Thursday, May 13, 2010


Well it is Thankful Thursday again and even though I am a little behind I am happy that it is time to count my blessings...

I am thankful for many different things this week which I will list in a moment, but first I just have to say how grateful I am for my Lord and the peace He (and only He) has given me.  As I have already mentioned in my other posts I have soo much going on.  And there have been moments (and sometimes even a longer period of time as well) where the enemy has done his very best to render me helpless and frantic and I have felt panic setting in and an overwhelming feeling of doom and I can't possibly deal with it all.  But then I pray and seek Him and I feel Him touch my spirit with a sense of calm and peace and love and I KNOW He will see me through.  Sometimes He leads me to just the right blog where He is able to minister to me with just the right words that He has placed on the hearts of one some of you.  This morning I was reading over @  Smelling Coffee and it was like she had written it just for me.  If you get the chance check out this wonderful blog (most of you probably already read her) She shared a verse from Isaiah which I can't tell you how much it ministered to me.

"Fear not (there is nothing to fear), for I am with you; do not look around you in terror and be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen and harden you to difficulties, yes, I will help you; yes, I will hold you up and retain you with My (victorious) right hand of rightness and justice." Isaiah 41:10 (Amp)

Isn't that just wonderful?  There are just soo many wonderful words straight from Almighty God Himself to fill our spirits and bring us comfort.  How I praise Him for that.

I am grateful for my sisters and my kids and my mom this week.  I am ALWAYS grateful for them all, but this week they have just soo filled in the cracks for me and helped me with words of encouragement, AND with willingness to help with all the things that need to be done.  I PRAISE GOD for them all.

I am grateful that our offer was accepted on the home we found, and that we opened escrow yesterday.  Sooo much is involved in this that I could never begin to tell the WHOLE story.  But it is enough for you to know that God's hand is all over it and He has worked out details in a way that only He can.  The escrow will be short and we hope to close some where around the first week of June.  After the close of escrow we will take a few weeks and do the work we want to do on the place before we move in.  Then of course we will pack up this house that we have lived in for over 24 years and move to the next place He has chosen for us.  I am both tremendously excited and yet sad and somewhat overwelmed with all that must be done all at the same time.  Soo many memories and happy times have happened in this house.  We raised our family here.  Melody lived here her whole life until the day she married.  She is having somewhat of hard time with this by the way, if you could lift her in prayer.  But at the end of the day it is just a house.  The heart of our home will be wherever we are at.  I am soo grateful that we have found this new home, and I LOVE the new surroundings. 

I could go on and on but I do need to get busy with many other things on this day.  I am feeling the tiny beginnings of a cough and I would ask that you might pray that it does not develop into anything as I do have the biopsy on Mon morning.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate being able to reach out to soo many wonderful, caring women and have them go to the throne of God for me.  I consider it a privilege by the way to pray for all of you as well, so please e-mail me if you have any specific requests. 

This week I have decided to mention for a blog that soo blesses me and little bit as to why....
Genn @ Life at the Hass House.  This young woman is also one of the very first blogs I ever followed.  I have never actually met her but feel as though I have gotten to know her pretty well over this last year.  Her posts are entertaining, funny, and full of the goings on in her life.  She has adorable kids and she takes some of the best pictures I have ever seen for someone who is not a professional photographer.  In fact, I think she could do something professionally with this if she really wanted to.  She frequently makes me laugh, but she ALWAYS makes me smile.  Check out her blog and ENJOY yourself.  May the Lord bless you special today Genn, how I thank Him for you!

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  1. Oh nasty cough! Don't bother me and sister Debbie! Praying you'll be okay. I love reading your weekly thanksgiving posts. Because being grateful reminds me to focus on what He showers us with. Not these worries and frets that this world gives. So full of distractions. But when we praise Him and thank Him, we know that is the right thing to do because we are reminded that there is no problem bigger than our mighty Lord.

    Nothing here lasts. I think it's just hard to let go because of the many wonderful memories you all shared as a family living in your house. But like what you said, home is where the heart is. May the Lord strengthen your daughter.

    God bless you sister Debbie and be strong in the Lord's mighty power. Praying for His divine healing for all of us. He knows all of our needs. Love to you.

