Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I usually hesitate when it comes to blogging about what the Lord has been teaching me through my own personal Bible studies, or messages I hear at church, or in this case the Beth Moore study as they NO DOUBT suffer terribly in comparison, but I do feel like I want to at least jot down some of what has been sinking in.

The study of the book of Daniel FOR ME has been an extremely interesting and thought provoking, and yes at times a difficult one too.  The whole second half of the book of Daniel (as I am sure most of you know) is all about end times and prophecy's etc.  A subject I find both fascinating and faith building, but yet hard for me to retain and get through as well.   Of course I have read most of these scriptures before, heard many teachings on it, and yet have been amazed at how much there really has been to try and learn out of this book.  I always think of Daniel and the Lion's Den of course when thinking about the book of Daniel, and also about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego and the fiery furnace as well. Familiar Bible stories for most Christians of course.  And I did enjoy going over these passages in much greater detail with Beth, but the truly thought provoking verses for me have been the ones I am uncovering and learning about in the second half.  I will NEVER be able to come close to explaining anything even close to the way she does, so I will not even try, but I do have a few things to say.  She was in chapter 9 this morning (Monday is the day I listen to the videos) and referring to the times that were prophesied about concerning what would happen in the seventy sevens.  My heart zeroed in so much about the part when she was talking about how the day that Jesus rode upon that donkey as He entered the Holy City of Jerusalem, that I will have to go back and listen to this whole thing again to let the rest of it sink in like it should.  But the point was...(or part of it anyway) that the day that Jesus rode into that city on that donkey was predicted 483 years prior by Daniel, that Messiah the Prince would come unto Jerusalem. Daniel said that it would be 483 years on the Jewish calendar from the day of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem to the day the Messiah would come to Jerusalem - and it was 483 years, by the Jewish reckoning of 360 day years, exactly to the day!  We know this day to be Palm Sunday of course. I have heard soo many wonderful messages on Palm Sunday it would be hard to count them all up...including yesterday!  But I have never TRULY realized the FULL significance of that day.  Why or how I could have missed it might be the better question, but somehow I did.   Jesus rode into THAT city, HIS Holy City to bring peace that they (the Jewish people) didn't see and didn't receive.  Jesus wept bitterly over this.  He was announcing Himself to be their Messiah, and they missed it!  I LOVE LOVE the part when the religious leaders were trying to quiet the crowd from singing out His praises, when Jesus said, "I tell you that if these should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out!" Luke 19:40.  There was NO WAY His creations could not be worshiping and praising Him at such a significant time.  This of course was then all tied in to the prophecy in which the 7 years of tribulation will come upon the earth and both Satan and God will poor out their wrath on the earth.  MANY will be fooled by the anti-Christ when he promises peace, because they didn't see peace when Jesus was bringing it. When Jesus returns to earth and His city at the end of this period of time He will be riding a white horse which signifys He is coming to do battle against Satan once and for all, and WILL bring peace to the earth for a thousand years. 

My point in all of this is we are living in "the church age" (an unknown period of time between Jesus entering Jerusalem that day, and before the tribulation)  and many of these prophecy's have come and gone...all but the final 7 years.  This is OUR time, our purpose, and our destinies as Christians.  To help bring as many as we possibly can to the saving knowledge of Jesus.  Next Sunday is Easter Sunday and we Christians will celebrate the most important day we all have to celebrate.  Jesus is alive and seating on His throne next to the Father, and He will come again in triumph.  He went to the cross for every one of us, and rose from the dead that we might have eternal life with Him.  It is just as simple as that. My prayer is that we all truly celebrate this next Sunday as we should, and invite as many of your unsaved friends as you possibly can to come as well, as they will no doubt hear a message of hope and deliverance for their eternal lives.  If you don't have a church home, find a near by church and go.  I know you won't be sorry you did, and it is definitely the most important thing you can do on this special day.   I wish I knew more of you in the San Diego area who might be looking for a place to attend as we could celebrate together.  Church at Revive this Sunday will be at an outside area on Maple Street Plaza right in the center of Escondido.  Join me in prayer that many will be reached.  How I would love to see you there...

