Monday, December 7, 2009


I LOVE the rain and the COLD weather, but it didn't help that this was the day I had set aside to do a lot of my Christmas shopping.  I'm having all my usual dilemmas in trying to shop.  Can't find what I am looking for when I do know what I want for someone, don't know what I want for others, I'm horrified at most prices, the lines are VERY long, (I thought maybe fewer people would be shopping this year) but in spite of all these things I can cross 6 of my grand kids off my list.  Only 2 more to go and then I can get a couple of things for my kids and I'm done.  I am doing my VERY best to stick to a budget this year.  I find this very difficult to do when it comes to those little ones in my life.  But so far so good.  I'm also having many mixed feelings and dilemma's when it comes to scheduling our family events.  Melody won't be here on Christmas day so all of my kids have voted to do it when she is.  Which means I just lost 6 days I thought I had, haha. 

I have never been one who experiences "changes" easily.  I like tradition.  I like things the same.  I like to know what to expect. I'm not sure how I feel about "celebrating" Christmas on a different day.  I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that on Christmas Day NONE of my kids will be here and nothing will be as it has always been.  Maybe it's time to move on to different things.  Maybe it will be different but wonderful in it's own new way.  I am grateful and happy that we will be celebrating together irregardless of what day it "technically" is.  Many people I know don't get to see there loved ones at all on ANY day.  I have NO REASON to complain, and I'm not really....I am just feeling "weird" and "unsettled" because like I said, I don't like change.  But let's face it, life is NEVER that way.  So I struggle along and do the best I can to accept what has changed in my life.  It bothers me that I don't always do so with a better attitude.  It bothers me that I complain and drag my feet.  But  how I praise God in my life as He is always the same for me.   I can always count on going to Him and falling into His arms and getting my prospective back where it should be.  His love and His mercy are ALWAYS there for me to draw from.   I find that during this busy Christmas season it is even more important than ever to be still before Him and spend time in His Word and in prayer.  I will thank Him for all I have, and count on Him to be in control of all I can't control.

I decided to post a few more of my Christmas decorations.  I do love them now that there are up.  All of my cherished items I have had for years and years reminding me of Christmas's from long ago.  I did buy a couple of new candles this year, but that is really all.  I wish my camera did them justice, but you will get the idea.  Hope everyone has a wonderful and productive week, and may we all keep our hearts focused on Him.

These are my Thomas Kincade snowmen.  I love them.  I have only had them about 3 years but they feel like old favorites.  The detail on them is really quite incredible.

A closer look

View of living room/dining room area

For several years I collected these little angels for the tree.  I LOVE them...I have 24 of them

This is a new one my good friend gave me this year.  Isn't it gorgeous?  It came from Russia she said, and she has one just like it at her home..

This is one my youngest son made for me in pre-school.  I LOVE this.  How adorable is he?

I LOVE this

My Nativity plate and angels and Thomas Kincade tree on my piano

A closer look

This is Melly with Baxter at her house with her tree...She made the topper herself.  It is Mike's cowboy hat tied with ribbons that swirls down the tree.  Soo cute.  Wish I could see it in person Mel. 

Well this is all for now.  I will post more later if I get the chance.  Have a wonderful evening.  I am going to light a fire tonight and watch the Preachor's Wife.  I love that Christmas movie.


  1. Well hello special friend, I sure know what you mean about changes, sweetie. I am dealing with some of my own and having to power down on some expectations. Not an easy thing to do at all! But, God does know and He will give us the grace to handle it all properly.

    Your Christmas decorations are so pretty, Debbie. You did a beautiful job of decorating! I so wish I could come and spend a day shopping with you! We'd have a roaring good time, ya know?

    This is my advice for Christmas day...plan something special with your hubby! Take a daytrip somewhere that you maybe haven't been and dine out or pack a picnic lunch and just celebrate your togetherness. It won't make everything go away, but it will give you something to look forward to.

    And if you don't do that you can always give me a call and I'll cheer you up!! :o) I'm going now to email you!

    Love your heart, Deb! Just love it!

  2. Hi Debbie,
    I love all of your special things for Christmas! So pretty. And I love how Melly did her tree with the hat on top! Very clever!
    Thanks to listening to Drew's music. It is his passion! He did not care for Concordia, and withdrew. I wish he would have finished the semester, but do our kids ever do what WE want them to do? He plans to go back to RCC and I hope he does.

