season for projects and all things grandmotherly.


  9. When I ever start a pity party all I need to do is come here...your life just shouts Glory to God and all his provisions, miracles, perseverance, as you say, your "it is what it is"...the list goes on and just nudge me through the valley to ascend the the mountain top

    Thanks for posting your life...through it I am so encouraged...

  10. WOW, that check certainly was a blessing!

    I love the pics of your babies......PRECIOUS!


  11. praise the Lord for your special provision!
    i love hearing those kind of stories!


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