Monday, December 31, 2012


Well we are moving right along over here.  Mom is out of intensive care and is settled into her new room on the third floor.  She is having a difficult time of it as she is soo uncomfortable.  Not only is she in pain of course, but there just doesn't seem to be a position she can get in that helps.  She did get out of bed (BRIEFLY!) yesterday though, so like I said DEFINITE forward progress.  No idea how long she will be in there yet, or if she will come right home or stop at a convalescent hospital for a while first.  Guess we will just take it a day at a time.   Little Sam seems to be doing wonderfully, and if all goes as planned they will come out next Friday.  Sat. is the planned day for our family to finally gather and celebrate Christmas...better late than never right?  We are planning on packing up our Christmas decs over here today and tomorrow though, and hubby has already taken down the outside lights.  I don't want to be having to deal with all this when mom comes home, so it seems as if it is the right thing to do this, now, when we can.  It seems funny that we will have a stack of unopened Christmas presents with no tree etc., but I guess it is the is what it is...  How grateful really I am that we are STILL able to gather together and enjoy each other, no matter what day it actually is.  My heart is still breaking for all those poor people in Connecticut that had their lives shattered, and their Christmas's altered forevermore.

I have been reflecting back over this last year today as I realized of course that this is the last day of 2012.  It was a DIFFICULT year, I am not going to lie.  It brought about the passing of my wonderful step dad, which set a long set of major changes into place.  I miss him every day so much, and I know this can't even begin to compare with how difficult it has been for my poor mom.  My mom has moved in with us which brought major changes to our house and home for ALL of us.  My middle son lost his ex-wife to an unexpected and early death.  My niece was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and will now begin a long journey of chemo and treatments.  My sister faced a major illness, and now my mother has broken her neck!  And yet!!  I can just as easily list a long list of blessings that our God has chosen to grant us as well.  My hubby's job has gone so well, and business has been good.  His hours are the best they have been in years, and we enjoy more time together during the work week than we have in probably the last 10 years or so.  Our children and grandchildren are all healthy and growing and prospering.  I soo enjoy the time I get to spend with my mom, in spite of the difficulties it has brought about.  My Melly is expecting yet another baby!  We spend quality time with ALL of our grandkids, get to sit under my son as he preaches the Word week by week, and made several trips to New Mexico as well.  And I could go on and on.   Yes, God's blessings are abundant!  My prayer for all of us for the new year would be that we grow closer and closer to Jesus as He loves and cares for us, and blesses us with His peace, mercy and grace.


With much love, Debbie



  1. My year was so hard and so difficult but it is nothing compared to yours. Yours was so full of so many hard challenges but you do it with such grace and kindness. I know you don't see it but you do. I have thought so much about you and your Mom and how your Christmas turned out and I am so thankful you shared because it did show me how a Christian is supposed to look.
    I am excited and I hope you have such a beautiful day when all of your family gets together.
    I wish you a very quiet and blessed 2013.
    I will continue to pray. Bless you Debbie. Hugs from me to you.

  2. Debbie
    You have had a lot of hardships this year. I pray 2013 will not be so full of difficulty.
    It's a blessing that you also acknowledge all the goodness God has given you too. So many people just dwell on the bad.
    Enjoy your be-lated Christmas! I know it will be fun.

  3. So many trials all at once... That's when you learn the merits of your faith and that the Lord has given you what you need. I see a very strong lady who copes with everything in stride. Praying for your mom to have some relief from her pain and to find a good position to sleep and rest.

  4. Dear Debbie, You have endured a long year filled with so many trials; praying the Lord richly & abundantly blesses you and yours this new year.
    Sending love to you today and Happy New Year.

  5. I think the blessings we receive in the midst of our trials are God's silver linings for our lives.

    I hope nothing happens to alter your families plans for this weekend to celebrate your Christmas. And, I pray your sweet Mom gets relieve from her discomfort and pain. How awful!

    Such a delight to have you as a blogging buddy and wishing God's best to you in 2013!

  6. Your year sounds hard and sad let hope next year is better all the best .

  7. Reading this just reminds me of the faithfulness of a loving Father, and of a woman who knows and recognizes that faithfulness! I am a firm believer that the trials of life will either make us bitter or better, and you have chosen to be better, a great testimony of your faith.
    You and your family remain in my thoughts and pryers.
    Mel and Sam are so sweet,and thanks goodness for technology!
    Wishing you the most blessed and happiest New Year ever!!.
    Much love,

  8. What a difficult journey you've had in 2012 ... praying that 2013 will be much easier. Wishing you and yours a blessed 2013!

  9. Praying your sweet mom soon feels much better, Debbie. I am always glad when someone's surgery is over and recovery is on the horizon. May this year be one of the best for you and all your dear family.
    This picture of Sam and Melanie is just darling.
    Hugs & Prayers~

  10. I know it's been a rough year for you. And yet your heart is so thankful and you always find the good too. God is faithful! I pray that your mom will recover with no complications. And I hope you enjoy your time with your Melly and little Sam.

    Happy New Year Deb!

    Blessings and love,

  11. Girl your year was very hard...and yet, you always point to the blessings and your source..for that I am always blessed and encouraged and it makes me stop licking my small wounds.

    I pray for strength in your journey...a continued house full of joy and children...and for you own health.

    You are an inspiration....Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy your Christmas!!!

  12. You have certainly had more than any one family should have to deal with. YOu are all in my prayers. I am so glad that your Mom is making progress! One day at a time, is right.

  13. With all your hardships, your spirit and heart through it all, continue to bless me. You inspire me with every visit. Another little guy joining your family is most exciting. Congratulations to you!

    What a beautiful picture of your daughter and grandson!


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