Monday, October 18, 2010


When I first got into blogging I am not quite sure what I was really looking for. I think maybe just something fun to fill my “sitting” time that had been forced upon me do to the arthritis in my knees. I have always loved to write, and felt like maybe I could journal out my ever increasing jumble of feelings that had been swirling around in my head while I was experiencing “an empty nest” as well. It would be a place to organize my pictures and maybe even put it all together someday as a journal type book for my kids and grandkids (in case they would ever be interested in what this lady was all about). I originally named this blog Debs Daily Dribbles as I honestly thought that was somewhat of a clever journal/diary name, haha, and no doubt just my random thoughts dribbling from my head…I hate to admit that I had not a single clue that thousands upon thousands of people blogged, or that it was actually OK to read anyone’s blog I might “happen” upon. It never occurred to me that total strangers might ever actually read it. All of this of course is a total admittance to the fact that I am really obviously somewhat naïve. Of course if you write something and POST it on the internet, potentially thousands of people could read if they so chose to do so. I just wasn’t much into computers or the internet or any of it at that point in my life. I am sure my daughter is flipping out about now that her mom could be soo behind the times, haha. But anyway, you can imagine my surprise and pleasure when I discovered just what the world of blogging was REALLY all about. I have watched in total amazement as my “followers” have increased to over 90 and can still hardly believe that anyone might be interested in much of anything I have to say. On the other hand I cannot believe the amount of women whose blogs I follow soo faithfully that I find myself talking about them to others around me as if they were people I actually know. But I guess that is the point. I DO actually know them all in a way. I follow their lives from day to day. I pray eagerly for them whenever I have the opportunity and laugh and cry at the stories of their lives. I admire the pictures of their precious little kids and grandkids and share a part of my heart I never dreamed I would as well. The fellowship from other Christian ladies I have come to know was just the icing on the cake. I LOVE this whole thing. But I have also found it to be a bit more of a responsibility that I ever gave thought to. I feel like as a Christian it is important that others know just what “being a Christian” means to me. I would never want to offend or cause anyone to look at me or my life and think that being a Christian is something they would never want to be. It is sooo my desire that everyone might come to a saving knowledge of Him, and experience all that He gives us through His Holy Spirit here on this earth. On the other hand, it is also important I think for others to know that we ALL struggle from time to time. We ALL have our moments of fear, anger, disappointment and sadness. We really aren’t perfect ~ just forgiven ~ as pat or cliché as that might really sound. But I also think it is important from time to time to stand up for what you believe and why you believe it. To not worry if some might not like what I have to say. I have struggled MANY times right from the beginning of my blogging experience as to rather or not I should write about controversial things. Like abortion, homosexuality, the celebrating of Halloween and many other such things. Others of you have and I can’t tell you how much I admire your courage of conviction and your hearts that are soo willing to share what you believe and why. I will admit I have VERY definite opinions on all of these things, because to be really honest, HE does of course. But I have decided again that I will leave the controversial topics to others who feel so led to share their hearts on these issues and stick to what I have felt He was leading me to do in the first place. And that is to sing His praises to all who have ears to hear and hearts to listen. To talk of what He does in my everyday life, and how I can’t imagine a life without Him. To encourage those I come in contact with when they might be feeling overwhelmed and unsure. To spread the good news of His love and joy around. Recently I have been giving a lot of thought as to why someone (including myself) considers themselves to be a Christian. And so my questions to you are…“What” is it that makes you a Christian? Why do you feel that you are? And most importantly….What does this mean to you?

I could write an entire (and very lengthy I am quite sure) post about what it is that I feel makes me a Christian. Maybe this is something no one else is really interested in and that is OK too. I don’t know if it is better for you all to just leave a quick comment here, or to write a post about it on your blog and reference it back to this post. I guess I will just see if there is an interest before I write mine out. This is NOT meant to be a judging tool for others to decide rather or not they indeed think someone else is or is not a Christian. I think we can ALL agree that only God Himself can judge our hearts. I just honestly have a desire to hear how soo many of you have come to believe this and why. This again is NOT a place to discuss what our particular church believes or why we go there, or even why we consider ourselves a certain domination. It is quite simply just really wanting to know what being Christian means to you.

Much love and His richest blessings to you all...



  1. Ohhhhhh, what an interesting topic! I hope to answer in a blog post soon and reference back to your post.

    And what you said about blogging is so true, sometimes I feel by reading someone's blog you know them in a deeper way than even someone you see every day but just exchange pleasantries with. By reading someone's blog, you see feelings and emotions and some things we just don't have the time or courage to talk about in "real life".

  2. Growing up in the church, my dad was a pastor, this is the only life I've ever known. But I do know that it took quite a few years for me to develop my relationship with my Lord. I'm very thankful that I had the loving parents I had that brought me up in the church and I'm very happy that I finally realized I needed a relationship, not just fire and brimstone. Great post!

  3. I'm kind of surprised to only see one comment so far. I hope a lot of your followers do their own post and reference back.

