Monday, February 1, 2010


This picture was taken this morning as Jeff was running out to work...We will go to dinner tonight, but in two weeks we are going to LA to see the play "The Color Purple"...soo excited.

35 years ago today, Feburary 1, 1975 I married this wonderful man and changed my life forever more. 

Jeff & I met on a blind date in the summer of 1974.  I was a mere 19 years old and he was just here for the summertime (or so he thought) having just finished college at Nebraska.  I remember like yesterday my girl friend Sue calling me up and saying "Deb, I have a great guy I want you to meet."  When she gave me the details, he was from South Dakota and had gone to Nebraska on a football scholarship and was in California for the summertime just to see the sights, my initial reaction was, could be fun...but I wasn't really looking for a summertime romance, and I certainly wasn't looking to move out of state eventually should the "romance" turn into anything more.  I liked to think I was more mature than the average 19 year old as I was already a single mom to an 18 month old little boy.  I was a brand new Christian as well, and very careful about who I dated as I was not only looking for a husband, but a father for my son.  Somehow I had my doubts as to rather or not a "football jock" would fit the description of what I was looking for.  She pressed me a little bit and I decided to just see for myself.  What a wonderful decision that turned out being.  By late summer we were very much love and had more in common than I ever dreamed possible.  He too was a new Christian and our relationship right from the beginning was very firmly planted in Him.   His relationship with my son Joe, was one I had barely let myself even dream about as being possible.  As the summer was drawing to a close I had begun to wonder what in the world I had been thinking of or why  God had allowed any of this to happen.  How would I ever bare him going back home to South Dakota.  By early September (just a few days before he was suppose to leave) Jeff asked me to marry him and decided he would just move permanently to California.  5 months later we were married.  Sooo, Jeff & I were basically engaged and married just 6 short months after we met.  Looking back now, if one of my kids had decided to marry so soon after meeting someone I might have had a heart attack, haha.  But I believe from the bottom of my heart that the Lord picked him out especially for Joe and I and worked out every little detail.  Our wedding was small but beautiful.  We did not have a professional photographer, but we did have a friend who took some really good pictures for us.  I don't have a single 8 x 10 of the event however, and the pictures I do have are in a box in our garage.  Why does that sound soo horrible, haha.  But my point is I don't have any pictures of our day to show you (without digging around in the garage anyway).  Not that I have a scanner right now anyway.  Or know how to work it if I did.  lol 

Through the years I can honestly say that I feel like I have been married to not only my very best friend, but a one of the most wonderful husbands God ever created.  He is not perfect of course, (who is?) but most of the time it seems that way to me.  I can be high maintence at times I guess is a nice way of putting it, haha, and yet he is usually the picture of patience and tolerence on all my little quirks.  He has been a wonderful father to all 4 of our children.  He adopted Joe formally shortly after we married.  He has been the spiritual leader of our home, and has provided for us all over the years with much more than I ever dreamed of.  I have been married WAY over half of my life to this man, and look forward to growing old with him.  We still find the same things funny, know what the other is going to say before they say it, (most of the time anyway...or maybe it just is we "think" we do, haha) and can look at each other and smile and know all is well with the world.  I thanked God for this man 35 years ago when I woke up that morning, and through the journey of our life together I am still grateful, and will love him unconditionally till the day the good Lord calls me home. 

This picture was taken dancing at Mike & Melody's wedding 19 months ago. 


  1. What a beautiful - and romantic - story! Congratulations on your anniversary...I hope your day is syrupy sweet:)

    Great photos of the two of you..are they recent ones? You even still look "love struck" in the last one!

    Oh - and who wouldn't move from Dakota to California!! Really now. I'm yearnin' for some California sunshine myself!

    Have a beautiful day with your sweetie, friend.

  2. Happy Anniversary! May GOD give you "many" more. Gorgeous pictures.
    Blessings, andrea

  3. Awww, what a sweet love story you guys have Debbie! Happy Anniversary! And enjoy your night out when you celebrate.

    It's funny how when you know you know, huh? That is how I felt when I met Jake too.

