Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Well this week is flying by and it is already time again for Thankful Thursday. As always, I have MUCH to be thankful for this week.

At the very top of my list is that I am feeling soo much better. I saw my doc yesterday and he said my chest sounds totally clear. YAY....I am still getting tired way too quickly (in my opinion ~ not his) and am not completely back to my usual "perky" self, but compared to how I was I am a new woman. He did say it might take a few weeks to be completely back to normal, but I am still praying that I will be able to do everything I have planned with Melody who will be here Sat. night. Sunday is my niece Jessica's engagement party and we are all looking forward to that. Melody is to be Jess's Matron of Honor and on Wed. we will go down to Newport Beach both to get Melody fitted for her dress and have Jessie do her hair, but we also get to see Jessica's bridal dress. I am soo excited about that, and grateful that I get to have a sneak preview of that as well. On that next Friday Jimmy and Larissa will come up with their kids and spend the day and evening with us, and I am REALLY looking forward to that. I have not seen any of them in quite a while either, and I have missed them so. I am just so grateful that I am to have my daughter here for a full week, that I am almost beside myself, haha...I am also grateful that my son Joe brought the boys over after he picked up Jeffie from school today to have lunch at Grandma's. I have not seen Cody in 3 full weeks and Jeff for 2. I have missed them so. They were both soo darling. Little Cody was not quite sure what to do with himself. He climbed up on my lap and laid his head down on my shoulder and immediately starting humming which is his signal for Grandma to sing to him. I of course indulged him and he just cuddled there quite contented. Every once in a while he would pick his little head up and grin at me and then would quickly lay his head back down. It was if he wanted to say, "Where have you been Grandma?" and then, "Don't stop Grandma, I am not done." It was quite frankly simply adorable and warmed my heart and spirit like you can't imagine. I am also grateful that I was able to go out for an hour or so today and find a top to wear to the engagement party. But what I was REALLY grateful for was that I was able to buy it in the size that I did. I have lost a total of 61 pounds, and am the smallest I have been in almost 10 years. I will NOT dwell on the fact that I still have quite a bit of weight to go. SIGH... It has been VERY difficult I won't lie to you. I know for a fact if it were not for the strength of the Lord and the support of my family I could not have done what I have. I am not even sure I will even end up wearing the new top as I really needed Mel's opinion on how it looked. I will let her make the call between this new one and one I bought around Christmas time that while very pretty and still workable, is actually a little big. Imagine that? haha Before I went to the doc's yesterday afternoon I stopped and got my nails done and had a pedicure as well. I was in sad shape, haha. How wonderfully relaxing it was let me tell you. I had not been in a month and the gals that do me (I have been going there almost 3 years now) were soo glad to see me it really warmed my heart. When they heard that I had been sick they fussed and pampered me and peppered me with questions as to what else has been happening in my life. It amazes me that they never forget who’s who in my life and follow along with such interest. These women are from a very different culture, and honestly think very differently from me when it comes to what life is really all about as they don't even believe in the existence of God at all. But I have come to really love their hearts and their desire to please me, and I pray the Lord might touch their spirits and that they might come to a saving knowledge of Him.

Well as usual my list could go on but I will stop here. I am grateful for all of you who have prayed for my health and for my full recovery for my daughter's visit.  I do covet your continued prayers that I gain all of my stength back quickly.  I am trying soo hard not to over do this week as I prepare for her visit, and yet I do have a couple more things that really need to get done.  I am resting as much as I can, and meanwhile I am so grateful that I really am such a blessed woman.

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  1. So glad you are feeling better! Hugs, andrea

  2. May the Lord continue to strengthen you and give you complete physical restoration sister Debbie. Sounds like you're gonna' be busy...Yet lots of fun and love in store. Just keep looking at your grandkids' cute pics and I think you're getting that dose you need to smile and be healed :)

    God bless you sister and take care.

  3. So glad to read that you are feeling better. I'm not surprised that people you encounter love you. You are just so darn loveable Deb. I'm proud of you on the weight loss; keep at it.

    Blessings and love,

  4. Glad you're doing better but do take time to rest. You don't want to relapse! Enjoy your family and spring weather!

  5. Happy you are doing better! Sounds like you have alot to be thankful for thanks for sharing!

  6. So glad you are feeling better, Debbie..What good news. Hope all goes well when your family comes to visit...Wow...what a great weight is one of my goals too.

  7. Hello Dear Friend,
    I am so glad that you are well enough to get out and about a little. I will continue to pray for your healing and strength. I know first hand at what being sick can do as far a sapping your strength.
    I love reading of what has been going on in your life, I could just picture that little fella in your arms, I so miss the little ones.

    Debbie, I am so happy for you that you get to spend a week with Melody, and like you I want my daughter's approval on my clothes. And I bet Melody loves to dress you like my Susan does

    Enjoy your week and my blessings to the couple.REST REST!!!!
    With much love,

  8. Praise God for helping you to feel better sweetie.

  9. You're right, no one can resist those faces, especially not a doting grandma!
    Stay well in God's strength for all the wonderful events and things He has in store for you!

  10. Hi Debbie,

    I am so glad that you are finally feeling better. Kristi and I have been quite worried about you and missing your cheery disposition. Not that you haven't been cheery but we could tell that you have been quite drained from being sick.

    Enjoy those grand babies, it sounds like they have missed you as much as you have missed them. Congrats on the weight loss, hopefully that will give me a little encouragement to stay focused, and enjoy your darling girl when she comes. I know you will.

    Stay well and welcome back.
    <3 Maryrose


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