    I'll just comment here. I'll be straight up and tell you right now, I consider myself a Christian but I know that I am not walking the true Christian life that I should be. I try harder and harder on a daily basis to do this and I know that one day, I will be right there where I know I can get to. I need to learn more about the Bible. But here is the thing, until I get to that place that I'm struggling to find, I will be the best person that I can be. I try to treat all people with respect. When I do know of something like some of the topics you brought up and I know how He feels about these sorts of things, I give my opinion without looking back. It doesn't matter if you are my best friend, and we completely disagree and it causes problems. I feel like if I don't, then I'm not standing up for what God believes in and I'm letting Him down. I have to live for Him and I don't all the time, but I am so trying to. This is my personal internal struggle. I don't judge anyone because it's not my job to do so. Only God knows the paths that we have lived. He knows us inside out, He knows where our hearts lie. Oh no Debbie, I feel like I could go on and on with this. I can see why people will probably just do their own posts about it.

    What does it mean to me to be a Christian? Everything. It's what I'm living for. I hope that I can give my girls a good Christian life so that they live for Him too. I feel blessed that I don't struggle with faith. That I'm not a nonbeliever. Being a Christian gives you something to live for. It gives you God to live for. God who is so great. He has given me so much, I am one blessed individual, now I'm just trying to give it back to Him, and live the life He wants me to live.

    I think all people, that believe, have their own relationship with God and you have to work on it on a daily basis, and if we can, we can help others find a relationship with Him too.

    This one sure did make me think a bit Debbie. I sure hope that what I wrote makes sense, I wrote from my heart and sometimes it comes out a bit jumbled, =)

  4. Debbie,
    I am so glad you entered into the blogging world. You have much to share and are such a woman filled with humility and encouragement. I know you have blessed me many a day by your words and comments.

    Thank you for sharing your heart here and for giving each of us a glimpse inside your life and your heart. Thank you for always sharing from a place of love.

    So what does being a Christian mean to me? It means living my life for Christ and Him alone. It means forgiven and set free. It means loving and being loved. It means surrendering my plans, desires and life for Christ alone. It means following Christ and pursuing Him daily....through prayer and reading the Bible, through praise and worship. It means relationship not religion. It means Life, abundant life today and eternal life tomorrow. It means peace. It means walking by faith and trusting Him to lead and guide me even when life doesn't make sense. It means joy. It means hope.

    What a great question!

    Much love,

  5. First of all I totally ditto the first part of you post...I too had no idea and I too am blow away at the women I have met and come to love!!!

    I think I posted my belief through my Mommy Piggy Tales of my youth...and reinforced that in my Bravo, Bravo God post.

    Since I have known the Lord since age 5 I can't remember life without Him, however, my relationship with Him has grown. It seems to grow more through the trials than it does through the successes of life.

    He is my Saviour, My Lord, My Refuge...and the reason that I want to share His love with others through words of encouragement.

    How do I know I am a Christian? Well, I continue to turn to Him and His word, and therefore, my actions start to reflect the love I have for Him.

    Blessings...and of course, you are one who I have fallen in love with and pray for daily!!!

  6. What a powerfully thought-provoking post. I really would like to post about this one..and link back. Of course, I also want to finish posting some vacation pictures and several other things. Not sure why I am having such a difficult time posting lately - but I am. A few things have changed in my daily routine and I am having a difficult adjusting and recreating the new routine - that includes blogging.

    I, too, have pondered exactly what I want my blog to be. I enjoy posting about my family, home and humble little life and don't necessarily want to write devotional type posts each day - but I do want my desire to honor my savior and my hope to glorify Him to be evident throughout my matter what the post. Typically, I stay away from the "difficult" topics, if you will, but I'm not sure why??

    I have enjoyed reading the comments already - I think it would be very interesting to link back posts here as to why I consider myself a Christian. Let me know if you decide to do such a thing.

    You are such a blessing girlfriend - I am blessed to have "met" you through blogging! HUGS - Jennifer

  7. A big question... one I will answer rather quickly in this moment.

    I think, perhaps, it refers more to the "calling" aspect of being a Christian.

    To know God and then out of that knowing, lead others to know the same.

    Pretty simple, but profoundly effective.

    Thank you for joining me on the road toward Peace. You're right, blogging has open wide our hearts for Godly connections with others. It is real, and I have had the privilege of meeting so many in person.

    Perhaps one day our paths will cross as well.

    Keep to it, and take care of your heart.


  8. I am so humbled that I can call myself a Christian because the Lord picked me to serve Him. I know that God loves me even when I fail in living a Christ-like life. My salvation is a gift from God. I can not earn it or buy it and that is what is so marvelous about his love. He will never let me go. His promise to love me is for eternity. It is a joy to serve him.
    I am new to your blog - but I like what I see and will checking back again soon. thank you for sharing.

  9. Hi Debbie, I just read your comment and I would love an email. Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean more than you know!

  10. Wonderful, and most inspiring post, Debbie. I grew up in church, and had wonderful Christian parents, who set the example of what a true Christian was. But came to realize I could not base my Christianity on theirs, and realized I was a sinner and needed a personal relationship with the lord, and one day the Holy Spirit dealt so powerful with my heart , and I surrendered it and my life to Him. I am so thankful that He never gave up on me, and that I am still a work in progress, and my perfection will be complete when I see Him.

