Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I just have a couple of quick things....First of all I discovered a wonderful way to order pictures which you all probably already know about, but was definitely "new" for me...As you know, I just recently (a week ago I think) FINALLY got Melody's wedding pic negatives on three separate DVD's...there are literally 2,000 pics on there which is of course perfectly asinine. What on earth I could have possibly been thinking I can't be sure. I had two photographers who were both there for 8 hours I guess, which of course explains the abundance of pics. Anyway, it has made going through these pics and organizing them in any way, getting the ones printed that I want, and blowing some up etc., has been quite the little chore. I had decided I was getting them done at Costco as I have heard they have the best prices and do the best job.. Sooo, I went in last week and after 25 full minutes on their little photo thing I had not even downloaded half of one CD let alone picked any out etc.etc. So I took my disc and exited wondering what I would ever do. Now mind you we also already got our favorite 300 pics as 5 X 7's, 2 stunning 8 x 10's, a giant 16 x 20 and Mel's digital book which is truly in was really good. So truthfully I was thinking, call it a wrap and don't print anymore. I got 2 really nice wedding albums that hold 24 pics a piece that I put my fav. 5 x 7's in, and that could just be that. But the problem was I didn't get any 8 x 10's to set up in my house, and there were just other pics that I really did want. I wanted to develop my fav's as 4 x 6's and just have them in a album. Sooooo I ended up going on-line and ordering my pics from Costco from the comfort and convenience of my own house. It was perfect. Like I said, I am sure you all have done this, but it was such a bonus for me. It did take over two hours for the first disc to download just the 120 pics I picked from it. The disc held over 700 pics...but it was all sooo easy. Then I picked my blowups from that which were just a couple. I have also done disc 3 which was faster as it only had around 400 pics on it and I only picked around 50...with no blowups. Which only leaves disc 2 which is the biggest disc, but I don't think it will have all that many I will I am about done. The pics for a bonus are ready the next day..Does anybody know where I can get a decent photo album that will hold around 300 pics?? I really want them all to be in the same one, but I guess it is not critical...I of course also made the wedding video slide show that is here on my blog page that you have seen from these pics.. Jeff printed me and Mel & mom (if you want it) copies from it from the computer and they came out perfectly. I was quite perky on that too....I certainly have enough pics to remember the day...haha OH, and I almost forgot, I downloaded the program that I used to make her cookbook with yesterday on the computer too, and I planning on making a nice book out of my fav's as well. This is VERY fun to do, and the books are really relatively inexpensive. I can make one for around 35 or 40 bucks, whereas to buy the digital book like Mel got would cost around 1500 dollars which is perfectly and utterly ridiculous. We got it as part of a package deal which was greatly discounted in addition by the place where her wedding was at, or it would have been out.... I can't believe I've written out this long and I am sure quite boring little, I also just wanted to say that Jessie came over today to see about John helping her with her advertising brochure and a web page. He only talked with her for a few minutes and is going to get something together for her and let her see it in a day or two. I felt bad that Jess drove all the way out for such a short conference, but I am soo glad she did. I had such a nice, long chat and visit with her...We were able to get lunch and I drilled her on her friends, and life. I found the whole thing very interesting, and in some ways it's like having Mel around as they have such similar "feels". haha Jess and I see many things eye to eye. She has grown into such a wonderful young woman. Funny, caring, and hard working and responsible. Danae, I am sure you are very proud of her, and you should be. Thanks for such a nice day Jess....


  1. This is my second time attempting a comment on here.....I have no idea what happened before, but all of a sudden everything was gone. IRRO Anyways, bonus on the picture thing at Costco. I will definitely be using that item. You will have to show me the book thing as that sounds really good for the price.

  2. From upstairs, Jess' voice is a dead ringer for Melody's.


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