  3. I love that you have an ornament on your tree that your son made in preschool. That is so cute. Hannah came home one day last week with a new painted leaf, and asked if we could hang it on the tree. So that's where it is, and everyday she points it out.

    I hope your Christmas is wonderful, whichever day you wind up celebrating... I do not like change too, but sometimes I try to tell myself things change for a reason.

    Your house looks so nice. Very Christmasey.

  4. Stunning! I love angels and snowmen.

  5. Hi Debbie!!

    I'm not big on change either, it's so hard, especially when it's around a holiday when we just bank on our traditions. It's what we do, it's what we look forward to each holiday season. I think it's great though, that everyone wants to celebrate when your daughter is in town, that shows good hearts!! I'm sure you will make the best of it, and everything will be perfect, and you will be so glad that you celebrated early, or whenever you may do it!!

    Your Christmas decorations are fantastic!! I LOVE the Thomas Kinkade snowman, what a beauty!! Your tree looks fabulous, and I love your poinsettia arrangement behind the snowmen, so pretty! Your house looks very festive and ready!

    Mel's tree is so dang cute, I love the idea of putting her hubby's hat up top, just love it!

    I hope you start feeling better about your Christmas plans, I'm sure everything will turn out okay!!

  6. First let me say your decorations look very beautiful...and home just says please come in and stay awhile, friend! I love it.

    Second, just want to tell you how much I needed this post today. I never realized how much I would struggle with all these changes (from tradition) that come with the whole empty nest thing. For the most part, its ok...even kinda fun...but changing the traditions - that's another story. And I have really been struggling this Christmas. Thanks for getting some of my thoughts down in words...and the reminder of our ever faithful Savior.

    This post was a blessing. Have a beautiful day, friend.

  7. Hi Debbie,

    Yes change is soooo hard. I'm with Kristi, I love that your family has chosen to celebrate when your daughter is in town. Last year we kind of did that when my daughter came in early but we also celebrated on the day.
    Whenever you celebrate it will be special, it isn't the day it's the reason we celebrate.

    Love your decorations and especially the fun view from upstairs that you always do. I am going to see if I can copy that (I dont have as good a view from my stairs that you do)I also love your daughters tree topper. Isn't it fun to see how creative our kids are? You are decked and ready, and I appreciate getting to share in.

  8. What beautiful, sweet Christmas decorations! Thanks for sharing the story of your neighborhood boy on my blog; it is such a great testimony for me! I'm sorry you're having to change some of your Christmas tradition this year; I pray it turns out blessed just the same!

  9. Oh, Debbie, I'm so very sorry to hear about your fall, and am praying for the pain to leave immediately, and for you to feel good again, both physically and emotionally. Your post brings back memories of 2 years ago, when my son and his family chose to have Thanksgiving at home by themselves. I was heart hurt all the way out to my bones...I never, ever thought I would experience that with my son, not ever. Now hear this...we went to my sister's house instead,and had a ball! I was so glad that our son had not come over, I couldn't believe how good God was to us. Not because we were having a good time, but that He taught us to keep our eyes on Him, not on circumstances. Before we left for my sis's, we decided we would be okay, and that the enemy would not steal the joy of the day. I believe we sent him running scared, and we finished the day with the joy of the Lord.

    I so agree about tradition...I love it, and I think we need it...its a good thing. At the same time, it can cause us so much emotional pain when it betrays us. Do you remember Fiddler on the Roof? Talk about the ultimate traditional defragmentation! The life of the Jews was shattered. But at the end of the movie, remember that the youngest daughter was finally accepted Tevye...He was bent by the first daughter's marriage, then second daughter leaving, and finally he said "NO...there is no other hand!" But when it came down to it, the decision was out of his hands entirely.

    I'm writing way too much here! Will shoot you an email as soon as I can.

    Take care of yourself need to recupe, especially since you have less time, you need to feel good so you can get it done, so take a day to rest!

    Love and hugs,

  10. And I love your decorations, too! Love the shot of your living/dining rooms! I have a single story, but I'm going to get on a ladder and take a that look!

  11. Hi Debbie, Christmas blessings to you. I love all of your decorations-in fact I think we appreciate the same things. Love your Kincaid pieces-I have three framed prints. Thank you for sharing, your photos were great-close up so we could really see your treasures.
    Hugs, Noreen


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