Monday, May 6, 2013


I am going to start with the CRAZY weather we have been having here in So. California.  Now I am not going to even pretend that it comes close to some of the crazy that lots of you out there have been going through this spring, but Cali does't usually have such swings.  Both Thursday and Friday were just downright hot.  Temps were near 100.  In fact, it felt like more of a total skillet (fam name for unbearably hot) than I can even begin to think of just yet.  And that might have been as our air was on the fritz, and as I have complained mentioned before our new house just is poorly insulated.  But by the end of the week-end it was full on raining, and the temperatures had dropped in the low 60's, and even into the 50's at night.  Soo weird.  But getting back to Friday.  One of those days that quite frankly you were soo glad to see come to it's end, it would be hard to explain.  Let me just tell you the highlights.  It was HOT (have I mentioned that yet?) and I had lots to do.  I was trying to get the laundry done, mom packed up for the week-end, and calling back and forth between the doc office and the ct scan place TRYING to get mom in for the test BEFORE this week.  I really wanted to get her in there on Friday BEFORE she had to leave.  Oh my....I am sure I don't have to tell any of you the frustration of "talking" to machines, trying to get people to really listen to what you are saying before they answer assuming they know know what you want, (when they really don't) and waiting, and waiting, and waiting on hold listening to weird music etc.  I felt like I did that most of the day.  Meanwhile, I was waiting for the air conditioning repair man to show up (who by the way NEVER did! ~ did I tell you how hot I was?) and repeating myself over and over to mom trying to convince her I was doing my best trying to get her scheduled for the test.  FINALLY, at 3:30 in the afternoon I got the go ahead to get mom over ASAP as they would wait for me to give her the test.  Ever try to hurry an 80 year old woman who can barely walk out the door and with all of the things for the week-end?  In case you haven't, let me just tell you, it is NOT easy.  We were finally in the car and headed out only to hit HUGE Friday afternoon traffic on the freeway.  I could feel my blood pressure rising, so I prayed and decided then and there, if we didn't make it in time, then God had a reason why.  But we did!  Now I will leave out the part where it just took forever to get there,  there was NO WHERE to park, and how far I had to walk (uphill) pushing mom in a wheel chair, and how HOT it was, and tell you the part where they were still waiting for us, whisked mom right in, and 20 minutes later we were done and on our way back to the car (much easier going down hill) where we waited then for my brother in law to arrive to get mom.  When she was finally driving away I realized how hungry I was (and still hot!) and that I was near to being out of gas, and could have just lost it, but then my wonderful hubby arrived (he had called and told me he would meet me at the x-ray place and take me to dinner) and all was well.  I don't even know the name of the restaurant we went to, but let me just tell you it was one of the best dinners I ever remember having.  Sooo good.  After dinner he pumped gas into the car, and we drove home and then spent the rest of the evening relaxing. Hopefully I will hear the results of the test this morning, and we might have an answer or two as to why mom has not been getting any better.  If this test shows nothing, then I guess we will proceed onto an MRI.  But back to the week-end.  Sat. was one of the most gorgeous days ever!  The temps dropped into the mid 70's, the breeze was cool and wonderful, and the air conditioner guy showed up and fixed the air within 30 minutes and for less than two hundred dollars.  I was soo relieved, even though we didn't need it on that day.  We decided to make it a work day, and I am soo glad (this morning anyway) that we did.  We gave the living room and formal dining room (they are kind of combined) a good old fashioned spring cleaning.  We got out our new Kirby and just went to town.  All of the window coverings came down and were washed, dried and put back up.  The blinds were vacuumed with the Kirby and have NEVER been sooo clean.  They were like new!  We vacuumed all the ceilings, (some are quite high) hard to reach corners, baseboards, furniture, AND! thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed out the fireplace.  I drug all of the flower arrangements, and fake trees etc., out to the porch and cleaned and washed all of them, leaving them drying in the sun.  And we finished it all off by hubby giving the carpeting a good, hard shampooing.  Everything fairly glistens.  Such a good feel.  All that is left is the cleaning out of my china cabinet which I intend to do today BEFORE I leave for the dentist to get my crown on.  Next week-end we will tackle the family room and kitchen, leaving then only the bedrooms to do.  I have always been a deep spring cleaner, but honestly this is the most we have had to do in a while.  My new cleaning ladies are good, they are certainly nice, but they are NOT Nina.  For those of you who are new, Nina is the cleaning lady I had for 17 years who was not only worth her weight in gold, but felt like one of the family.  I love her to pieces. There will never be another like her I am afraid though.  She was soo thorough, there was really not much for me to have to get to.  I was pretty spoiled.  But, nevertheless, for me, there is nothing like the feeling of contentment that comes from a long day of cleaning.  Guess that is about all I have for now.  I need to get off of here and begin the china cabinet if I have any hope of getting it done before I must leave.  Hope you all have a GOOD day and week.   Melody's church family gave her a little "sprinkle" shower on Sat.  Wish I could have gone.  She got mainly diapers and wipes and lotions and teethers.  Soo nice.  I stole a couple of her pictures off of Facebook to show you.





