Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today is Thankful Thursday, and my sister Diane's birthday. It seemed soo obvious of course to take advantage of this time and try to express just how grateful I have always been for this special woman in my life. I decided to just re-post last year’s blog I wrote for her as it expresses so well my relationship and feelings for her. This year we spent a very similar day together as always, but we did it on Wed., as snow is expected in the mountains today where she lives ~ nothing important has changed ~ and so here it is....

Her hair looks soo good in this pic., and she STILL has the best blue eyes....

I spent today like I have spent countless others in my life....hanging out with Di..

Over the years I am quite sure I have spent more time with Diane than with almost anyone else I know with the exception of course of my husband and kids. Growing up a mere 18 months apart made us experience so many of life's adventures and roads together....From the time we were just little girls playing with our dolls as we pretended to be Sally and Gummy, (though neither of us was actually ever really Gummy haha) hundreds of games of house, paper dolls, school with our "cards", skating, bikes (which were identical) house boat when we were supposed to be in bed sleeping, and our years and years of Barbie’s, 4 square on summer nights, hide and go seek, Petticoat Junction on a hot summer night with a pop in a tin glass in our own little den...we were always together. As we grew into our teen years there were hundreds more memories that were made. How many dances and football games and "boy" involved experiences did we live through together?  How many hours and hours and hours did we spend hashing and chewing and scheming and planning how and who we might spend our lives with...I could never count them up. I remember going to Bob's Big Boy and having pie and a cup of coffee and thinking life couldn't get much better. Now we had our share of fights to be sure. We were close enough in age to steal each other's clothes, make up, hair brushes and curlers....we had to "share" a record player and records which led to many a fight...haha But for the most part, I remember way more times when there just wasn't anything better than a sister who was also a best friend.

We married within 3 months of each other (serving as maid of honor for each other) and began our years of "hanging out" as young, VERY POOR, haha, married couples. How many games of cards, Monopoly, Melbourne and Sorry do you suppose we played?  Too many to count that's for sure. Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Sea World, Universal Studios, while rare were usually gone to together with our little families. Camping trips and vacations were also experienced and enjoyed. We decorated and rearranged each other houses on practically a daily basis. haha  As our families grew and demanded more of our attention and focus we maybe didn't spend as much time together, but we were always there for each other. Our phone bills (back when long distance was an issue) were orbital, but there really was no stopping us from our daily hashes.

As our kids have grown and married and we've become grandmothers, we are STILL sharing each other’s similar life's experiences. Now we search for reading glasses, pop Tums when we've eaten something spicy, limp after we've sat too long as our knees and hips are stiff, and chew for hours on the wonder and cuteness of our grand kids...We still can hash for hours over a bunch of mindless nothing on the phone, laugh hysterically over a movie or some other "private" joke, hash the books we've read and enjoy a meal together. Yes, Diane for me has always been much more than just a sister...she's been my BEST girl friend, and I will always be grateful that God made us a mere 18 months apart and I've known the blessing of having her FOREVER in my life....HAPPY BIRTHDAY DI....and may the Lord bless and keep you always.

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  1. What a lovely tribute to your sister! I feel like I know her!

  2. Debbie, this made me cry. You two are so blessed to have each other. I so wanted a sister growing up. Instead, I lived in a house with 4 boys, the only girl. I did get my own room, and the 4 boys shared, with two sets of bunks. But I would have given anything to have had a sister. Diane is a lovely lady. And so are you. Happy Birthday sis!

  3. This is beautiful. I wish I could know both of you!

  4. This brought tears to my eyes too Debbie! That was so sweet. She and you look a lot alike. BOth such beautiful women. Happy Birthday Diane! And her hair does look really good in that picture! :)

  5. Oh Debbie, what a lovely tribute to your sister. I have always yearned for a sister (I do have a fun sister in law, but it's not the same) You are blessed to have such a wonderful woman as not only your best friend but sister. It makes me sad that Kristi and Stacy can't be sharing this young mother, married portion of their lives closer together.

    Happy Birthday to Diane, and Diane give that sister of yours a good hug today. You are both lucky to have each other.
    PS, what do you both think of the first elimination of DWTS?

  6. Debbie,

    You all look sooo much alike! You are both soo beautiful and I am sure she is like you beautiful on the inside as well! I pray you all enjoy this day together doing what blesses you and please tell her Happy Birthday.....I bet this has always been a fun one!!

  7. Beautiful. Today is my daughter's birthday. Your post caught my eye when you mentioned it is your sister's as well. Happy Birthday to Diane.

    Much love!

  8. Debbie, It is truly a blessing of God to have such a wonderful relationship with your sister. Hope she has a nice birthday.
    Have a blessed Easter weekend!

  9. Happy Birthday to your dear sister. Such a beautiful tribute.

  10. You both are beautiful! Happy Birthday to your sister and may the Lord bless her richly. Same with you sister Debbie. God bless. Happy Holy Week!

  11. How special!! I grew up with one brother and have always envied (in a good way) those who share life with a sister. My brother is the best...but there is something certainly special that only sisters can share:)

    Your sister is beautiful....and looks so much like you! And the fact snow is in the forecast is just not right!!

  12. Debbie, this is such a sweet post dedicated to your sister! How wonderful that you have spent your entire lives so close! You make me long for my sister for sure. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful sister in your life!!

    Happy Birthday Diane! I hope you have a great day today!!

  13. Deb, this was a wonderful post to be sure. There are truly a lifetime of memories already made together and so many more yet to be realized. My life is truly blessed and you are one of my biggest blessings.

  14. What beautiful memories!

    Have a blessed, joyous Easter.

  15. Good Morning Debbie,
    Wishing your sister a very happy birthday, and to say how beautiful she is, you and her look so much alike.
    I am sure you are told that all the time.
    My sister and I are 18 months apart too, and are lives are so similar to yours and your sis. Reading this brought back so many wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing.

    Hope you have adjusted to Mel being back home, I have thought about you, so much this week and prayed for you, because I knew what you were feeling.

    I want to wish you and your family the most Blessed Resurrection Sunday.


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