Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I have been trying to find the time it seems to tell you all about the fun day we managed to have on last Sat., but this has been such a busy week for me so far.  But I've got some time this morning and can finally go through my pictures of the day....  I was wanting to do "something" with my grandkids and while talking with my youngest son ended up coming up with the plan to go to Sea World down in San Diego.  We have not been there in almost 15 years and it sounded REALLY good to me.  But the best part of course would be watching my grandkids enjoy these little cousins enjoy each other....It was such a fun day.  We started off early and went to my oldest son's house and picked up Lindsey and Jeffie to bring them along on the day.  We arrived at Jimmy's and followed his family then on down to Sea World.  It was a cold, somewhat rainy day, but it didn't seem to keep anyone from having a good time.  Even this grandma, haha...We went first off to the Shamu show which was really quite spectular.  The kids loved it.  However, it did begin to rain somewhat in earnest during this show, but we just popped open our umbrella's and pretended not to notice, haha....The kids certainly didn't.  But after the show we bought rain slickers that they had available and put them on.  Naturally right after we did this, it never actually rained again, haha...But all in all it was a VERY enjoyable day.  I did have to resort to being pushed around in a wheel chair as there was no way my knees could have ever made it with all the walking.   I tried not to let it bother me, but truthfully it kind of did.  The surgery is getting closer all the time.  I am just dreading it so.  But I am thankful that there was a way I could enjoy it all, and at the end of the day, it was kind of nice being wheeled around.   I have been having a VERY hard time with the pic part of blogging recently...hopefully I can get this to work.

Jeffie & JD all ready for the Shamu show

Capri enjoying it up close and personal

Feeding time for the stingrays

The girls all enjoyed "posing" with the characters....Tella was soo wanting to be like the big girls

She did sooo well, and tried soo hard, but finally dozed off for a little while...

Tella could hardly believe she was getting to enjoy the view from here, haha

Lindsey really enjoyed the "feeding" times

More "girly" posing

The boys enjoying their suveniors at the restaurant

Lindsey really wanted to ride the roller coaster on the day and somehow or another I got talked into riding along as well.  I have always loved a good roller coaster but there was an excellent chance of getting wet on this one.  But I put my slicker on and headed off with her and Grandpa...WOW is all I am going to say, haha...It was DEFINITELY fun, but I got a lot wetter than I had planned.  Would have been wonderful on a hot day, but it was really kind of cold.  Good thing this was near the end of the day, haha.  Oh well, the memory of Lindsey laughing and screaming besides me soo excited will be a memory I won't forget.

There is alot of things going on right now, (too long to go into) but the bottom line is it looks as if the trip to Melody's for Thanksgiving is not going to happen this year.  I am still dealing somewhat with my disappointment over this.  I think you all can understand.  I was soo wanting to see her at her home.  But for now I am "chosing" to be grateful that she and Mike will be here for Christmas and that they can come as frequently as they do.  Looks like I am cooking afterall, which truthfully I do still enjoy doing.   In the meantime, I am enjoying a somewhat windy (I've always kind of liked the wind for some weird reason) beautiful Fall day.  Soo many blessings to you all....Debbie

Oh I almost forgot...I wanted to share a couple of pics of Mike & Mel enjoying the Fall Festival at their church, and also a pic of her in her Unicorn costume...soo cute.


  1. What a great day...and what a grateful are such a great sport.
    I have been dying to take our four year old to Sea World in San Antonio...all the others had gone by his age...maybe this coming spring.
    Blessings and healing on those knees.
    All the pictures are great...and once again, what a blessing to enjoy your family!

  2. Sweet Debbie, Loved, I mean loved, seeing the photos of one of my favorite places. Too bad the weather was cold and that you got wet. So glad you were able to be pushed around and not get too tired. I can't remember if you have arthritis in your knees???
    What an incredible mom and grandma you are-such sweet memories with your loved ones.
    Have a blessed evening.

  3. Sounds like a great time at Sea World. Hey if someone would push me around...I'd do a wheelchair no problem! At the end of the day, you lasted longer because of it. Did it have a cup holder? ;)

    Great pics of the day, I'm wanting to take the girls back there again. It is such a nice day, actually it'd be fun to go down for the weekend and hit the zoo too!

    Oh yeah and I'm cracking up at Mel's is way too cute!

  4. Thanks for sharing your special day with all of us. Looks like you had a great time, despite the rain. I'm sorry to hear that your knees are causing you so much trouble. Way to go though for riding that roller coaster!

    I'm sorry that so much is going on for you right now. I will be praying that God will work out all the details for you! Keep trusting in Him.

  5. What a fun grandma you are Deb! I love going to Sea World but it's been a long time. Loved the photos and especially the one of your granddaughter falling asleep. It was a long day, after all.


  6. That so looks like a fun day! My little granddaughter is enthralled with fish and sealife and loves SeaWorld! She goes with her Mommy to the one in Florida - goodness, wouldn't I love to go with her! But I must admit - NO roller coaster riding for this matter how much I love her!! You definitely earn MAJOR grandma points for that one!:)

    Tella crashed in the stroller - so sweet!

  7. What a fun day. I didn't realize you were facing knee surgery? I'll be watching your blog for updates on that and will continue to pray.

  8. You will remember that day for many, many years to come. There's just something about the wee ones being fully engaged in fun that leaves an indelible mark on we grandmas!

    I appreciated the photos, too. You managed to capture some great shots.


  9. You know me Debbie,I just love seeing outings with grandchildren. I so enjoyed the trip with you. As far as the roller coaster, I will just have to let you have that. LOL. You are a brave girl.
    I was thinking about you today, and had planned to ask you if you were going to Mels. and now I know, I am so sorry as I know it would have been great, but like you said they will be home for Christmas. I really like that phrase "HOME for CHRISTMAS". If Melody is like my Susan, she just loves to come home at Christmas.
    BTW She should have been a model, Your Mel Is so beautiful, and she and Mike make a beautiful couple.
    I am praying for your upcoming surgery, God brought you through the other, and He will do the same in this one.
    As always I enjoy visiting here with you.
    Hugs, Sue

  10. Looks like a fun Sea World trip! My girls love that place.

  11. Your pictures are just wonderful! What beautiful kids and grandkids. What a great adventure. Reminds me of when we took ours out to Disneyland when they were little. Seeing things through their eyes never gets old.

    Have a great Sunday Debbie!


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