Monday, April 14, 2014


What a GORGEOUS morning it is here this Monday morning!  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and there is a wonderful cool breeze blowing in ALL of my open windows.  Some around here might consider it too cool this morning to have the windows all wide open, but I LOVE it that way.  After last week's heat I am so appreciative of this right now.  Our week-end was so nice.  Sat. we got up and got busy right away which is hard for us hubby to do as it is his only morning to sleep in a little bit.  I don't sleep in no matter what, lol.  I NEVER have except for when I was a teenager though I guess.  I just can't.  I wake up and I want to get up.  I can't bear wasting time in bed for some reason.  Now I am in it soon enough at night trust me, but not once it is morning.  But I regress with all of this.  I guess the bottom line is you are either a "morning person" or a "night person" and I have always been a morning gal.  Anyway....hubby decided to give the carpets in the living room/dining room and the area rug in our family room a good shampooing. OK, if I am being honest, I begged asked him to give them a shampooing, and he agreed.  (I am sure he has learned in this area it is just easier to do it when I ask him to ~ wink).  Now I am doing a little spring cleaning, and this is just part of the process.  But again, if I am being honest I just have somewhat of a carpet fetish.  I cannot bear dirty carpets, or even messy carpets.  I vacuum frequently and replace carpets probably LONG before they really need to be.  (Or I have worn them out with my cleaning as my hubby has accused me jokingly of, lol)  Truth is right now I would LOVE to replace these carpets...but again, I regress. Since he was going to work on that I decided to finish up Donatella's dress and make Vinny a pair of shorts. But I guess that makes me back up a bit to Friday.  If you read my Friday's post, then you know I was GOING to make Donatella's dress on Friday morning.  But as it turned out, I decided to run over to the doc's and have my ears cleaned out.  A long and uninteresting story so I will spare you that.  Then, I went by my health food store gal's place and talked her about my continuing hot flashes.  I am working with her and natural products for this issue as my doc's refuse to give me Estrogen after the breast cancer.  Though, my cancer was NOT estrogen related my blood tests said, I guess they are just being cautious.  But I have managed to get LOTS of relief from some of her natural products, and she has helped me a lot with her digestive products as well.  Anyway, after that I decided I was out I might as well get my nails done, and after that I strolled through downtown Claremont to see if there was anything worth seeing, lol.  Bottom line was I didn't get home until almost 3!  So I did start in then on the dress, but figured out I made ANOTHER error in that I didn't buy enough fabric to finish the dress.  I did think I was getting away with a small amount of fabric for such a wide skirt, but didn't give it too much thought after that, lol. Anyway...now back to Sat.  I ran over to the fabric store to get the needed fabric, finished up the dress...soo cute, and made Vinny's shorts and hubby jumped in the shower after WONDERFULLY shampooing the carpet, and we left to go to lunch and a movie.  We ate at Kubuki's.  Now this was at one point in time my all time favorite restaurant.  I LOVE sushi.  I LOVE Japanese food in general.  But there really wasn't much I could eat there with my gluten issues so we had stopped going there.  Well, I am happy to report they FINALLY have a gluten free menu AND gluten free soy sauce which is REALLY very tasty. (some of  what I have bought...not so much!)  Anyway, I had both a Salmon roll and an avocado roll and they were sooo tasty!  Feeling pleasantly full we went and saw Kevin Costner's new movie Draft Day.  It was very entertaining.  But then I LOVE Kevin Costner, and I LOVE sports movies, so it wasn't really too hard to amuse me.  After that we did our grocery shopping for the week and came home and relaxed with the TV.  Perfect day to me...A little work, and a little play.  Then Sunday we went to San Diego and church and had lunch at my son's house and visited the afternoon away.  We got home around 6 and relaxed again until we tumbled into bed, tired, but pleased with our week-end.  The girls dresses fit them well, and they both seemed VERY pleased with them, so I was happy to think I will definitely be making some more of them.  Hope you all had a good week-end too.  I am going to make hubby a new shirt this week, and maybe a couple of other things as well, but not much more on my agenda. ENJOY your weeks!  Blessings, Debbie





Friday, April 11, 2014


Friday morning is here again and I have lots I want to do today so this is going to be quick! Yeah, right...lol.  (no really, it is!!)

