Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I decided for a few reasons to just link yesterday's Veterans post to Thankful Thursday. It is where my heart has been for the last couple of days. I never want to take for granted the freedoms that we all enjoy everyday. They didn't come easy or free, but with the sacrifice and dedication of all our service people. So today, I am thankful for all of them. To link to other thankful hearts, please click HERE and may God truly bless America.

Today, Wednesday November 11th, we American's celebrate Veterans Day. It is a day that we set aside to remember and honor all those men and women who have so selflessly given of their lives that we might enjoy the freedoms we do today. They deserve our deepest appreciation and respect for all that they have willingly sacrificed.   America today is in the midst of great turmoil and chaos, and perhaps at a critical turning point  in the future of our country.  Today more than ever before we need to turn our hearts and minds towards Him and pray that He keeps us in His mighty hands.  Today more than ever we need to stand up together for the Godly principles that this great country was once  founded on.  Today more than ever we need to storm the gates of Heaven and let our voices be heard.  Join me today as I pray for America, and thank God for all  of her dedicated veterans.

Heavenly Father, today I lift everyone of the men and women who are actively serving our country,  and ask that you might watch over and protect them all.  May they  know and feel the grateful hearts of  fellow Americans.  May we all remember their sacrifices and hardships as we go about our daily lives.   Bring them safely back to their families and loved ones who anxiously await them.   May their families know Your peace and protection on their lives, and may the time go quickly for them all.  I also thank you for all the thousands of dedicated service people who have given their lives that we might we might enjoy all the many freedoms that we do, but most importantly leave us free to worship You in any way we desire.   I thank you Lord for our country and all it's bounty,  and ask that you might stir the hearts of her people to turn their hearts back towards You.  In Jesus Holy name I pray.


Psalm 9:10 And those who know Your name will put their trust in You; For You, LORD, have not forsaken those who seek You.


  1. Oh Debbie!
    This post is just beautiful sweetie. It sure touched my heart tonight. Thank you for sharing. I think good minds think alike. You'll have to stop by my post, and you'll see what I mean.

    Love this beautiful song also. It just touches the very core of your soul. Have a beautiful Wednesday tomorrow. What a beautiful Veteran's Day offering.

    Country hugs and love, Sherry

  2. Very well said. My cousin's husband is in Iraq and I can not imagine how difficult it is for her everyday. She is always in my thoughts. As are all the men and women that serve our country.

  3. Oh Debbie, really nice post and beautiful prayer. I feel like most of America has just pretty much forgotten our troops and what they do for our country. It's nice to see that some of us remember and feel grateful for what they do everyday for us.

    I just love this song too!

  4. Amen, Debbie, Amen! I stand in agreement with your words...we must unite in prayer, in speech, in action, as we fight the powers of hell with the power of Almighty God. We are in a war right here on American soil, while our sons and daughters fight an enemy in foreign land...there is an enemy that wants to destroy us...but praise God, he doesn't win!

    Love your post, Debbie...I'm joining you in your beautiful prayer, and passing it on via email to my friends and family.

    God bless America...Let Freedom Ring...I am sooooo very proud to be an American!!!!!

    God bless you, sister!


  5. Debbie, This is such a kindhearted tribute. I love the song playing, that's one of my favorite patriotic songs.

    God bless,

  6. What a lovely and heartfelt tribute! May God keep them safe! Many blessings to you!

  7. beautiful, debbie. what a beautiful tribute.

  8. Thank you for sharing your heart...beautiful!

  9. Beautiful post, Debbie. I agree with your prayer. Thank you for praying for my daughter.


  10. I join you today in thanking the Veterans who serve or have served our country.

  11. What a wonderful post! I love the background music too. :-)

  12. This is a beautiful tribute! I join you in praying for ALL and their families as well. Such sacrifice!

    You have said it so eloquently ~ thankyou!

    Blessings to you and yours today!!

  13. Hi Debbie!

    Just wanted to let you know that I wrote you back on my blog, I'd love to help you with your layout. Let me know if it would be easier via email, phone, or instant message!! Or at Rhonda's party!

  14. Wow Debbie,

    What an awesome and honoring post...Today more than ever before we need to turn our hearts and minds towards Him and pray that He keeps us in His mighty hands...

    Girl, amen... amen... AMEN... Awesome. Happy TT and Thanksgiving.


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