Friday, November 30, 2012


Well here it is Friday afternoon, and I am FINALLY somewhat back on my schedule....whew...

Just so you know, the "purpose" of my trying to keep to my schedule, is so that when December finally arrives, and the season officially begins, I am free to have very little that actually HAS to be done, and plenty of time to just enjoy, and focus on the whole reason for the season.  I have tried to keep things simple, but I have decided that when you have as many kids and grandkids as I have it isn't easy.  Or maybe I am just getting slower and more befuddled.  Or maybe I still need to do some trimming.  But whatever the case, I am feeling like I am where I should be for now.

Let me start by saying, this was a ROUGH week.  I battled the old flu most of the week.  Truthfully, I am STILL not 100%, but getting close.  Thank God my mom has so far managed to keep from getting it. How I pray that it continues to be the case.  Actually, it was really pretty nice having her around this week as she took charge in the kitchen doing up the dishes and keeping it spic and span.  How I appreciated it!  Between her and my husband, I have felt pretty pampered.  However, I am NOT one for sitting totally still, and so while I never left my house this week, I still managed to get some things done.

1.  All of my Christmas cards.  (Wonderful activity while sitting in a chair.)
2.  Helped my mom with her Christmas letter. ( She REALLY wanted to send one out this year, and writing is just not something she can do since her stroke) It is all done and hubby printed them up for her.
3.  Organized all the little last minute details for my oldest son's 40th birthday party tomorrow night.  (I had the biggest portion of this done, but you know how that goes...still needed to order cake, give final count on the guests, and finalize the menu)
4.  Ordered 4 or 5 gifts on line.
5.  Caught up ALL my laundry from the trip (Now this was REALLY a push and a chore!)
6.  Ordered old Christmas pictures of my grands to put in all my new Christmas frames so I could get them together and up.  Hubby picked up pictures from Costco one night, and here they are.  I love the way it looks.

I had to decorate a new area this year as my sewing machine is now out in the main part of my house.  You can't see it very well, but that little Christmas tea set I have had for many years.  I love it!  BTW, I have LOVED sewing in front of that window!

Still need to get some goodies for my biggest tree!
7.  Made the Christmas blankets for my oldest and youngest son's families.  Now I will admit to you honestly I REALLY had to push myself on this and took many breaks along the way.  But I am going to see them all tomorrow night at the birthday party, and I WANT them to have these things to enjoy for the Christmas season, so I decided to just push through.  Here are the blankets.

This one is Joe and Leah's...I LOVE it!

The flip side is solid green

This is James and Larissa's....I think the little ones will like the sweet birds.

This flip side is also green.

8.  I made each family sets of Christmas coasters too.  This was today's project and since I am feeling a little better today, this did not take too long, haha  Here are the coasters.

These are James and Larissa's.  I think they are darling!

Close up!

Joe & Leah's....soo pretty I thought!

Close look at the bottom of one
9.  And finally organized all their tree ornaments for this year.

It is really hard finding ones that allow for as many families members as Joe's family has, but I thought this was pretty cute!

James & Larissa's family ornament is soo cute!

All the girl grands will get angels this year with their names and the year on them.

And the boys will all get elves.  How cute are these?
Soo, as you can see I did keep myself pretty busy.  Tomorrow we will put our tree up, and we are officially ready for the memories to be made, and the celebrations to take place.  We have some fun things planned for December, and honestly all I have left is a couple gits to buy, and then my wrapping.  OH, wait, I did promise to make Jeffie some new Christmas jammies, but that won't take long.

On another note, Michelle is home from the hospital and doing REALLY well now.  I am soo grateful for all of your prayers.  She will see the oncologist next week, so we will see what treatments still lie ahead for her. But in the meantime, she too is looking forward to tomorrow night.  And my other sister will get out of the hospital today.  She too is also feeling LOTS better.  She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and has already begun treatment for it and has responded well.  We have had MUCH answered prayer this week, and have felt the comfort of our God.

Hope you all enjoy your week-end!


  1. Debbie, What a busy girl you've been, even with the flu. I so admire all your handiwork; if you were close I'd make some of those blankets. Right now I'm in the middle of doll clothes. I hope you continue to feel better and that your weekend is blessed. Wish you lived near me!
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. Your home and your crafts are both beautiful, Debbie. You are so talented and I know all your family is going to be thrilled with such heartfelt gifts from you.
    Glad you're feeling better, too.

  3. How creative you are! Where did you get the family ornaments? I try to get DD and her family one each Christmas, and it's hard to find cute ones.

    I'm so glad that our prayers for your family have been answered ... your feeling better, your mom spared the flu, and your sister and Michelle are home from the hospitals. {{hug}}

  4. Well, my goodness, can't imagine what you might could have done if you hadn't been sick. NOT! I'm sure impressed!

    I guess I should get my kiddos and Grans ornaments but have never started that. I am so specific about my likes that I guess I'm afraid that I might not please them. But, what fun!

    Take care and I hope you are feeling good for the big party tomorrow. Blessings!

  5. I would have a hard time getting all this done not being are amazing. I love the ornament idea for each child, think I am going to copy that for my own grands...such a simple idea but so personal.
    Glad you are feeling better

  6. Well despite having the flu and not leaving your home all week, you've been quite the busy gal Deb. But I have to say that you are quite talented. You ought to consider opening an Etsy shop and sell some of those quilts and things. Not that you have time but I'll bet they would be a hit. And where did you find such cute Christmas ornaments like that to have names on them? I purchased several over the years from but didn't find such cute ones like yours.

    Have fun at the party and enjoy this season of joy.

    Blessings and love,

  7. Good news all the way around! So glad you're feeling better; and that your sisters are progressing as well.

    The scenes of Christmas in your life are delightful, too. I'm thinking it all has medicinal value :)

  8. Gee whiz you got so much work accomplished. That is even being sick. That is so awesome. I am so impressed with all of your gifts. Such nice thoughts. I am so thankful God was so good to you. I really enjoyed all of your updates.

  9. Wow...and you weren't feeling especially well and got all this done? I am in awe. Lovely frames filled with those smiling grands and the family ornaments are a wonderful idea. The blankets came out great, too. So glad to know that Michelle is doing better, that your sister is as well, and that your mom has skated past the flu. Yay! God is good.


  10. You get more done sick than I do when I'm well! So sweet of your MIL & hubby to take such good care of you.
    You make Christmas so special with all the unique gifts you make for your children. You're a thoughtful lady, Debbie.
    I'm glad to hear the good report on your DIL and sister.

  11. you do more when you are sick than the rest of udo when we are wel! i'm praying tha tyour mom
    doesn't get this bug!

  12. You just plain out amaze me. You start out by telling us that you have been down with the flu, and THEN you show how productive you yet were. I am very inspired!!

    I need to get cracking around here just to even remotely keep up.


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