I have had a leisurely busy (is that even possible? lol) week.  Let me explain what I mean by that. It is kind of a combination of relaxing and YET busy, lol.  It struck me the other day of how grateful I am for this season in my life.  It's like I am retired, and yet I have never really worked much outside of my home so I don't know what I am retired from.  Raising kids maybe?  Keeping the home fires burning?  I don't know.  I guess until hubby retires it won't really seem like I am.  But the bottom line is my days are WIDE open (most of the time!) to do with what I might like.  I can fill them with sewing, reading, Bible studies, lunching with friends, baking (though I try not to do much of that because it is of course it is then followed by eating), chatting on the phone or playing with grandkids.  And I LOVE it.  And I am sooo grateful for it.  Now don't get me wrong.  There are still dishes, cooking, keeping the house picked up, laundry, watering (takes longer than you think here in DRY California!), and running errands.  But honestly I have such a good system for these things, it doesn't take much of my time.  And let's face it, ALL of these things would still be here retired or not.  Soo my point in all of this is there are those times I feel a little guilty because so many it seems have soo much they MUST do.  But if there is one thing I have learned in this life it is how things can change in the blink of an eye.  I spent a couple years of my life recently in the day to day care of my mom and there wasn't time for much of anything else at all.  Looking back now I wish I had cherished those days a little more, complained less, and realized it was to be but a brief "season" in my life.  I had a dream about my mom last night and in it I was soo glad to see her and had soo much I wanted to say.  It was like I realized that she is gone, and yet I didn't...weird. But it hammered home again the truth that NOTHING stays the same.  Soo I guess what I am trying to say here is that while this is my pleasant lot in life right now, I intend to cherish and savor it and enjoy, and not waste any time feeling guilty.  So getting back to this week, I spent my time doing a pretty wide variety of things.  I am knee deep right now in the Beth Moore's study of the book of Daniel (which I know I have mentioned a couple of times) and honestly it soo good.  It has caused me to take a good, long look around me and trust me some changes are coming.  But having the time to DIG DEEP into this study is a blessing I appreciate.  And "some time" it has taken me that is for sure, lol.  The homework has gotten a little more difficult the further and further into the study I have gotten, and I have found myself listening sometimes to the lesson she teaches more than one time...soo much information, but I have just thoroughly enjoyed it.  And then I have begun a little spring cleaning as well.  Used to enjoy this a lot more than I do now, but I think my knees play a part in that, or at least it is the excuse I am giving, lol.  I WANT it done, and it NEEDS it done, so I press on but can't say that is my favorite thing to be "doing" right now.  I also took a day and went and saw my new great nephew.  What a little doll.  Soo sweet and soo tiny and soo perfect.  I held him and rocked and enjoyed conversation and a nice lunch with my niece and my sister.  I am glad I am able to take advantage of this chance to spend time with them, as she will go back to work soon, and it will be harder to do.


I also spent some time at the sewing machine...I know, SHOCKER, lol.  But I do enjoy it so.  I decided to make some new spring dresses for my grand daughters.  Now if I keep this brief I won't be able to tell you the little story behind one of the dresses...so maybe this won't be quick after-all, lol.  I USED to sew with knit all the time.  Back when I made almost everything Melody wore, and lots and lots of tops, shorts, etc. for me too.  But then it seemed as if you couldn't find pretty printed knit anywhere.  They just didn't have any.  Well, suddenly it has come back!  There is all kinds of really cute, pretty knit fabric for little girls and I have been itching to get my hands on it. And the fact that Capri PREFERS to wear only knit made it seem all the better.  So I found a pattern for "knit" (again, not many of these anymore) little dress and bought one for both her and Donatella.  And then bought some of the darling fabric (that was on sale too!) for both of them.  I could hardly wait to get started.  Well.....it had been a while and I made a couple of "rookie" mistakes with it...sigh.  But I finally got Capri's dress done yesterday, and Donatella's "should" whip together pretty fast this morning now.  I LOVE the way the dress turned out, and I can't wait to see if it fits her well and she likes it.  Here it is....



