Monday, March 16, 2009


I guess I cannot quite decide what to do, so I am going to type it out and "see" where I end up. I think that Jeff and all of my kids are painfully aware, that when I am in doubt, I write....when I am upset, I write.... when I am excited or happy, I write, and when I think "someone" (doesn't matter who) needs to hear what I think, feel etc., they are bound to get one of my famous letters, though they are more frequently than not, never sent...that's both the bonus of this blog, and the problem with it for me. EVERYTHING is getting written that I have any thought or feelings on whatsoever....I find myself either CONSTANTLY stalking around on here, or formulating my next comment on whatever debate I seem to find myself in at that moment, anxiously waiting when I can post it while I am busy with something else. It's becoming somewhat obsessive for me...Imagine that, me obsessive. haha And the sad part is not that I have nothing else to do, I have plenty believe me, just that I am choosing to do this.....And for the limit, I am not really finding what I originally intended to be finding in this blog as well. I saw it as much more light weight, and general. I saw it as an opportunity to write about some things that I find interesting and about some things I that I have been feeling lately. But considering most of which I write about draws little comment from most of you anyway, I am not nearly as interesting as I thought I was. haha And while I have obviously found the same things interesting as the rest of you have, it has resulted in LONG debates about subjects sometimes that I am not really even really very passionate about....I just love to "hash" I guess and this has ended up being a place where it is certain to get done. However, unfortunately I have discovered that I most definitely greatly annoy people on here. At first I thought I was being singled out coincidentally, but now I am not too sure. Why is it that is usually my head that is obviously annoying and upsetting people?? And no one will convince me that I am not the main source of annoyance for people. Others are occasionally annoying I guess as well, but I'm pretty much always right Mel always points out (quite correctly I think) where there is smoke there is probably fire. So, I can only conclude that I am indeed annoying, rather I intend to be or not.....So, what to I simply stop blogging altogether??? Do I simply stay off the "debating" blogs? Do I limit the amount of comments I can make in one day?? Do I only write my blog and not comment anywhere else for any reason?? Do I continue to go out of my way (as I thought I was) to try not to annoy people and still say what I have to say?? I have considered every one of these possibilities. And just as soon as I settle into one, I think of reasons why I shouldn't do that. I think for now, I am going to go with the one where I simply don't comment at all on any of the "debater" type blogs. That way I won't hopefully be quite so obsessive in my blogging, and I will stop annoying people needlessly with my LONG (as every one of my kids has pointed out to me more than once, and not just on here, but verbally haha)comments and replies. We will see on how successful I am with this. I will probably have to duck tape my lips shut, or maybe I should stay tie my fingers up, as I know it will not be easy....haha Goodness knows I've always plenty to say, and I'm not afraid to say what I think....Welp, I think I have managed to type out my feelings on this, so I am going to definitely get busy now and DO the things I need to do.....I love you all.......


  1. I think you're blowing this out of proportion. I don't think anyone is or has been mad beyond a brief, mild annoyance. And I don't think you're the "main" hated person by any stretch of the imagination.

    If the bickery stuff gets to you, (which it does), then avoid it if it's annoying and participate if it's not. I don't think you need one blanket policy for every single thing that comes up. Nor does everyone need to be involved in every single discussion. If there was a room full of people you wouldn't feel like you had to be part of every thread of conversation right?

    You've become a borderline martyr. Or at least in danger of becoming.

  2. Deb, I know exactly what you are saying. I think Chuck hit the nail on the head, that getting our point across becomes more important than the actual subject ever was. LOL I have found myself lurking about on here, also, more than I would have ever imagined. You are being too sensitive if you think you are any more annoying than any one else is.(everyone has their moments...) One of your best traits is that you usually always have a definite opinion on things. There truly are times when I am making a decision that I want to know what your take is on it. And when you have made a "call" on something I sometimes chatter to do the opposite because you are right about things a lot of the time. I know for a fact that I am not the only one who feels this way. As for your blogs not being interesting, you could not be more wrong. In case you have not noticed I read and comment on all of them and I am not the only one. The most comments I ever had was 7 and I think half of those were "testing" LOL Just because a lot of comments aren't written doesn't mean they are not read. My gosh, I am starting to scare myself... my comments are turning into novels! Anyway, you get my drift, you are a main person on here whose thoughts are valued.

  3. I concur with all of the above. Mostly that the little tidbits of items we have going on here are beyond unimportant. Like the talking on a cell phone. As with Di and Chuck I really don't care. There's just something feverish about working a debate...being heard...convincing someone of something though as Chuck said, it never works anyway so why bother? I guess it's just the lively discussion itself that entertains me. One of the things I used to love to do when I was younger was to debate (heatedly) with someone about something knowing full well neither of us are really taking any of it personally or seriously. Truthfully, few people can do that. I think men especially (at least in my life) find it intimidating and bordering on rude. Wonder why it is we all seem to like it really?

    When I made the comment on my blog about the cell phone in the wanting to slap someone, I said it more to point out how positively ridiculous it was to have any deep feelings or reactions to something so trivial anyway.

    I certainly do not want you to feel as though you're the one pushing buttons. As John pointed out, we've all done our share.Myself especially as I know how annoying people can find me. And just as a tip it was John I felt like slapping and not you

  4. Which seemed obvious to me, to be honest.

  5. well deb. i amnot sure what the hellthe bickering is all about and iam not sure what the the rest of it is once again i am simply on the me me me thing and ironicly enough i have foound myself on the fence and ironicly enough i think its amanda who is going to be the one that gets me to go to meeting as she has to do so regards to a recent court case and by doing so there are people who have been coming by the house ands calling the house to take her to meetings and today a girl called for her and asked what time shed be back from her class as she wanted to take her to a meeting then asked if i would like to go and i had made the decision to do so and then popped on and read your comment and well to say the least i am one of those people as well coincident i think not. so to make a long story short THANX FOR BEING ONE OF THE PEOPLE IN MY LIFE THAT WORD THINGS OR PERHAPS THE RITE TIMING SO THAT I AM ABLE TO OR WILLING TO HEAR I'LL LET YOU KNOW HAW IT GOES IN A POSTING ON MY PAGE LATER.......ONCE AGAIN THANX DEB LOVE DEAN

  6. Deb, please don't censor yourself or refrain from commenting. Your head is no more annoying than the rest of this pack (myself totally included). I value your opinion as does everyone. I have had to monitor my time on here as I am quick to obsess and dwell and want my voice heard everywhere. All in all I think it is a wonderful way for our family to stay in contact and be part of each others daily lives.

  7. I'm glad i read this blog because i usually dont read everyones blogs because theres so many and yours are soo long, haha, but anyways i feel like your just the person who always shares your opinion, and i think we are all glad that you have input on everything on this blog, and it would be sad to all of us for you to stop.

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