  2. Wonderful post...will check out your suggested blogs. So happy you found a house...will pray for the adjustment, our daughter didn't do well with our change, but than again it was her senior year in high school. God is still faithful and his ways are so much higher than ours.
    Love the verse also...a true now word.
    Blessings on Monday, blessings in all the changes...enjoy your kids and grandkids...what a total joy.
    Nice to get to know you...

  3. Sending you love and many prayers.

  4. Oh Debbie, you are so sweet. Thank you for your kind words today. I just can't wait for the day when we meet in "real life". :) I am very grateful for you too. I love to read your posts, and your thankful thursdays make me slow down, and be grateful for all of the blessings I have as well.

    Great news on your offer being accepted on the new house! I hope all of that goes smoothly. I know moving can be so stressful sometimes.

    Praying for positive results for your next dr visit too Debbie!

  5. I do agree - that so many blogs are just such a blessing! God really uses them to speak to me...often. I LOVE "Smelling Coffee" (almost as much as I enjoy your blog!!)

    How exciting about the new home and the move - can't wait to see all your pictures and "follow along" though your posts as you set home in the new place! Will certainly be thinking of Mel as you make the change. Our Jordan has still never seen our new home...somewhat sad when he talks about getting leave and wanting to come "home" - but, like you said, home will be here where his dad and I are!

    Hoping that cough clears out quick - rest easy for the next coule days. Oh, I know I song of that verse that I just love...wish I could sing it for you - and you "get it stuck in your head"!!

    Hugs, friend.

  6. You have a lot going on! I'm praying for God's peace through it all.

  7. So glad all is moving ahead with the new house. Did you sell the old one yet? I know it's difficult right now, but cling to that verse and the Lord will get you THROUGH the fire you're walking in. Praying for you1

  8. Debbie ~ your thankful heart blesses me even in the midst of uncertainty you praise and trust HIM! He will lead and guide you every day and please know we are here loving, supporting and praying for you!!

    HIS promises will carry you my friend!

    Love you!

  9. Debbie,
    You remain in my thoughts and prayers, as you are going through some hard days in your life. I am so happy you have found the right place to call home, and you know I am praying for you to get through the rest of the week and Monday with peaceful feelings and the knowledge that everything will be okay.
    Love ya

  10. Hi Debbie,
    Big changes on the horizon for you with a new home and new memories to make with the family.
    You have been on my mind constantly since hearing and you will continue to be in my heart and prayers as you go through your biopsy and results next week.

  11. Debbie, what a wonderful development -- to keep going places and moving with the Lord! That, I think, is one way He keeps us young: by keeping us on our toes, not allowing us to stagnate. How blessed you are!
    Please see mine here.

  12. Hi Debbie, As always such a beautiful post. I am suppose to be encouraging you but you are the one who encourages me. I have been praying for your health, and now I will be praying about this transition. I will also lift melody up in prayer.
    Susan had some reservation when we moved from our other home, but she now looks at this place as home. You are right, where we are is where our heart is.You are such a blessing, and I thank God for you.

    Thanks for telling us about these blogger friends and i will check them out.
    With much love,

  13. Hi Debbie,
    Came over to say Thank You so much for your encouraging comments and offers of prayer on our behalf in the comments you left on my thankful Thursday post, they were so appreciated and They are working and we are doing well at this point.
    We are going to clean out his desk and cubicle today so it might not be an easy day for him. We are gonna do something fun afterwards tho. We have movie tickets we got from Christmas from our daughter so we are gonna go see "Letters from God". Hubby loves to go to the movies, so that should help. lol
    Wow, sounds like you have a lot on your plate too, so will surely lift you guys up too, and your daughter Melody. I know this move has to be hard - hard to leave behind all those great memories, but like you say it is so true a house is just a house , it is the people that make it a home. Just make sure you go thru and take all kinds of pictures of every room in the house, so you will have them for later on. I wish I had done that with our first house, altho we had some pics, I wished I had
    purposely gone thru and taken pics of every room, cause it would just be fun to look at now. Hope you will love your new home, and Melody will realize that it's not the house, it is where Mom and Dad are that is home.
    You have a wonderful day sweet friend, and thanks again,
    Blessings, Nellie

  14. Hi Debbie,
    I will be thinking about you today... my prayers are with you.

  15. Hey Debbie....Had you on my heart and wanted to stop by this morning......I'm praying for you!!!

    He is Faithful!!

    Sweet Blessings!


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