Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Why is it that the smell of Pumpkin Nut Bread baking in the oven, and a pot roast complete with carrots and onions and mushrooms cooking in the crock pot, make me feel all warm and cozy and “Little House on the Prairie” like? Haha But it just does. California surely needs the rain, and yet I will confess it has little to do with why I am enjoying it. The pitter patter of it on my roof is just so peaceful for some reason. How I am enjoying my new surroundings. It is the perfect time to write my Thankful Thursday post (though I KNOW it is only Wed) as my heart is just so full today with the joy of the Lord.

I am thankful for mornings like these. Rain on the roof, warm house to putter about in, and my hubby who works hard to provide us with all we have. I got to chose whatever I wanted to do last week-end (for the WHOLE week-end) as a belated birthday celebration gift from my husband. I was giddy with the possibilities. A long drive, a trip up to the mountains, lunch at my favorite restaurant or dinner and a movie all seemed like good choices. Maybe even a play at our local theater/dinner place. But as I really dwelled on it….what did I really feel like doing? I felt like some time with my grandkids. If I could have gathered them ALL together that is just what I would have done. As it turned out my 6 year old grandson was available and I honestly can’t tell you how I have missed him. Last year I saw him at least 3 days a week as I babysat for this family while their parents worked. They used to live just 5 minutes away and I could pop over whenever the mood struck and just “hang out” for a while. It is more like 30 or 35 minutes away now so “popping over” is just not happening of course. Sooo, we headed over to his house and picked him up and headed to my favorite restaurant for lunch. I’ve been missing this place too. His little head sitting beside me as we lunched was just what I needed. He told me about school (first grade already!) and his new teacher and all the little things that make him who he is. He colored his menu, and beat me mercilessly at tic tac toe, haha…. I enjoyed some wonderful Sushi….Yum yum. After lunch, we went and saw the new movie Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole. He LOVED it…I enjoyed it too of course, but I enjoyed him enjoying it more.

 After that we headed back to his house where some more of his brothers and sisters were suppose to be home now. Annabel was there and I honestly can’t remember the last time we have been able to have a good long chat. We headed out just the two of us and found a good spot and spent a couple of hours catching up with her happenings. I love that she feels open and comfortable with me and is soo willing to pour her heart out. I gave her my advice and opinions on things going on and she seemed (at least) to be really listening and wanting to hear. What a hard age being 13 can sometimes be. It seems like yesterday Mel was that age. I intend to double up my praying for this girl as she goes through this season in her life. We finally headed back to their house and little Cody was up from his nap and Lindsey had come home from her little girlfriends party. Cody is ALL boy and ALL over the place. He is just the cutest little thing, but this Grandma can hardly keep up with him, haha.. Lindsey was her usual happy self and quickly told me how she had been elected as 4th grade room representative. How proud I am of her as this definitely pushed her out of her comfort zone.  Such a cutie. Jeff and I headed home and he barbequed a delicious steak for us and we watched one of my favorite video's.  A perfect day.  The following day we headed out to early service which was wonderful as always, and then we went to Target and stocked up on lots of things we have been low on for a while.
After getting all of that FINALLY put away we headed down to San Diego to hear our son James deliever the Sunday evening message.  We did get to pop their house for a few minutes and see my other grandkids for a while and how I enjoyed that too.  The service was wonderful.  How grateful I am that he is able to be used by the Lord like this.  We didn't get home until almost 10, so it was a LONG day, but I was soo grateful we were able to do this.  Next week-end he is giving the Sunday morning message as well as the Sunday evening so we will head down there for the whole day.  We can spend time between the services with the grandkids.  Just doesn't get much better.  My mom is doing OK.  Not alot of improvement, but I am really enjoying all the extra time with her.  How grateful I am that I am close enough to her to do this a couple of times a week at least.  I guess I will end this for now.  Some more major changes loom on our horizon and I would appreciate your prayers.  I feel only excitement as I KNOW the Lord holds our future in His hands.  How good He is to us.

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I have also linked up with Dayle over at A Collection of This & That....I love this precious ladies blog and every week she shares a collection of Simple Pleasures posts which truly bless me.  I thought about this after I had written my thankful post and realized how it is just the "simple" things that so often bless me the most.  Join the other posts will be soo glad you did.  = )


  1. Hey Deb!

    I was blessed by every word of this "grateful" post. Your heart of gratitude and contentment in all the Lord has blessed you with shines through and through! And I know He surely delights in your sweet heart!

    I'll be praying for you re the changes you mentioned. Your post is the second one I've visited today re change. Seems to be the season allot of us are in right now. But thank God, He holds our future and will lead and guide us on the right path and instruct us all along the way!!

    Oh my, pumpkins nut bread and a roast in the crock pot....I think if I leave Prescott AZ right now I could be there by dinner time.....I'm just saying (yum)! lol!

