Monday, July 22, 2013


Well we had a busy, productive week-end over here and sounds like many of you did too as I visited around some this morning.  My sisters and I did make it to Knotts Berry Farm to the Chicken Dinner House for lunch, and followed it up with shopping at Virginia's.  It was such a nice time and I am glad we did it.  Seems funny, but honestly the 4 of us have not done much like this.  2 of us might get together occasionally, but rarely all 4 of us.  I intend to make the effort to see that we do it more often in the future.  I wish we had done it more with mom ~ how she would have loved it.  As it turned out, no one bought a thing (REALLY kind of expensive) but we certainly enjoyed looking.  I intended to snap a picture or two, but forgot all about it.  We spent WAY more time just in conversation, and as corny as it sounds, you can't put a price on that.  It sprinkled some on Sat. and that was really kind of nice too.  While I was gone enjoying myself, hubby shampooed the bedroom carpets.  We bought a shampooer several years ago, and honestly it was one of our better purchases.  We have used the thing to pieces.  It kind of scares me how dirty carpet can get with just two people (well 3 really I guess since mom spent most of this last year here too) living here, no one EVER eating in those bedrooms, or rarely wearing shoes from outside in them either.  And yet hubby said the water was black, and he just kept going over and over and OVER it until it looked pretty clear.  Probably because the windows are open frequently and the dust and dirt just blows in somehow.   I do know that they look beautiful this morning, and I am sooo grateful he did such a thorough job.  Sunday my step sister Barb decided to join us going down to San Diego to church as she has been wanting to hear my son preach for a while now.  I am soo glad she did.  She did take her own car though as we were planning on spending some time at their house in the afternoon as we had not done so in a couple of weeks.  We took her to lunch before heading over there for a couple of hours and spent some time catching up with her.  We enjoyed our time for sure, and I was amazed how much it felt like a little taste of her dad as well.  She is like him in many ways in addition to looking like him as well.  I have missed him soo much this last year too.  We visited and had a good time with my son and his family.  Poor Larissa is soo done with being pregnant.  I certainly remember that feeling well.  Hopefully it won't be too much longer and we will have another new baby...maybe even this week!  After our visit I got my wonderful hubby to go by JoAnnes with me as they had their warm and natural on sale and all their batting for 50% off, and I had a 15% off your total purchase as well to make it a whopping 65%.  With all of my quilting projects coming up it seemed like a good time to stock up a little bit.  I had other coupons as well and got some muslin, and some more quilting tools for some good prices too.  And if that wasn't enough to ask of him, he also took me to my favorite shop to get some underthings that were on sale for a HUGE savings too.  He waited in the car for me this time though.  ; ).  It helps me out soo much when he does this though as he can drop me off at the door of the store and picks me up there too so I don't have to use my knees as much.  I continue to be in such pain.  And for those of you who have emailed me and asked if I have scheduled my surgery yet, the answer is no, but it is on my list for things to accomplish this week.  I am just dreading it so.  He finished off being my wonder man by bbqing some tasty burgers for dinner last night.  We had some fresh sweet corn on the cob and watermelon as well...soo good.

Well, guess that catches things up.  I am going to be working on something that I want to do for Melody's birthday on Wed., but I will tell you about that another time.  OH, and my wonder hubby also set my new machine up for me on Sat while I was gone, and I am hoping I might be able to figure some things out on it using the instruction books and video.  My first class is not until August 9th, so in the meantime I am just using my old one.  Hope you all enjoy your week!  Blessings to you all! Debbie





  1. Wonderful catching up. Getting husbands to go shopping with us can be a hurdle, but I love it when it happens, IF he doesn't rush me. :)

  2. Such fun stuff!!! The babies are adorable! I know how Larissa feels. Don't we all? Hope the baby comes soon.
    Happy sewing!!

  3. What a lovely weekend.
    You always have so much going on. I can't believe how much the baby has grown. Have a wonderful week Debbie.

  4. Sounds like a great weekend and so glad that you and your sisters had such fun together. I always wanted a sister, but I do have two wonderful brothers.

    Happy week and happy sewing!

  5. A gal at church recently had her knee surgery...a little scraping and cleaning is how she described it. I was shocked to see her yesterday already. She said that she had the pain of surgery, but her knee hasn't felt so good in years. Praying that it will be just the same for you!

    Those grands are so cute! They look like brothers.

  6. Hi Debbie, Love the pics and hearing how you spent the weekend. Wanted to say I wish I could check blogs while I'm away but it would be too costly-I'll probably have the shakes by the time we get back, missing you all so much. Have a great 12 days and I'll catch up as soon as I'm able.
    Hugs, Noreen

  7. Luke looks a lot like big brother Sam in that first picture. Both of them are so darling. I know you are anxiously awaiting the next time you can be with them again.
    I'm so sorry you are in such pain, Debbie. I prayed for you.

  8. Hooray for the clean carpet! Reading your post reminded me that I really need to get my husband busy with ours, especially our stairs. (Oh, how I wish I had hardwood stairs.)

    Little Luke looks so much like his big brother to me. He is adorable! Your grandchildren are all so happy. I think that says a lot about your home.

  9. I love Warm and Natural ... but it's such a pain to hand quilt through it. But you'll be machine quilting, so I'll bet you'll love it!

    Poor Larissa ... hope that baby comes soon. ;-)

    That Luke is such a cutie ... but that's no surprise as your grands are all just so adorable!

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  11. It's really important to have dust cleaning apparatus on the ready, especially with the kids around. And they have to be of the better kind, to make sure that the cleaning is thorough. Really could not afford to expose these tykes to the dust, with their fragile body defenses and the like. Kudos to your kid, btw. Looks like he'll be going places.


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