Saturday, September 26, 2009


Today, Saturday September 26, 2009 is my daughter-in-law Larissa's 29th birthday. Larissa has been married to my youngest son Jimmy now for almost (in Oct.) 8 years. They met while attending Bible college in Murietta and neither Jimmy's or our lives have ever been quite the same again. As "pat" as this might sound, it really is true. To know Larissa is to love her. She is beautiful, selfless, hard working, funny, a GREAT wife to my son, a WONDERFUL mother to my grandchildren, and completes our family in many ways that only she could. I believe the Lord very generously gave her to all of us when He gave her to my son. I had prayed diligently for the woman my son would marry when he told us he had been called to the ministry, as I knew how hard the role of a "preacher's wife" can be. I honestly can't tell you how well I feel she plays this part. She is supportive and loving and cares for her family with compassion and a generous heart. I feel my son is a very lucky man to have been blessed with her, but I feel just as blessed as she is not only another daughter for me to love and fuss over, but a mature Christian for me to fellowship with and call my friend. Larissa is such a sweet girl that at first I feared my quick witted, teasing, somewhat overwhelming at times, family would "eat her alive", haha. But much to my pleasure, we all quickly found that Larissa could hold her own with this pack. How we all love her!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Larissa...may the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you now and forever more!! Love

This is my son Jimmy and Larissa at Melody's wedding June 8, 2008...They really are a cute couple don't ya think??

I love this pic of Larissa and J.D. on his first day of pre-school.

She is mommy to Capri, JD, and little Donatella. A difficult job at best as the oldest is only 4. Larissa is a FANTASTIC mom and I can see the fruit of her labors in these precious little people...

LOVE this pic...

Such a pretty girl..


  1. Hi Debbie,
    What an awesome birthday tribute to your daughter in love. May I also wish her a very Happy Birthday, she is beautiful and your son,handsome, they are a beautiful couple. The picture of her bathing her baby with her other children helping just touched me. I like to look at peoples expressions on their faces and I feel so much love from seeing her and her family. God did Good my dear friend,And I know she is thankful to have you in her life too.

    Thank you for partnering with me, in this matter of getting healthy. Just know I am praying for you each day.

  2. Hi Debbie,
    What a pretty girl, and a handsome couple your son and she make! They have a beautiful family! Where is he a pastor?

  3. Oh my gosh... I'm blushing! Thank you so much!

  4. What a nice post about your daughter in law.She is a beautiful girl and my mom's right, she and your son are a very attractive couple.

  5. Happy Birthday to your daughter in law!!! What beautiful pictures! And how wonderful that you wrote such a beautiful post to her!

    I love the pictures of your daughter's corn field. That is truly amazing!!! Enjoy your day!

  6. What a sweet post! I'm sure she's happy as well to have such an awesome mother in law! Happy Birthday to her, they have a beautiful family!


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