Monday, April 19, 2010


I have a few random things I want to post and share so I decided to just combine them all...

First, last Friday during a Wal-Mart stop I came across this PERFECT thing for my little grandson Cody that I just couldn't pass up.  He is getting to be such a little handful.  Climbing EVERYWHERE, getting into EVERTYTHING, and just generally kind of wild, haha.  Soo his father's son.  I often thank God that Joe was my first so that I was young and had no other little ones to focus on...Anyway, I purchased this even though it is a BRIGHT PINK...haha   I did search for a more manly blue, but there was none to be had.  Soo I figured he would never care.  He is enjoying it in his front yard tree as I knew he would...


Then, I wanted to share some of the engagement pictures that my niece had taken as a result of the first place prize she won at a Bridal show.  They are truly some of the best I have ever seen.  Of course it does help that he had such a darling couple to photograph...They got this session where they went to 3 different locations AND a free 8 by 8 digital book.  Needless to say they have booked this guy for their wedding, which makes him a pretty smart guy...Anyway, here are a few of my favorites...





Then, on Sat. morning I got a WONDERFUL gift in the mail from Cindy at Letters from Midlife.   I won her give away and I just couldn't be more pleased.  She has a great blog that I have been enjoying for a while now.  Her posts are always something I can relate to, and look forward to everyone.  She takes BEAUTIFUL photographs and makes her own note cards.  I LOVE them... and some of these lovely cards are what I won.  Please take the time and pop by for a visit to her blog, you will be soo glad you did.  Here are some pics of my beautiful note cards, though it doesn't really do them justice.  Thank you soo much Cindy, I can't wait to use them..


And then finally, on Sat. Jeff & I collected 3 of our grandkids and traveled down to Cypress to celebrate the first birthday of my brother's son, little Dean.  What an adorable baby he is.  Big brown eyes and a darling little grin.  We had a picnic at the park and the kids all enjoyed themselves on the playground equipment, with the pinata, and with a quick game of football as well.  I didn't get as many pics of the day as I wanted to, but my sister Diane at Mountain Moments got some REALLY good ones.  Be sure and check them out as well.  I really do need to get ones of those cameras,  ; )  



  1. Love all the pictures!! Adorable grandbaby, beautiful couple!!! Sounds like you had great times. Thanks for sharing. Love, Angel

  2. Hi Deb. What a fun post! Love the engagement photos! I have a field near me with purple status..(sp?) and when I saw it this time last year in full bloom, I told Gennifer we need to get the kids over there to take pics. I better go see if it is in bloom now and get it done. Love all of your photos...the happy swinger...your nephew....the notecards....I love that, and although mine were not so professional looking, I have used my photos for notecards too. Great giveaway!! Have a happy week!

  3. These pictures are gorgeous--all of them--from your adorable grandson in the pink swing to the engagement pictures which are breathtaking, and I LOVE the notecards. I'm inspired to make my own.

    Beautiful. So glad I stopped by.

  4. Hi Debbie,

    Love your random post today. Your grandson looks so cute and happy in his pink swing. And those pictures of your niece and her fiance are just gorgeous. She is such a beautiful girl. With great hair! :) How fun to have won some new stationery too. I love stationery. It's more fun to send a note on something pretty.

  5. I'm glad you liked the notecards I sent and I have fun with still life, but after seeing the engagement photos I'm inspired to step out of my comfort zone and try photographing people! Those are great photos.

  6. Loved your random post today Debbie! Those engagement photos are beautiful! That field of purple flowers is just gorgeous, and what a good looking couple to photograph! Loved all of your other pictures too and as always, I love your collages!

    PS I had an award that I wanted so badly to give to you but I restrained myself. I know that you are an award free zone. Just know that I was thinking of you!!!

  7. I enjoyed looking at all those amazing pics you shared with us! Congratulations, too for winning those cute give-aways! Beautiful!

    Take care sister and have a great week. God bless you richly.

  8. I just love all of your pictures and your collages - makes your blog and the stories you share..come to life.

    I have no idea what the trouble was with my working on my own blog. I was able to widen the center column however the words and pictures ran into the border from the background (which was a three column background) and you couldn't read them. Oh bother.

    It would also help if I could take such nice pictures. Of course, Dean and all your own grandbabies make the best of subjects!!:)

    Certainly looks like a great weekend! Have a great week ahead:)

  9. Oh!!! I was out looking for one of those swings JUST TODAY!! for Rylee but couldn't find one! :(

    OMG Those engagement photos are stunning!! Just Gorgeous....their love ooozes through the photos! I love the one with the birds in the backgrounds!

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Love u

  10. I love those engagement pictures!!!! And your little guy is so adorable! I hope he had a great birthday!

  11. Tella loves to swing! I know she'll appreciate that it's pink! Ha ha

    Those pictures of Jess & Phil are crazy good. Just stunning!

  12. The swing is darling and let's face it, he could care less aout the color. (bonus item for Tella) He looks adorable in the pics and you can seee he loves it.

  13. I just noticed that the swing is at Joey's house, yours.

  14. Good morning, Deb! You are such an early bird...already reading posts:) Its early here so I KNOW it is early there!! Hope you have a great day - I'm off to Bible study and then this afternoon working at a book fair/fundraiser that Tyler's class (he would have been a senior this year) is having in his memory. So warms my heart - knowing that my buddy is remembered and still loved:)

    Enjoy your Tuesday:) Hugs friend, Jennifer

  15. Hi Debbie,
    How nice of you to stop by! I always enjoy your visits! Your photos are amazing; love the one on the beach with the birds too! Your little grandson is darling. I had to laugh when you mentioned how your first son was a handful, because my second fella was the handful for me. I always said, if I'd had him first, I probably wouldn't have had any more! He is such a blessing though and I'm glad I didn't have just the one. All my boys are just the best and God is so good to have given them to me! I love being a mom and a grandmother. Actually, I found out last night that my second son and his wife are expecting their second baby. You're the first one I've told! Have a beautiful week, dear friend.


  16. Oh my, what great photos all. The engaged couple made a wise choice for that photographer - terrific shots. The little one is soooo adorable. And the stationery with the china tea sets is gorgeous. I'll have to tell my senior mom about them. She is always on the lookout for cute stationery to write grandchildren with. :) Have a blessed week.


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