Thursday, October 3, 2013


Well we are 3 days into Oct., and Thursday afternoon already.  For a gal who doesn't work outside the home, and no longer has any little ones she is responsible for, time sure whips by.  It seems as if I am always busy and looking for more time in my day.  I honestly can't imagine how I ever got anything done when my house was full of young ones, and my schedule was truly crazy.  But I  have managed to get another runner done. With the exception of the binding, this is my best so far, haha.  I am fighting the urge remove it  and start again, but in my gut I know this would really be kind of silly.   I used decorative quilting stitches to do ALL of the quilting, and I really liked the way it came out.  So here it is...



I have one more completed quilt top done, but before I do that, I need to stop and whip up Sam a pair of jammies.    Mel and her little family will be her next Thursday for a few days as a friend of theirs is getting married, and Mike is in the wedding.  It is the perfect opportunity to make them to fit him, so I am needing to get that done.  I am soo excited they are coming.  Originally Melody was not coming with Mike, but she has decided to and I am quite happy about it.

I attended a new ladies Bible study group last night. It is a delightful mix of younger and older women, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I am so looking forward to this study.  My sweet niece Jessie has organized this group, and she has done an amazing job.   And she has announced she is expecting her first baby in April!  How happy I am for her as she went through several months of infertility and treatments.  I am praying and rejoicing for her, and covet your prayers for a healthy, happy pregnancy, and a sweet baby to hold and cherish soon.  God is soo good!

I am feeling MUCH better, but not 100% myself yet.  Finishing up the antibiotic, and believe it or not still a little itchy.  I have found a medication that takes care of that itch, but makes me way too sleepy, so hopefully I can stop it soon.  Thank you so much for the prayers and well wishes, I could feel them all.

Don't know how many of you out there are familiar with Chuck Smith and his ministry at Calvary Chapel, but he has had a profound affect on my life.  He went home to heaven early this morning, and so this earth has lost a truly, good and godly man.   His ministries have effected literally millions all over the world. He was busy preaching and teaching right up to the very end, to include teaching 3 services just this last Sunday, despite battling cancer for the last two years.  It made me think of the apostle Paul's words to Timothy.

I have fought the good fight.  I have finished the race.  I have kept the faith.  Finally there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give to me on that day, and not to me only but also to all who have loved His appearing.  2 Tim 4-7-and eight.  my computer won't type eights for some reason.

Chuck is now in heaven and will certainly hear,

"Well done good and faithful servant.  Now enter the joy of the Lord!"  Matt 25:23

My son James was listening to Chuck's message from last Sun this afternoon and was truly blessed to discover the similarities of what they had both taught.  He put together a small clip that highlights the similarities.  It truly blessed me to hear this, not only because of the similarities of course, but also as this was part of Chuck's last messages and prayers from the pulpit.   It is only about 7 minutes long, so if you have the time give this a listen.  I know it will bless you too.  May you all enjoy these glorious Fall days!  Blessings, Debbie


  1. Oh wow Debbie! First I love your runner, do NOT remove the edges and re-do it!! :)

    I am so sad to hear about Chuck Smith. My parents were close friends with the Smith's through the years. I can just imagine that my dad was one of the first to greet him when he entered the gates of heaven. God has used his ministry to so many and the seeds have spread near and far. I keep saying it... the crowd up there is growing!

  2. Hi Debbie, So glad you are almost done with the med's-I wonder if Benedryl is helping with the itching?!
    I love your runner-girl you are so talented; your machine quilting is excellent. I finished my girls quilt today and just need to put on the binding.
    I used to listen to Chuck-loved his teaching! Heaven has gained one precious brother.
    Blessings to you-know you'll love have Mel and family with you.

  3. Wow! Talk about running the race and winning the prize. Incredible!

    I think that this table runner pattern is my favorite. You did a beautiful job.

  4. Beautiful runner Debbie, they keep getting better and better, this one my favorite as well. I was surprised to hear about Chuck Smith I did not know he had been battling cancer...he was one of my favorites...think of all the people he has impacted (not just on the west coast, I would listen to him on podcasts) Wow preaching right to the end.
    I can relate to time going by quickly...I often wonder how in the world i had time to's all good! Enjoy your weekend,,,yeah for Mel coming to visit

  5. I certainly don't know how in the world I had time to work - and there still aren't nearly enough hours in the day - I think that's why I get up when I wake up at 4:0ish - add some more hours to my day?

    I love the machine quilting on this runner - especially the quilting in the white areas. It's gorgeous!!!

    Am I the only person who's never heard of Chuck Smith?

  6. Happy to read you are feeling better! Very pretty pattern in this runner :)

  7. So sad to hear of Chuck Smith's passing. He was incredible!
    Your runners are just getting better and better!!! But that is what happens. Practice and practice, and with each one, we get better!!!! Prayers for your niece and her baby!
    And enjoy Mel and her family!!
    xo Kris

  8. A somber be sure.

    He was all I could think about all day. He will sure be missed, and I look forward to seeing him again!!!

    Hugs and have a great weekend...!

  9. I did not know Chuck Smith and I look forward to coming back and listening to this sermon, but I think of those I love who battled cancer and how thrilling it must be for them to enter heaven's gates, free of the disease and now to have perfect bodies. I am sure they are welcomed him home with a great big homecoming. I thank God for men like him and your son, who continue to stand on God's Word.

    The runner looks good to me! You are so gifted!


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