    Blessings and Hugs! : ))

  2. Things have been so busy lately, we really haven't even had a chance to chat. Can't believe I have to read your blog to see what is up :( There is NOTHING like a day have the grandkids to lift your spirits. How wonderous that you got to see all of them in a weekends time.

  3. I just bought some canned pumpkin today for pumpkin bread! My son has been asking for some so I'll do mine tomorrow. I also love it when a meal is simmering in the crock pot. It makes me feel the same way you described.

  4. Hi Debbie,
    Great post, it is so nice to catch up on what's happening with you and you family. I hope your mom improves daily. I feel like I am getting back in my routine, it has been one crazy summer.
    We missed you at our dancing party, maybe you and Diane can come for the finale.

  5. Well I have gingerbread maple leaf shaped cookies baking right now...for the four year old's class tomorrow. I am baking pumpkin bread for my neighbors on Friday...but haven't started to decorate yet! I did light a spiced candle today.
    Your family...what can I say other than a true blessing and like reading a book on what we all want when our children have families of their own.

    I don't know when I will be a grandmother, but I am gleaning from some wonderful women on how to do it....and you are on that list!

    Your thanks are always precious

  6. Now I am hungry! And I have an idea for dinner tomorrow. I don't think there is anything I love more than a good roast! I have to say, I just really love reading your blog Debbie! I have known you for so many years and yet I feel like I am really getting to know you reading your blog and you are an extraordinary woman. Your faith inspires me everyday.

  7. Sounds like you chose the best! How can you beat time with family, esp the grandkids! So glad you were able spend this birthday weekend in such a loving way!
    Dee Dee

  8. Debbie, what a joy to see you at the Simple Pleasures party today, and what a perfect post, filled with so many simple pleasures. I understand that "Little House" feeling when things are smelling good and cooking around the house. God made women to just click that way, and there's nothing more pleasurable than feeling all domestic ... I speak for myself, of course. ;)

    I do hope you'll join us again for Simple Pleasures. Some of the nicest people gather there.

  9. So warm..your post is so, so, warm. You, no doubt, are a blessing and will be called blessed by those you love. Thank you for sharing a special day with us (b-day). May you find this year especially in your favor as God's Love Abounds in you and your family.

  10. your post radiates comfy and warmth. Loved reading through it.

  11. Thank you so much for your sweet comments over at my place. Hope you'll come back. Love your blog and your grandma's heart...I'm right there with ya sister! Love those grandbabies!

  12. Such wonderful blessings. We call it comfort food, where I'm from!
    Thanks for sharing and I'm joining you there.

  13. Oh Debbie, this is a beautiful post. It's so true, we don't need fancy things to make us happy. Simple outings and times spent with family members are priceless.


  14. Much to be thankful for that is certain! A pot roast and banana nut bread sounds wonderful on a rainy day.

    I hear it will be 80-90 tomorrow though. Aye yie yie.

  15. Joining (late though I might be) from Simple Pleasures.

    I totally understand the Little House comment and agree. What I hope and pray to understand some day is the thanfulness of your grandmother experiences. I know how much I love spending time with my children, and I can only imagine what a true simple pleasure grandchildren will be!!!

  16. How wonderful to catchup with you tonight Debbie, as i was reading I was thinking about what a Godly influence you are to your grandchildren. I had a grandmother who had such an influence on me, and let me say this will go with them through their lives when times are good and when times are not so good.May you continue to yield to the spirit as you answer this calling.
    I know you and your husband are so proud of james and is ministry. May the Lord continue to Bless him.
    I will be praying for those changes that God has for you Dear friend.

  17. You have such a flair for decorating - from your home to your blog! Have a great weekend!

  18. Today I am most thankful for a few moments of feeling well enough to surf around and check up on a few friends. Days 3&4 post chemo were rough; today is evening out a bit.

    I look forward to a fall drive to anywhere to simply live and breathe and feel the witness of this glorious season... minus the nausea!

    Blessed Sabbath rest.


  19. Debbie:

    This was precious! Ir sounds like a scene from my life... being with the grandkids and son preaching... same as in our house!

    I spent Monday night with 2 of the grand kids , and the little one climbed up beside me, just wedged on my chair and played his little i-pod games while we just chatted and 'hung out', for about an hour and 1/2. I just treasured being with him!

    Have a wonderful Sunday... we have a LOT to be thankful for, don't we?



  20. Hi Debbie,

    What an absolute delightful post. I can't wait to have grandchildren and your post just makes me long for those days ahead.

    Your post was filled with joy and the good things God gives us in abundance.

    Thank you and see you again this Thursday. Hugs, Lynn

  21. Good morning, friend! Hope you guys had a great weekend! Just dropping by quickly to say hello and send you a Monday hug:) Hubbie is ready to start on that flower bed. Hopefully, your hubbie is off today as well and you both will have a great day! Extra hug for your mom, too:)

  22. oh, you have made me SO hungry! :)



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