  1. Melody sure looks like she's ready to have that baby now ... physically ... and I'm sure she's ready emotionally, too.

    Wow, what a productive weekend you had. I'm using the excuse that it's too close to our trip to bother with any deep cleaning. ha!

    Hope you get the results of the scan today.

  2. Such a pretty pregnant mom! I hope you get some answers to your mom's issues...that whole day sounded exhausting. So glad hubs turned up when he did!

  3. Hi there, Just about the time I was ready to be jealous of your warm, rather hot weather, I realized last year we had so many hot days in the 90's-it broke a record and we couldn't bike ride it was so hot. So I am happy with our weather today but we are supposed to get rain all week. It is that time again-our rain comes in the spring and summer.
    Glad you got your mom to her appt. You are making me want to deep clean the house but it has been so long since I really visited in blog land I'm doing that today. I've lost some followers-don't know who, don't know how to find out who and don't want to lose more because I don't visit enough.
    Hope you had a wonderful day. Your Mel is so beautiful; Carrie looks great too. She is at 36 or 37 weeks right now. We'll have new grands before you know it and then I'll have to sew like crazy!
    Hugs, Noreen

  4. Melody looks just beautiful!! I love the way they do a "sprinkle" for second babies at church these days. It's a cute idea.

    As for your terrible horrible really bad no good Friday? I could actually picture you in the heat with the wheelchair, and my heart went out to you. I'm so glad you made it in time and that you had a nice dinner to recover.

    And I feel the same about deep cleaning. It is such a sense of satisfaction, isn't it?

    I hope (and I will pray) toward your mom's GOOD report with some answers.

    Have miss you! Hoping to slow down. Yeah, right. I have said that before.

  5. Wow, and I feel stressed out. Your days are so much more stressful. I cannot even imagine pushing the wheel chair in that heat on Friday.
    I do hope you find out something that will help with your Mom. Melody looks so cute. I would have given anything to look that cute, a hundred years ago.:)
    I do hope it stays cool this week.
    I hope this week is a bit easier.
    You are such a good daughter and your husband is the best.
    Doesn't it feel nice to have a clean house?
    I just love that feeling.
    Bye for now.

  6. Our weather has been crazy!!! But I enjoyed the rain today!
    I hope you get some answers for your Mom really soon!!
    Nothing better than a sparkling clean house!
    Mel looks so great!!!
    xo Kris

  7. Goodness, that Friday was "one for the books." Glad you survived and I do hope you get some helpful answers on your Mom.

    Sounds like you were on a real cleaning frenzy but I know what you mean when you say how good it feels when you are finished. I feel the same way.

    Happy week!

  8. Debbie, I really never anticipated the challenge of my parents as they got older and began to have health problems. We just think they will always be there as they have been, and life changes that. It is a demanding role, and one that we SO want to do with all the love they gave us for so many years. I hear that in your words every week, and your sweet mom is so blessed to have you!

    You darling 'mom to be' always gets me, she is so beautiful! I looked like a barn at that point in my pregnancy's. She always looks amazing.

  9. Your daughter makes pregnancy look great! Any day now...

    That description of taking your mom for her test exhausted me. I remember those days and how I couldn't do it without help...a reminder to thank my sidekick again. You need another person to help you, too. Just sayin'...

    You stay some kind of busy...hope you find fun and rest this week.

  10. Melody's getting so big-it won't be too long now!! So sweet that her church friends gave her a little shower. I need to remember about a sprinkle shower.
    You really do thorough cleaning-wow
    I only bother if companies coming-I'm so...bad.
    Take care, Debbie. I hope they get to the bottom of your Mom's problems. It's so worrisome not knowing.


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