Sunday, October 11, 2009


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But his delight is in the law of the Lord,
And in His law he meditates day and night.

As I was dwelling on these verses this morning, I began to think to myself, what is it that makes me happy? What is it that makes most people happy? And is it different from that which I truly delight in?

I think in the world we live in today happiness is something most people assume they were born to experience, and something they feel they deserve to have. So as a result, many spend their lives in the pursuit of this happiness, and do whatever they feel is necessary to gain this sought after emotion. Relationship after relationship sometimes can be the result, as they strive to find the "perfect" mate who will bring them the happiness in life they deserve. Maybe it is their career that they feel is the key, and educate themselves and work diligently to achieve the goals they set forth to bring about the results that will surely lead to a nicer home, a better car, or whatever it is that they are sure will bring them the most pleasure. However the problem is really very obvious it would seem. Nothing is ever really enough, and the pursuit is always allusive.

I think that sometimes even for us Christians as we look for happiness in life, we make the mistake sometimes of thinking that our happiness will come as we read through the scriptures looking for peace of mind and security. But I think as we really read the Bible, and meditate on what it says, we find that God is alot more concerned about holiness than happiness. He is alot more concerned about our hearts, than the state of our feelings. Undoubtedly, the will of God will bring happiness to those who obey, but the most important thing is not how HAPPY we are, but how holy. I think sometimes it might be easy to cultivate a religious joy, without ever cultivating a righteous life.

If a person delights in something, you don’t have to beg them to do it or to like it. They will do it all by themselves. We can measure our delight for the Word of God by how much we hunger for it.

What makes us happy? What gets us excited? This is a good way to see what is important to us. If personal pleasure is the only thing that makes us happy, then we are a selfish, self-centered person. If being with our family or friends delights us, that can be better, but it still falls short. The righteous man finds his delight . . . in the law of the Lord.

The righteous man only has God’s word on his mind two times a day: day and night. That about covers it all!


  1. It seems I'm always the happiest when I know what I'm doing is pleasing the Lord. Thank-you so much for the wonderful devotional.
    God Bless,

  2. Hey Debbie!! I know My blog has def. been way down on my list..:( Jackson started preshool at First Prespyterian in upland, I started Mops, and I have been planning my daughters first b-day party, and making costumes, not to mention still trying to work at the restaurant in the early mornings. Lol..excuses excuses! We leave for vacation Nov. 2! Im so excited for a break. Hopefully when I get back things will slow down a bit, but probably not:) Glad to see you are doing great! Happy Belated Birthday! ~Amber

  3. Hi Debbie,
    Great thoughts to ponder on finding happiness. Happiness seems to be based on my circumstances which influence how I feel. As a Christian, I have a constant joy of knowing that I belong to Almighty God and nothing will change that. I don't deserve it but He loves me and chose me. That is so awesome to my small mind and that brings me joy.

    When I go through seasons of trials and difficulties, I'm not always feeling happy. But one thing I've learned is to not live by my feelings because then I tend to spiral downward. Instead I read the bible and confirm what I know to be true.

    It also helps me to remember that this isn't my permanent home. In the whole scheme of things, I'm just passing through on my way to my eternal home and that seems to put it into perspective.

    Great post Debbie!

  4. Wonderful post, Debbie..."whatever gives you a heartbeat". I have so often said these very same words when talking to our kids and grandkids...they're always looking for something to do, to fill in their time, "stuff" to make them happy. As I watch them, I think of myself, how I am looking for "more" of something that I don't need to make me happy. More and more, I find that only God gives me a heartbeat, its only joy in the Lord that satisfies. I love the end of your post...Having God's Word on my mind two times day, day and night...that does, indeed, cover it all!

    God bless,

  5. I love this and totally agree... people are always saying "do what makes you happy" and I've always had a problem with that. Happiness is just a feeling. It's great while it's there, but it's not the purpose of life. You explained it just about perfectly, I'm impressed!

  6. Thanks, Debbie. I hope you had a good Sunday.

  7. I've always heard that happiness is a by-product. It isn't something you can find by searching for it. Searching for and finding God is the only thing that will bring true happiness. And he says you will find Him when you seek him with all your heart.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post.

  8. Love your pretty picture and verse ~ Thanks for those thoughts.

  9. Amen. Wonderful reminder to delight in His words.
    No matter what the circumstances and unhappiness that surrounds us daily. Deep within us joy is forevermore!

    Thank you for sharing Debbie.

  10. I agree. God tells us in His Word to be holy, not happy. Being joyful and being content (as a result of realizing that we are complete in Christ) are different than being happy (fleeting and depending on circumstances).

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words.

  11. Wonderful Post !
    It is nice to be happy, but happines comes from external things , it is dependance on circumstances , which can change often. But Joy is a constant ,it is a gift from Jesus when the Holy Spirit indwells your heart. He never changes ,so joy is constant & abiding . The Joy of the lord is the strenght in our lives . It is there when circimstances can make us very unhappy.
    Thanks so much for the well wishes for my Birthday . 8~)


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