    Debbie, since I first met you and got to know you through your blog, I found you to be a woman after God's own heart. You have always ministered to me through your writings, and i am so glad that you allowed the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you through this blog. I was so blessed at how your faith never wavered when you were going through your trial with breast cancer, all the while moving to a new home.
    God has truly given you the gift, of writing, May you continue to minister through it.
    Much love,

  11. Wonderful Question sweetie, and always I am glad to give a honest response.
    What makes me a Christian, Christ, plain and simple, he shed his blood for me, he died on the old rugged cross that I did not have to, he rose again the third day, and is waiting to return to get me that where he is I may be also.
    I accepted that payment Christ made for me, I ask him to forgive me of being a sinner, and ask him to save my soul, to make me a new creature in him. HE DID. I am a saved woman saved only by the grace of God. I call myself a Christian because I try to be as much like Christ as possible while still in this flesh. I try to obey him in all things of his word, and to be a testimony for him where ever I may go. There that is my definition of being a Christain.
    Lots of hugs Barbara

  12. All it takes to be saved is a true belief that Jesus is the Son of God,that He died for your sins, an acceptance of Him as your Savior, and a promise to follow Him from that point on. Repenting of your sins is a day to day struggle that we take on at that point, as is cultivating our relationship with Jesus. Many people feel that if they believe in God, they are Christians. That's not the case, as even satan believes in God. Jesus is our bridge, and the ONLY way to God is through Him.
    Many people struggle with cultivating a real relationship with God, or they let their relationship fall and weaken over time (I have done this many times). Others care for their relationship, spend time with God through prayer and studying the Bible, living their life for Him with His strength to help them (to try to do it alone always results in failure). I might call this a strong or mature Christian. It should be all of our desires, as Christians, to be a strong Christian. That means living for Christ,leading others around us to Him, and experiencing the blessings and joy that can only come from a true relationship with God. It is not my place or anyone elses to decide who is a strong or weak Christian. But in order to call yourself a Christian, you must have accepted Jesus as your Savior, and you must believe that the Bible is the word of God. No one can say, "You do this this and that, so you are NOT a Christian." But if you don't believe Jesus is necessary for heaven, or if you believe the Bible is not the word of God, then you are not a Christian. You are something else. I don't say that as a slam or being Holy, that is simply what Christianity teaches. That is the "technical" definition of Christianity. Of course, many Christians disagree on exactly how to interpret some parts of the Bible, and that is ok. But some things are black and white. To ME, Christianity means peace, grace, and forgiveness. It means how close I am to God is up to me. If I'm feeling far from God, I know I have moved, not Him. I know a sincere prayer will result in immediate forgiveness, and I know He loves me no matter what. It means a daily decision to live for Him and keep up my relationship with Him. Let me tell you, I struggle. I am by no means a strong Christian. One day, I hope to feel that way. My relationship with God has a long way to go, and sometimes it feels like I will never get there. If I leave it up to myself, I won't, because I am weak. But as it says in the Bible - let the weak say 'I am strong in the strengh of the Lord'

  13. Many of our friends have said it well already.

    I do know I am so thankful for HIS mercy, love and grace in which He so freely gives me! I love all my Christian blogger friends by the way...

  14. Many Blessings Debbie and so many wonderful thoughts both yours and the previous comments,

    Hopefully, I can answer this without speaking of any denominations but living in the country I now reside more than USA, I find myself qualifying what this means to me.

    Rather than specify a denomination to many when asked, I answer, "I'm a Christian" but I believe I have done this for the at least the last 20 years so I refer to that rather than any church or denomination. I have changed this throughout my life from one to another to the one I have been since the late 80s. Yet my foundational truths or beliefs probably have not changed but deepened and expanded.

    My most simple answer, when I respond is, one who follows Christ.
    Then I take this opportunity to share who Jesus Christ is to me personally or even in the Bible.
    I do believe being a Christian is an honor, privilege and a great calling with responsibility to love as Jesus does. In order to do this, one needs to know who Jesus is and of course, Jesus says we come to the Father through Him, so we must also know the Father and all they encompass. We need this to follow those beliefs. We need the power of His Holy Spirit to witness and understand better what the Bible says. I strongly believe being a Christian takes more than saying you are or what church you go to, it means DOING what He teaches.

    By now, I should probably have written my own post and linked because of the length. Being married to someone, who is not a follower of Jesus Christ, makes me ever more aware and ready to know, love and serve Jesus so he or others may come to know the One, in whom I place my life, my everything in His hands and trust in Him and His Word as infallible. So I need to know His Word and Him and how this changes or impacts me daily as I try to grow closer!

    Thanks Debbie... so thankful that you cause us to appreciate this and our blogging sisters and friends.

    Peace in Him,

  15. What being a Christian means to me - Setting an example for others through a loving heart. It's a heart thing. If Christ has not changed my heart, and if people cannot see Christ in me... then there's a good chance He's not. <3


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