Friday, November 9, 2012


What a BUSY week.  I guess I thought I was jumping the gun and getting such a head start on things, but I am finding myself having to stick to a pretty tight schedule, or I won't be done.  I think I am still forgetting to factor in that "the old grey mare" ain't what she used to be, haha, as it takes me soo much longer to get things done...  BUT!  the good news is, I am REALLY close to being where I need to be.  I did manage to charge up my battery and take a few pics so you can see what I have been up to....I am sure you are all on pins and  needles, lol.

I needed to start with the things I want to take with us when we travel to New Mexico for Thanksgiving, not only because I want Melody to have them to enjoy during the Christmas season, but also so much easier to pack them in our car then to send them to her later.  And WAY too much for her to figure out how to get things back there with them after Christmas since they will be flying.  Anyway, I started with a little Christmas shirt for Sam....

This was NOT the original fabric I got for this, but this was pretty cute too!  Since I already had the buttons, thread, and a pattern it only cost 5 bucks, can't be that!  (I guess it is really 10 if you count the missing fabric...sigh)

Just a closer look....what do you think Mel?

And then I told you about the books too I think.  They are Mary Engelbriets designs if you are familiar with her...soo cute.  I haven't made any of her things in a while, and I was REALLY pleased how they came out.

I LOVE the look of these...

A closer look..

Inside soo cute!

Soo darling!

Inside this one...
 I liked the way these came out soo much that I have decided to make a third one, though I do not have the panel yet.  I called around to the various Joanne's (after checking online of course) until I found one that is the story of the Nativity.  I haven't seen it yet, but I am sure it is really good.  My sister is picking it up today for me.  Sam LOVES LOVES LOVES his books, so I am sure he will enjoy these.  Just have to show you a pic of him Mel sent me.  I guess she has found him doing this more than once, in addition to just randomly bringing them to mama to read for him.

Takes his books quite seriously, lol

And then I have made Sam's Mickey Mouse fleece blanket.  These blankets (as I am sure many of you know!) are soo easy to make, wash up WONDERFULLY looking just as good as they did when they are brand new, and are soo warm and snugly.  I am always trying to think up new reasons to make one.  Anyway, here is Sam's new one....

The fabric is darling I think!

The flip side is a solid it!
And I have got a good start on Mike & Mel's Christmas one.  This one is HUGE as I like to make the ones for adults with 3 full yards so as to give plenty of room for my 6'3" guys, lol.  But it is taking me longer than I thought.  To keep on my schedule, I will have to finish this up this afternoon.  I am LOVING the way it is coming out.  Soo pretty I think.

The flip side is a solid green.

 In addition to this sewing and project work, mom and I did a little shopping one afternoon and I got some necessary items.  We also enjoyed lunch out one afternoon and found ourselves a new, fun place to go that was reasonably priced.  Soo, guess that is all I have done this week, and next week I am needing to make Mel a set of Christmas coasters, and the other book, and finish up this blanket.  If I get time next week I will also start on the other kids blankets and coasters, but it will be a push as next week appointments for both mom and I, nail appointments for us both, an ear and an eye doctor appointments for mom, Bible study, lunch with my girlfriend on Monday (yay!) and all the general stuff that goes into preparing for a weeks trip away, OH, and decorating the inside of our house for Christmas...think I will make it?

Tomorrow we will be attending a memorial service for Jennifer.  I am both dreading it and looking forward to it, but it will no doubt take up a good portion of the day.  Sunday we will be back down in San Diego for church and spending time with those grands.  It has only been 2 weeks, but I miss them all.

I will end this with a couple of really cute Dad and son pics that I just LOVED.  Enjoy your week-end, and remember to count your blessings especially during this month of Thanksgiving.  Mine are all posted on the side of this blog.  : )

James & JD at the football game

Mike & Sam "trick or treating"

Sam started off this way, but it didn't last, lol


  1. Okay Lady if I send you all I need to do for both Christmas and a wedding will you put me on a time schedule? Oh my!!! I seem to just be walking in circles...look at you go and each is just wonderful

    The ending pictures of Dad and sons are just precious...I will be praying tomorrow...HUGSSSS

  2. Whee! I'm tired just reading all this. But, I'm all about a schedule and I have mine but it doesn't seem quite as intense as yours. :o)

    Love all your projects, so , so cute! THose books are the best.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. You certainly are organized. I love love the little books and the blankets. My grands all have one of these and they love them.
    Pictures of dad and son...precious!
    Have a great weekened

  4. Debbie, I LOVE Sam's red Christmas shirt!! So cute! And love the fleece blankets. Both Sam's and Mel's. Those are fun to make, and they do wash up so nicely! The books are also darling! You have been one busy lady lately. You and me both!!!!
    You will make it!!
    Thinking of you for tomorrow to be a peaceful day for all.

  5. Debbie
    Your shirt and blankets are so cute. You are doing so well with getting your gifts ready. I'm only thinking about what I want to make!

  6. That shirt is adorable!

    Mary Engelbreit is from St. Louis. I remember when she first hit the scene here ... I bought a print, had her sign it and gave it to my sister. That had to be close to 30 years ago. I love her work.

  7. My grandsons would be thrilled with those Mickey Mouse blankets. I can only imagine how thrilled your little ones will be. What a gifted grandma they have! I am tired after reading your schedule and will pray for strenght for you to get through it all.

  8. Oh you've got a wonderful start on Christmas. Sam will look so cute in his Christmas shirt and he's going to enjoy those books, too. Yes, you'll get everything accomplished and more. =)

  9. Deb, you are so creative and resourceful. What a great grandma! I love the photo of Sam with his books. It's so good for children to learn the love of reading while they're young and cannot even read for themselves.

    blessings to you,

  10. I love all of the presents you've made so far. I have yet to do one of those fleece blankets. Don't know why because I love the look of them.

    The last shot of the tired trick or treater in the wagon was so cute to me!


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