Saturday, June 1, 2013


Well here it is Sat. morning (early!) and the house is quiet.  What a week it has been.  My emotions are soo all over the place I keep thinking I will stay in one spot long enough to write about it, but it really hasn't happened, so I apologize in advance if this is completely random.

First of all, I am soo happy that I was able to be here for the birth of precious Luke.  And not only here, but in the delivery room experiencing it all first hand.  Melody went quickly once she decided to have that baby, and by the time we arrived at the hospital she was at an 8, and a couple of hours later he was here.  Soo precious and perfect.  I have witnessed the miracle of birth a few times, and let me tell you it never grows common place or ordinary.  However, it was a little more than I thought it might be with my daughter laying in that bed in pain.  But pure joy followed the pain and all was well.  It struck me that in the span of just a few days, I watched my mother draw her last breath, and my newest grandchild draw his first.  Life goes on just as it should.

I have enjoyed my time with Sam as well.  What a little sweetie he is.  His heart is soft and innocent and his days are busy and full.  I have gotten lots of kisses and hugs in and honestly my heart is kind of heavy knowing today is my last day with this little guy.

Melody and Luke are both doing well and I have been amazed as I have watched Mel walk around and go about her busy life as though she didn't just have a baby!  I don't remember being that perky that quickly after giving birth.  HOWEVER, we both thought that Luke looked a little jaundice, and so we had given him a couple of sun baths, but yesterday she decided to have the doc check him out, and good thing we did as his levels had gotten quite high and he had to admitted last night to the hospital so that he can go under the lights for a while.  Poor little guy.  This grandma's heart was hurting watching him in his little eye mask and with an IV in his tiny little hand.  Luke seemed completely unaffected however, as long as he nursed when  he wanted to, haha.  Poor Sam though is looking for his mama, though he hasn't cried at all.  He stayed home with Grandpa while Mel and I and Luke went to the hospital.  Mike is knee deep in corn planting, and had a few problems of his own going on.  Farm life AND dairy life is MUCH MUCH  harder and busy than I thought.


Melody is going to have her hands VERY full, and honestly I am really wishing I was going to be closer as I am sure she could use an extra pair of hands now and then.  But I have put them all firmly in God's hands, and know He will do a much better than I ever could.





I have talked with my sisters on and off all week as well as we continue to plan mom's service.  My heart is of course still saddened over losing her, and honestly at times it has been a little more than overwhelming.   What a blessing it has been to be part of all going on here, diverting my heart and mind into everyday business.  We should leave for home EARLY tomorrow morning, and next week will be full of getting ready.  A slide show of mom's life is one of my assignments, and a few other things as well.  I think it will all be quite beautiful.

Hope you all enjoy your week-end!  Blessings to you all... Debbie


  1. Welcome precious Luke! Happy to hear all are well. Sweet, sweet photos :)

  2. Saying a prayer for all concerns...Luke's jaundice, leaving tomorrow, the Memorial Service, all the emotions that swell your being. You got me with the sentence about the two ends of life...good thing I always have my tissue box at the ready when reading blogs. Much love to you...Melody sounds like a very capable woman...saying a prayer for her as well. Oh I do love that photo of the proud grandparents with the boys...just precious.

  3. Love, love, love that photo of Grandma and Grandpa holding the two little ones. How sweet.

    I remember getting the news that my daughter was pregnant with T#3 the day my mom passed - you're right - life goes on. And truth be told, the news of a new grand baby was what my heart needed to get through that difficult time.

    I know your heart is heavy at the prospect of leaving Mel and your sweet babies - praying that you will find peace in leaving them in God's hands. {{{hug}}}}

  4. So glad you are there too. Nothing for helping to mourn than holding a new baby.
    I almost lost it when you wrote about loosing your Mom and holding the new baby. Wow that is so profound.
    You have been through so much lately. I will be praying for your safe trip back and all that you have on your plate. I am so glad you have God, I don't know how people do life without him.
    I am sending up prayers for you all today.

  5. Nothing like a brand new birth to help us understand that circle of life. Losing your Mom hurts so much. And it will take time. You are right, the miracle of birth NEVER ceases to amaze us. Each one, like the first and only!! Lovely you could be there to welcome Luke into the world. I am sure by now he is much better and home again.
    Thinking of you!!
    xo Kris

  6. Your plate certainly has been full my dear friend! I know Mel is sorry you are leaving too-probably wants you to move closer to them. I'm glad you had this time away with the family; it has been refreshing for your heart. How blessed to see the birth(I've never been at one, other than puppies). Praying for peace and grace as you head for home to handle the Memorial Service for your mom.
    Hugs, Noreen

  7. Oh, I so sympathize with you over both leaving your daughter and losing your Mom. Goodness, I so wish our daughter wasn't 13 hours away so that I could be more help to her, but it is what it is and she does very well. And, the loss of a Mom is just so profound and tough, but as you said, life does go on. And, thank goodness it does. Travel safe and I'll be praying for you this next week as you prepare for your Mom's final service.

  8. Yes I too thought how it must be to lose your mother and gain a grand baby in such a short span of time. I'm glad that the new baby is back where he belongs for a few days. That can happen. You're a good mom and a good daughter Deb.


  9. Luke is just as precious as can be...I can't imagine all the emotions you are dealing with right now, praying that you will have a safe trip back home. Love the pic of grandma and grandpa holding the grandbabies

  10. I was thinking the loss of one life and the gaining of another. Life.

    Anyway congrats - he is adorable and so is his big brother. Two under two will be a big job - but I bet she can do it.


  11. I know how hard it is for you to of left Mel, and the babies, been there!
    The boys are so beautiful, and they are going to have so much fun growing up together, our first two were boys,and they have remained so close!
    You remain in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. I'm so happy for all of you! Little Luke is so darling, just like Sam.

  13. Thanks for the update. You are continually on my heart and in my prayers! I send you hugs!!
    They are precious little boys!


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