Other than that I guess there is nothing more to report.  I do have a few SUPER cute pictures I just have to share...again, I know SHOCKER, but they really are cute.




And then hubby put together a little video of Sam on one of his many walks he took with grandpa while he was here in California.  Sooo cute.  I am missed them all right now

Hope you all have a good week-end.  We are suppose to cool way down into the lower 70's again and I am soo glad.  PLENTY of time before we should be sizzling in the 90's!  Blessings to you all! Debbie

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


It's time for Wednesday Hodgepodge.  You can join the others HERE

1.  April showers bring May flowers,. or so the the saying goes.  When did you last "shower" attention on someone or have attention "showered" on you?  Did you love it, or did all that attention make you squirm?  Well, it seems as if I have done a lot of showering recently.  First with all the things I made for my nieces new baby.  I loved every minute of it.  And then with my grandson and my son's recent birthday celebrations.   I LOVE LOVE LOVE "showering" others with attention.  As for me, honestly I don't remember when it was last my turn.  But depending on the attention and occasion, I both love and hate it, lol.

2.  Share a favorite "spring break" memory.  Not talking about just the "college spring break" things, but ANY spring break memory you'd like to share.  Keep it family friendly please!  Well good thing it is NOT a college spring break memory as I don't have any of those.  I remember more spring breaks when I was raising my kids.  We never went anywhere special that I can recall, but I remember looking forward to them and loving every minute of them as well.  It was always around Easter in those days (not any more I know) and most all of our time was spent around water of some sort.  New swim suits started things off.  And then there were beach trips, back yard swim days, at least one matinee movie, and enjoying NO homework or busy schedules. Broke out the shorts, slept in, barbequed and just generally kick started summer.  Easy to do in Southern California. Though we did have the occasional spring break that was cool and overcast. Those were never as much fun, lol.

3.  It's National Pecan Month...are you a fan?  If so, what's your favorite dish that calls for pecans.  Oh I LOVE pecans!  LOVE THEM!  I love them sprinkled on salads, in candy and cookies, or just all by themselves.  But the favorite dish is easy...pecan pie of course!

4.  "Put all your eggs in one basket"  "egg on your face"  "rotten egg"  "walk on eggshells" or a "good egg"..which egg-spression could most recently be applied to your own life?  Well let's see...nothing jumped right out at me, but surely I can work one of these....I guess I am going to go with "walk on eggshells" as it kind of felt that way after the earthquakes for a while.  Like at any minute another could hit.  I was kind of wanting to be prepared for it and I kind of slunk around jumping a bit at every sound.  Glad to report I am over it now, but it was NOT a good feeling, lol.

5.  In my experience....wow, this could go a million ways...  I always seem to have something I am trying to get someone to listen to my vast experience in, lol.  For right now, I guess I will say in my experience about life in general, it goes MUCH faster than you might think.  When I was a young mom and knee deep in car pools, school, homework, sports, orthodontics, and always putting a meal of some sort or another on the table, I was sure I would NEVER see the end of it. Part of that might have been I had 4 children and they were not particularly close in age. (a good 3 to 4 years apart with the last trailing 6 years behind the others!)  Seemed like I was on it for years! I was always hurrying it seemed and wishing ahead for when times would be simpler.  Looking back now I should have been S L O W I N G it down and savoring more of the moments.  Didn't figure that out to the end, and now sadly I feel like I might not have cherished it enough at the time. Soo, in my experience, take the time in your life to CHERISH the moments, make memories, and linger in whatever season you find yourself in.  The next one comes soon enough.

6.  What's a favorite song with the word rain in its title or lyrics?  Oh an easy one...Rain drops keep falling on my head by BJ Thomas.

