Thursday, April 8, 2010


I have had a busy week and a couple of birthday posts so I had decided to skip Thankful Thursday this week. But after reading Jennifer’s @ Trading Ashes for Beauty I decided to get my list together. Her's was just soo enjoyable to read, and inspired me, so here is join the other thankful posts click HERE...But be sure to check out Jennifer's, such a neat lady who so blesses me....

1. I am thankful for this BEAUTIFUL weather we have been having. I know the HOT days of summer are around the corner which makes me ever so much more grateful for these ones with warm sunshine, cool breezes, and all the gorgeous blooming flowers.

2. I am thankful for Jenny Craig's French Toast Breakfast. Now I know it is a little weird to be thankful for this, but it is just soo tasty and satisfies my need for occasional sweetness for breakfast.

And Jennifer I am with you here on...

3. I am soo thankful for berries... LOTS of berries...Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries and Strawberries.... I love them all and my breakfast FREQUENTLY includes a few of these yummy treats...

4. I am grateful that my DIL Larissa is coming up tomorrow to spend the day and night with us while my son is on his High School Beach trip. We are going to go do some shopping with the kids.

5. I am grateful I was able to spend the afternoon Tues with my precious grandson Jeffie on his 6th birthday. SUCH a fun day.

6. I am soooo grateful for my son James who celebrated his 30th birthday yesterday...

The "doughnut" cake his wonderful wife Larissa got for him!  haha

7. I am grateful that we are even talking about MAYBE taking a trip out to my daughters in mid May. Before the heat of the summer comes (and all the flys on the dairy, haha) I haven't been there in a year and half...It is time to go.

8. I am grateful that I have enough weight off to get back into some of the capri's and tops I bought the summer Mel got married. Couldn't get those babies on last summer. = )

9. I am soo grateful for all my blogging friends. I decided that I will name one in particular each week and little something as to why.....This week it is Jennifer of course. Her posts are always ones I can relate to and her heart and spirit are full of joy for her family and the Lord. And her comments and greetings to me are always soo looked forward to. She just makes me smile.

10. My wonderful Lord who blesses me beyond anything I could ever hope to deserve.

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL week.


  1. What a beautiful thank you, list! I am working on the weight loss...I can barely get in anything, right now.
    Hugs, andrea

  2. Awesome list!! I love lists! That is great that you are going to go out and visit Mel. It will be nice to see her in her neck of the woods and maybe meet some of her friends out there!! I bet she is thrilled! That donut cake looks so yummy! What a great idea, was it a donut or a cake? Does it really matter, both are delicious! Happy birthday to the boys in your life, sounds like you had an amazing week!

  3. His goodness truly overflows in each of our lives, be it material but much more with spiritual things. Glory to God! And I enjoyed your list! Happy birthday to your gson and son! God bless them both! Ahhh...the changes in weather. I don't like the heat but it's a welcoming change after those chilly days. God bless you sister and be strong in the Lord's mighty power.

  4. What a beautiful list! I hope you do get to visit your daughter!!! And congrats on the weight loss!

  5. Your list blessed me. Thank you for sharing it!

  6. Aren't you just the sweetest!! I'm glad you were "motivated" to jot out your thankful list...isn't it great to realize just how blessed we are - and how good life truly is!!

    I'm so glad I stopped by tonight - have just made my heart smile!

    I sure hope that your trip to the farm works out - what fun that would be! And you'll be packing all your "skinny pants"! You go girl (and eating french toast t'boot!)

    Oh, I'm so smiling right now...I could chat and chat - but thanks for being you!! Have a great Friday - hope something special is in store for your weekend:)

    Hugs, Jennifer

  7. I'm so glad you posted your blessings! I enjoyed reading it. Congrats on the weight loss.
    I am loving the strawberries and blackberries I got at HEB on sale this week! They'll be gone soon!
    I like your cute spring background.

  8. Hi Debbie,

    Thank God for blessing you and family in so many wonderful ways! Glad you decided to post it and share with us. It is very encouraging to read your thankful list. Happy birthday to Jeffie and James. Jeffie is such a sweetie :) and I love the cake Larissa got for James :) So nice.

    Thanks for your visit and encouragement. Take care and have a very blessed week!

    Warm regards,

  9. I love your thankful post today....
    I will be on the lookout for those french toast breakfast things.
    Berries....mmmmm. We have a berry farm right down the way from our house and have never gone there to pick them....I am thinking we NEED to do that this year!

    Happy Thursday my friend

    love you

  10. So much to be thankful for!

    It's so refreshing to read all that you are thankful for because I SO often hear people complain, complain, complain, and I just think that if you only focus on the negive- you only see that.

  11. Great list! Have a blessed weekend!

  12. what a beautiful family you have! belated happy birthday, jeffie and james! God bless you with much more.


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