Thursday, July 30, 2009


Today July 30, 2009, is my sister Danae’s 50th birthday. She gets to join us veterans who have crossed that milestone already, and learn everything there is to know about that all important decade.

For me, almost 5 years ahead of her on the road, I have noticed a few things that seem to be part of the age. First of all, they all seem to accelerate from here. Year after year flew by until I wasn’t even sure HOW old I really was the other day. In fact, for a while I was telling people that I was 55, when in fact I am still 2 FULL months away from that day. I think temporary memory loss is right at the top of my “how has this happened to me” list anymore…Then, there is the never ending search for my reading glasses, (only to discover them on top my head) my stiff knees, dozing off in movies, hot flashes, wrinkle lines that I know weren’t there the day before, and the inability to eat most spicy foods. However, just in case you might think it is all bad, let me fill you in on a few of the perks… Senior menu’s and senior movie tickets are just around the corner…Grandkids are what make the world a wonderful place to be, and adult relationships with your kids is something that you dreamed about happening one day, and is now a very pleasant reality. There is plenty of time to simply enjoy your husband, read a book, take a nap, or browse on the internet….Retirement years seem close enough now that they loom ahead beckoning you with their promises of travel, relaxation and pleasure. Obviously, all of our lives are very different and I am only describing MY discoveries of life in the 50’s, ha-ha…But I have no doubt for her there will be MANY wonderful memories to be made, and few would ever even know that she has indeed reached her half century marker.

My sister is a very special person to me and one that I treasure and respect. We have shared a lifetime of memories, as only sisters can, and a family that we love in spite of all our occasional craziness. She is someone I can count on to always be there for me, and one of the first I call when I have something exciting to share, or a shoulder I need to lean on. We pray together, shop together, and goodness knows laugh together. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANAE, and may the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you, now and forever more….

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