    Congratulations and wishing you many more years!

  4. Happy Anniversary my friend! what a beautiful story :)

    Pray the Lord gives you many many more to come...and I agree you do still look lovestruck! What a blessing it is when love grows and grows. I tell my kids all the time how lucky they are to have parents who still love each other and enjoy each others company.

    Enjoy the play! Went to New York with a group of hairstylists and a few of them saw it on broadway and RAVED about it!!!

    Bless you my friend

  5. What a beautiful love story Deb! Congratulations on your anniversary, and may you have many, many more. Greg and I began dating in late October, were engaged in May, and married on Sept. 01st, all under one year's time. I was also 19 yrs. old.

  6. Oh mom ! Why didn't you tell me earlier?

    Happy Anniversary! 35 is a big one!!!! Thanks for your wonderful example that you and Dad set for James and I!

  7. Debbie,
    What a wonderfully captivating story. Happy Anniversary to you and your wonderful husband. It takes a special man to pick not only you but your baby as well to love forever. I know because I have one too. I hope you and hubby had a wonderful and romantic dinner to complete 35 on to the rest of your lives. Enjoy!

  8. Happy anniversary Deb!!

    Love ya'lls love story! Ours is similar....we celebrate our 34th this year!! Where does the time go!! I too was a single mom with an 18 month old son and all of my prayers were answered when Larry fell in love with my son first!!! He's been the most wonderful husband and dad to Chris and our daughter Katie!!

    Isn't it such a blessing to look back and see how God has orchestrated our steps!!

    We are truly blessed aren't we!! Praise God!

    Have a wonderful anniversary and many, many more!!

    Hugs and Sweet Blessings!

  9. Happy Anniversary, Deb! I love yours and Jeff's love story!!!

  10. Lovely lovely lovely!!! You are such a joy and an inspiration of what true love is. That it does exist. That it is possible.
    Thank you for sharing your lives in this way, because good role models are hard to come by.

  11. Happy 35th Anniversary !

  12. wow. I hear so many people wanting a divorce or having affairs that reading your post felt so good....Happy Anniversary!!!!

  13. How lovely to be married and still happily so for 35 years. We'll celebrate 32 this May.

  14. What a cute couple! Happy Anniversary!

  15. happy anniversary! God bless you and jeff.

  16. Great picture... Enjoyed your page.........
    Be blessed,

  17. Oh Debbie, what a love story!!! That is the sweetest thing! How blessed you are to have such a wonderful man in your life. Your story made me teary eyed, Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! I have to say, I was very impressed by him when you two came to pick up the Fancy cake. What a gentleman he is and he seems so kind! You guys make an adorable couple!

    P.S. I LOVE what you used to do with your kids with that Mommy day! I'm so glad that you told me about that because I'm going to have to start that with my kids. It is so special, I know I would have loved that!! Happy Friday!

  18. For some reason I was almost balling on this, even though I've heard the story a thousand times. It is a very good story, but I may just be feeling emotional right now, lol. And I'm sorry, but that pic at the top is a complete STUN!! I saved it, I'll be using it for something. It's a good pose, you both have good smiles and good feels, your hair is a STUN... it's just good. Love you both.

  19. this is a beyond word beautiful picture, i came across your comment on pastors blog which led me to your blog, and ive had the tab open in my browser ever since, and read whatever i can whenever i can, which with a four and one year old obviously isnt always easy haha, but its very awesome and even more inspiring and encouraging to read, your blog has truly blessed me, and i never would have thought id be saying that (ok given this stuff wasnt around back then) when the picture was taken that i have in my scrapbook of melody, myself, nicole park, brittany burks, and kelsey ames on our first day of kindergarten so long ago... you are a very encouraging woman even just through your blog alone, and you might not even know how many other people you have encouraged and blessed and the hearts that have been ministered to through your words here, and i thank you, and the Lord for how youve ministered to my heart, its been a true blessing and even that would probably still be an understatement. take care, and God bless, Amanda (Amaya) Stahmer
    and i would post my facebook on here if i knew it offhand but i dont haha


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