7.  What does the word hope mean to you?  Wow another deep one.  Well I guess for me hope is all about the Lord.  Hope is defined in Webster's dictionary as a verb that basically means to want something to happen or to be true, and think that it could happen or be true...or as a Christian to somehow in my spirit KNOW something is true.  For Christians our hope is in the Lord. Through our faith in Him we have salvation from our sins and hope for things yet to come. Heaven and a reuniting with our loved ones. We have hope in His Word, in His promises, and in His constant care and love.

Psalm 31:24  Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart, All you who HOPE in the Lord.

Psalm 71:5  For You are my HOPE, Oh Lord God, You are my trust from my youth.

Psalm 119:114  You are my hiding place and my shield; I HOPE in Your Word.

Psalm 146:5  Happy is he who has the God of Jacob for his hope, Whose HOPE is in the Lord his God.

8.  Insert your own random thought here...Well I guess I have a few as always, but right at the top of the list is these last couple of days have been HOT.  Near 90 degrees or more both days. Don't really feel like that yet, but it is the old it is what it is.  Don't really want to turn on my air conditioner and get that electric bill going in April, but this house is not insulated very well and it is over 80 in here.  Makes me lazy.  I did make up some coasters today for my sister.  No reason other than I saw the fabric and it was calling her name, lol.  She has been whining asking for some too, so I know she will be excited.  "grin"  She has taken this week off from work to spend with her new grandbaby, and I too am going to go over to Jessie's tomorrow and hold him for a while.  Soo looking forward to it.  Talk about something that goes quickly.  It's the "newborn" season for sure. So if you have one you can hold, rock, and love on, linger on it and enjoy every moment.  Hope you all have a wonderful day.  Blessings to you all! Debbie

Monday, April 7, 2014


Well it was another busy week-end for us, but I soo enjoyed it all.  Saturday we headed over to my oldest son's house to celebrate "little" Jeffy's tenth birthday.  Honestly, I just can't believe he is 10. Where ever does the time go?  He brings such joy to my heart I could hardly express it enough.  Now I realize of course that grandma's are usually just a tid bit prejudice, but he is honestly got such a tender heart and sweet spirit about him it would be hard to miss.  A little on the shy side I guess you could say, but full of life and promise and soo cute besides.  He had chosen to go laser gun fighting and so he and his little brother and cousins enjoyed that with grandpa and their daddies, while us gals stayed back at the house and got dinner together.  Actually, I didn't do much at all besides hold a peacefully sleeping Vinny.  Hey, somebodies got to do it right? lol  The dinner was soo tasty and after that the kids ran around in their HUGE park like yards and enjoyed each other.  The guys played some basketball too. Happy birthday was sung, candles were blown out, and cupcakes were enjoyed to finish off the day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet Jeffrey Joseph! Grandma loves you up to the sky and back and forever and always!






 Stole these next two from his mom's this morning.  Not sure where they took him from dinner yesterday, but looks fun


And then today is my youngest son's 34th birthday!  We took his family out to lunch after church yesterday to celebrate him.  He chose one of his favorite spots...Phil's BBQ, and we all enjoyed a very tasty lunch.  In fact, we were soo full never did eat again on the day, lol.

