Thursday, April 9, 2009


I had such a nice day yesterday...It started very early as I had to be on the road leaving for San Diego by 7:30 so I could be at Jimmy's by 9 so that I could go to Capri's dance class with Jimmy....I made it in spite of the fact that I drove a GOOD 15 minutes out of the way...haha it was DARLING....the girls were all only 4 or just turned 5 years old and were sooo cute. The teacher was really good with them. Capri really enjoys it. Then, Larissa and I loaded up the kids and headed off to the mall. I had new respect for Larissa by the end of the day as I personally have never worked 3 kids that close together in age, and it is such a handful. Just connecting all 3 car seats in my car and then loading them all in would have collapsed me. But she is great with them. Anyway, we went to Gymboree looking for an Easter dress for Capri....It was VERY fun and she was sooo cute on it. Grandma went a little nuts, and we bought some summer clothes as well. The pic of her in the dress is her modeling her new dress. She referred to herself as the "Easter Girl"...haha The dress is darling complete with a bracelet and hair clips.....Then we got JD some new shoes at Stride Right. He has REALLY wide feet and that's the best place to get shoes for him. He wasn't "feeling" it at the time, haha, but later we could hardly get them off of him. Then we let the kids play on the little indoor play ground. They enjoyed it and Donatella slept peacefully in her stroller. Larissa went into Payless to get Capri some little sandals to go with her dress...There was this little boy who was instantly totally smitten with Capri...haha....He followed her EVERYWHERE she went and jabbered at her constantly etc. There is a pic of him staring at her as she sat in the car, and you can see what I am talking about. Capri was completely oblivious to what was going on. The little boy's grandfather was sitting by me, and he was getting a big kick out of it too. Then we had lunch at Red Robins. The food was good, and the kids as good as gold. Donatella still slept.....Then we stopped at Things Remembered and I finally got Donatella's quilt ordered. We went back then to Jim and Larissa's and Larissa took the kids outside to play and I sat in the house semi dozing with Donatella. haha Then Jim came home and took Larissa to pick up her car and I babysat the kids kind of afraid that I might be in over my head with all of them together on my own, but they were all as good as they could be. They came home, Larissa made a delicious dinner, I ate, and drove back arriving home around 8. It was a LONG day and I enjoyed every minute of it. I wish they lived closer so I could have these days more often....but at least I can travel down and do them every once in a will I ever bear it when Mel has hers??? Enjoy the pics.....


  1. I love seeing the pics that go along with a story! Capri looks darling in that dress and it is the one I thought you were talking about.

  2. I LOVE the dress! The look on Capri's face with that boy looking at her is priceless.


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