Monday, October 29, 2012


Well again our week-end was not quite like I pictured it, but then I have come to realize not much ever is.

Saturday morning with temps reaching almost 93 (crazy I know!) found Jeff putting up our Christmas lights outside as I told you he would.  I of course told you all the reasons why we were, haha, but we found ourselves explaining it (a few times) to our neighbors as well.  Truthfully I started out on the porch directing chatting and keeping him company, but it got so hot I had to go into the house.  Jeff joked that he wondered how many other people actually had to apply sun screen in order to put up their Christmas lights.  Now with the smaller house we don't even come close to putting up what we use to for years and years, so honestly I think we both forget that it is not nearly the job it used to be.  Jeff managed to get the majority of it done, with just the trimming of the windows, and the wise men placed in the yard left to go.  I think we will wait to put out the wise men until Dec first though, haha, and like I said, we won't actually turn the lights on yet either until then of course.   So guess we are right on schedule with that plan anyway.

My son John stopped by on Sat. afternoon, and when my youngest son heard he was here he decided to drive up from San Diego to join us.  We all ended up going out to dinner and spent the rest of the evening talking and reminiscing especially about Jennifer.   They called my oldest son Joe after we got back from dinner and put the phone on speaker and put it on the coffee table so that he could join in the conversation for a while too.  The boys usually do this to with Melody when they are together without her being here.   I know the circumstances were not good ones as to why this happened in the first place, but I really loved having the boys to myself.  Not many opportunities for that anymore.  It is a funny thing when your kids have been married and gone for years, and have lives and children of their own.   You rarely find yourselves in the position when you are all together that doesn't include spouses and grands.  Nor do you want it to be of course either.   The family has grown and expanded just as you want it too.  But for whatever reason we all really enjoyed this time together.  I think of course it will take John a while to come to terms with all of this, but I am glad he has had the support he has.

Not much else is on the schedule this week.  I have decided to start a twice a month women's Bible study at my house on Thursday mornings, since traveling down to San Diego to join Larissa's is just too much for mom.  I think we can keep it simple and easy and mom will find it all a lot less stressful.  It is to begin this Thursday, and I am looking forward to it.

My heart is with all of you on the East coast who find yourselves being affected by hurricane Sandy.  How overwhelming this all must be.  I pray the Lord protects you all, and that the damage is minimal.

Hope you have a good week.

Mike and Mel took Sam to the park yesterday after church so I found this picture in my email this morning of him enjoying himself.  It is it me or is this little guy starting to really grow up?  Grandma is missing him...


  1. I think having a bible study at your house is a great solution to traveling such a distance to the other. I still have to smile when I think of you guys putting up those Christmas decorations. I have a neighbor who will probably be doing the very same thing this weekend.Hope you have a good week

  2. Oh, I so understand about how different it is when the kids grow up, get their own families and it's rare to ever have them to yourself again. And, this is the way the Lord intended but it is very special if and when we ever do have them to ourselves.

    I must have missed something about John's wife.

    Know the Bible Study will be a blessing to all. Happy week!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of your former daughter-in-law! How sad and tragic. Glad you have your Christmas lights done! :)

  4. Hi there, There is nothing like comfort with family in the time of a loss-so glad you are such a support system for one another. Also, I'm glad you will be doing a study in your home instead of making that drive. Wish we were close so I could come join you!
    Love seeing Sam...such a cutie for sure.
    Have a great evening my friend.

  5. Oh he's not a baby anymore and that is just as it should be. I know what you are saying about having your sons visit by themselves. I have not spoken alone with my son for all the years he's been married. It's different. Not different bad, just different.

  6. Wonderful to have family to rely on in tough times. Love the pics of Sam. Such a cutie!
    XO kris

  7. It's not just you, he is growing like a weed! He is so adorable.

    I'm so glad your other sons were able to be there, either in person or on the phone, to help talk through this sad and difficult time. There is nothing any better than family, genetic or spiritual or both.

    And I love the idea of hosting your own Bible study.

  8. I only have one child, and it seems like I never have time with just her. Of course, like you, I don't complain because I LOVE time with my grands ... and my DSIL. But I miss time with just DD.

  9. I am so glad you got together with your kids. It always does help so much.
    I had to laugh about putting the Christmas lights and using sun screen. I keep wondering when I will get to put away my summer clothes for good. It is another warm day today. It is hard to think of this warm beautiful weather with what is going on on the East coast. Seeing all of the pictures just makes me sick.

  10. Great catch-up post, and that baby is getting way too big!


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