I just have to tell you this story as well.  I had told my daughter that I would like to make her friend, (and now family for her) a gift of some kind for her upcoming baby girl.  She has two little boys very similar in age to Melody's two, and now is expecting her third baby, only this time a little girl.  We are so happy for her.  Anyway, after discussing it with Melody we decided to make it a scripture picture.  Well, Melody really wanted to use the scripture from Proverbs 31:25 which says Strength and honor are her clothing, she will rejoice in time to come.  I loved it too so I sat out trying to find a design that has this verse in it.  Well after searching for QUITE SOME TIME I wasn't really finding much at all.  One was all I found, and honestly, I really didn't like it.  Soo I got this brilliant idea of going to one of my favorite designer's web pages and e-mail her and ask her if she would/could consider designing something we could use.  I told her it would be going in a baby girls room etc.  Honestly I had no idea if this was something she even did, and what she might charge me, (could have eliminated it right there, lol) and how long it might take her to get back to me etc. 15 minutes later she answered me and told me she had been praying about designing something with this VERY scripture, and that she was taking this as confirmation she was suppose to!  How exciting was that?  She got busy on it that VERY day.  And last night when I got home and checked my email she had sent me the new design, and (now here is the best part!) for FREE! She is putting it in her store in a few days time, and asked permission to display my work from other designs she has designed in her gallery.  I had sent her the pictures of what I had done figuring everyone likes to see their work being used.  She did the design for the pillows I just did, and also for the "Train up a child in the way he should go" one with the elephants.  Soo cute.  She is really good, and her designs are GREAT to work with.    I LOVE LOVE LOVE what she has done with the design, and of course as soon as I get it together I will show it to you too.  Trying to decided what colors in the threads to use now, fabrics, etc.  Soo much fun doing these for some reason.  Quite a bit came up as a result of putting one of my pillows on Facebook as to rather or not I should attempt selling ANY of my work.  Bottom line?  I have decided NOT to....AGAIN.  I will admit I came close this time, but I actually did quite a bit of discussing with the design gal via email, and she had some great thoughts on it.  I am afraid it would take most of the joy out of it for me.  There is NO WAY I could bear to charge anyone what I would really need to in order to make it worth my while.  With the exception of the bibs maybe, or the self binding blankets, or even the crib sheets, the rest of the things take quite a bit of time and are NOT inexpensive to make either.  I wish I was in the position to just GIVE everyone who REALLY wanted something whatever it is they are wanting....but then again, that is not very realistic I know.  Soo anyway, that's the end of that story.

I don't have a lot of my agenda this week, so I will probably just work on some projects I haven't had time to get to for a while now.  Hope you ALL have a good week!  Blessings to you!  Debbie


Thursday, April 3, 2014


It is late Wednesday afternoon and I am sitting here listening to the rain pattering on the roof, and smelling chicken baking in the oven.  Thought I might try to get this post together and ready to publish, as I won't really have time in the morning.  I have had a busy week....a busy week of celebrating birthdays that is.  April 1st is both my older sister Diane's birthday, and my good friend's as well.  So on Tuesday afternoon I met my girl friend at our favorite restaurant and had a wonderful lunch and visit together and then we went and saw the movie God is NOT Dead.  It was a really good movie with a great message of course, and we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. This is the friend who I have been friends with since we were 9 years old.  And considering this is the year we turn 60, it seems like we had something to celebrate, lol.  I am a good six months behind her, so mine is still coming, lol.  And then my sister Diane and I will meet tomorrow to celebrate hers. We are going to start our day a little earlier though and get in a little shopping first at one of our favorite places, Joanne's fabric.  Then we too are going to do lunch and a movie. Haven't really settled on what yet, but I am sure we will find something.  How grateful I am to have BOTH of these women in my life.  They have both seen me through all of life's best and worst moments, and between the two of them I honestly couldn't count up all of the good times we have had.  I made both of them similar gifts this year, just in different colors.  I embroidered a scripture design I found on a piece of fabric, and then made a pillow out of it.  I was REALLY pleased with the way they came out, and put to use the fact that I recently learned how to make piping as well.  I made the piping for the pillows a lot bigger than the one I made for the bumper pads, and I wasn't sure if it would come out OK, but it did.  A woman who works at the quilting store who was helping me match fabric for the piping on the second pillow (I had brought along the first one for her to see) LOVED it and wanted me to make her one for her MIL if I was interested. I did consider it seriously, as I did enjoy making them.  But decided against it for the same reasons I always do.  But now I have added on the fact that I have a hard enough time with my neck making the things I want/need to for my own life, I don't think I can take on projects for money. Though she told me if I was ever interested, she could get me a lot of orders.  Anyway, let me show you my pillows.


My machine really does embroidery beautifully.  These pictures don't do it justice, but I am always a little too lazy to drag out the good camera.  There are things I can do to improve my pillow making in the future though, and I am anxious to make some more.

I also made myself a set of Easter coasters, and 12 new bibs for Vinny.  Guess he is cutting some teeth and is drooling soo badly, she really needed a few more.  Grandma had LOTS of fabric on hand, and I enjoyed this little project too.  I set out a couple of my Easter decs as well this week.



This week-end will bring even MORE birthday celebrations as it is both my little Jeffie's 10th birthday (how can he already be 10!?), and my youngest son James 34th (even more incredulous that he is in his mid thirties now!)  April is a busy month.  But more on that later.  My dinner is smelling delicious, and I need to get it on the table.  Hope you all have been having a GOOD week. I heard a line in the movie God is NOT Dead that just keeps running over and over in my head.  "God is good all the time!"  "All the time, God is good!"  Soo true!

Monday, March 31, 2014


I have said it before but it does bear repeating....You just NEVER know what lies ahead.  We can make our plans, and go about them the best we can, but at the end of the day the Lord holds it all in His hands and He directs this life and all around us.  This week-end was definitely one of those times it was hammered home. The earthquake we experienced Friday night was really only considered a "moderate" quake and for most was just a reminder of where we live and what we can certainly expect from time to time.  But for those of us near the epicenter let me tell you a 5.3 quake SEEMED pretty big.  As did some of the literally hundreds of aftershocks.  As it turned out the epicenter was ONLY a short half of mile from us!  Now it was 5 miles deep, but still!  It might as well have been DIRECTLY under our bed, haha, as it certainly felt that way every time one of those aftershocks hit. Friday night I barely slept it seemed as the aftershocks were FREQUENT and my mind was racing about my niece, and honestly at any minute I didn't know if I would need to spring into action and race to a safe place (and with these knees I don't spring or race anywhere very well, so you know where that might have left me, lol) And then there was another fairly decent one Saturday afternoon, a 4. 2 I think it was, but we were at the hospital in Irvine on the third floor and only felt a slight swaying.  Our neighbors described it later as feeling MUCH bigger than a 4.  So I actually managed to miss BOTH of the biggest ones by not being at home.  Have to tell you I was really pretty grateful.  Nothing was even slightly amiss from the second one, so guess you have to get up into the 5 category quake to get that.  Really considering what it could have been, a few broken dishes is not bad at all.  I did notice later that several of my things in my china cabinet were tipped over, but NOT A THING was broken.  Soo grateful as a few of those things belonged to my grandmothers.  Saturday night we were both soo tired from the night before that we toppled into bed pretty early.  However we were awakened 3 times from significant aftershocks!  Let me tell you, it was getting pretty old.  But all 3 times I woke up only long enough to grumble to my hubby, "I am getting a little tired of this." and then dozed right back off, haha. Guess you can get used to almost anything (kidding of course!).  For an added bonus we have a device here in this mobile home park we live in that automatically shuts off the main gas line to all of the homes in the event of a significant quake.  You will be happy to know, it worked wonderfully.  However that meant of course we were without gas until late Sunday afternoon. Now Sat. morning I still managed to get a hot shower and thankfully washed my hair, as by Sunday morning there was none at all of course.  We can cook easy with our microwave and our barbecue, and I haven't turned our heat on in weeks, so honestly for us it wasn't that bad.  But lots of these older folks who live in this park were definitely complaining of the cold in the early mornings.  Last night I am happy to report that we never felt a thing IF there were any aftershocks so hopefully that is the end of that, and took a nice hot shower this morning grateful for something that I guess is easy to take for granted.  And that is my "earthquake story" lol.  Trust me it seemed almost everywhere we were this week-end, everyone was telling theirs.  So now let me tell about the rest of the week-end.  Sat. we arrived at the hospital around 10 am and by 12:20 she was giving birth. It was really such an exciting day.  Weston weighed in at 7 pounds 2 ounces and was 19 and 3/4 inches long.  Mom did wonderfully and the baby couldn't be better.  He is sooo cute.  Let me show you a couple of quick pics.






So this morning I am just so grateful.  Grateful that no one was hurt in the earthquake, and damage was really pretty minimal.  Grateful for the healthy arrival of the newest memory in our HUGE extended family, and grateful that God is in heaven and firmly on His throne and all is in His hands.  I have a busy week ahead of me, but so far it is looking like a REALLY good one.  Blessings to you all! Debbie