Monday, November 15, 2010


Outside my window..It is just a BEAUTIFUL day in So. California. The air is crisp, clean and a perfect 70 degrees. I love these Fall days. Warm enough during the day to get lots done comfortably, and yet chilly enough at night that I need to snuggle up in my cozy throw for TV. Even looking forward to a fire soon.

I am thinking..Of sooo many things. I need to get together the rest of my plans and ideas for Thanksgiving. I came across a perfectly wonderful idea HERE that I intend to start this year. I have to make my place cards and I am considering making a couple more aprons. And I need to keep working on my Christmas lists too if I am to get the majority of that done before Thanksgiving as I had planned.

I am thankful for....a perfectly wonderful week-end; time with my parents on Friday night and then a few chores and a date with my hubby on Sat. We saw the movie Morning Glory and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and followed it with a wonderful dinner out. Sunday brought a wonderful morning service followed by lunch and a visit with my oldest son Joe and Lindsey. Lindsey received student of the month on Friday AND was moved to the top math group for her grade 4. They take all the top math students from all 4 fourth grades and combine them together in a fast moving class of their own. She was soo excited, and I am soo proud of her. She works soo hard. I am thinking a little treat from Grandma is in order. = ) Sunday night found us down in San Diego again to hear my son preach. How this blessed us both, and we got to see our grandkids and be introduced to Moe….click HERE for more details, haha.

I am wearing....comfy jeans and ¾ sleeve length multi colored top. I do have on my warm fuzzy slippers too.

I am remembering...what it was like when I was much younger and my kids all lived at home and this holiday season would come upon us. I was always soo busy. I wish now I had spent less time doing what was really not all that important, and more time doing what was.

I am go to Joanne’s a little later today and look at Fabric. I am soo excited. LOVE this store.   And they have one of those little skooters I can whip around in and rest my knees when I get tired.

I am reading....a few different things….the book of Phillipians ~ how I love this, and still reading Karen Kingsbury’s new book, and I am browsing through a couple of Christmas magazines I found the other day.

I am put in a GOOD week of dieting….

On my mind...there is sooo much…but front and center right now is how grateful I am for all the Lord has blessed me with.

From the kitchen...a new chicken recipe I got from my sister Diane. I am quite anxious to try it as it sounds soo yummy. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Around the house....I am doing some extra cleaning projects to have everything all done and ready for the holidays. It amazes me how things still get when there is only 2 of us living here.

Plans for the week....Cleaning projects, a little sewing, my hair on Tues. (these roots are soo bad) a day with my mom Wed., lunch with girlfriends on Thursday, and then we are back to Friday already…time does go soo fast.

One of my favorite things....A comfy chair, a cozy blanket, a cup of tea, and a LONG talk with one of my kids on the phone.

A picture to share…

Not exactly diet friendly, but how yummy does this look?




  1. I enjoyed your daybook entry today. I plan on doing one later this week. I like Thanksgiving best of all the holidays!

  2. I love this blog today. I wish I had read it first thing this morning. It is a real day brightener. I wish you a good diet week too. It is beautiful today, I was surprised to go outside and feel how warm it was but the sky is so blue. California is beautiful in the fall.
    Have fun at Joannes. I have been thinking I need a trip. I love anything that has to do with crafts and yarn and thread.
    Have a lovely blessed day.

  3. Hi Deb,
    Love picturing you and all that surrounds you today! Have fun going to Joanne's. I, too, love the fabric store. Haven't been doing much sewing in the last year or so, but used to love it when I had more time on my hands. Have fun!!

    On a side note...I had read your "about you" just a bit ago and couldn't believe that you sat under Chuck Smith!! Our church is a Calvary Chapel and we are from Calvary Chapel Philadelphia where Joe Focht (the Sr. Pator) came from Chuck's church in Costa Mesa. I had to giggle when I read that. Chuck's daughter, Cheryl, often comes to speak at the Calvary Chapel East Coast Pastor's wives retreat which I try to attend as often as I can. Chuck is certainly an annointed Bible teacher and God has given him an amazing ministry. Too cool that we have that in common!

    Have a blessed day.

    Much love,

  4. Oh, that drink looks so yummy..and in front of the fire - even better. Nice to have a new recipe to try this week. Meals have been a bit boring around here - especially with the new schedule. Hubbie never complains but I do feel bad for him.

    So glad you had such a wonderful weekend and it sounds like a good week is ahead. Don't you just look forward to hair appointments? I know I always wait until it is way overdo so I am overly anxious when an appointment is actually on the calendar.

    Don't you enjoy keeping up with your thankful list on the sidebar? I know that I do. When I type mine out it is all neat and bulleted like yours...and then when I "publish" it (or whatever), it is in that tremendously long run-on paragraph that you see on my blog. I have tried and tried to correct it Oh well, still enjoying counting my blessings.

    Have a beautiful day - fall is fantastic (and so glad the heat wave broke for you)!!

    Hugs - Jennifer

  5. Isn't the weather we are having gorgeous!! We too saw Morning Glory on Saturday and LOVED it!! Have a lovely week!

  6. Oh the table cloth idea looks my scrapbook page we fill...won't the grandkids love this!! My four year old is doing a thanksgiving tree and adding thanks each day as leaves. So many wonderful ideas to keep this holiday focused on thanks!!
    Looks like a wonderful week. Oh now I feel so convicted on my cleaning...since my in-laws are kids could careless...LOL

    A precious post...thanks for sharing!

  7. Love the post!!! Have a great day....

  8. Loved reading the daybook!! The picture looks so inviting and your weather sounds perfect. On the east coast, that is our forcast for this week - 70s in the day and cool at night! Perfect!

  9. Good morning Debbie,
    We had to go back to Oklahoma/Texas because my mom was dying. It was filled with so much emotion and my Mom was so sick. She was my step-Mom and my step brothers were not Christians. But God was so faithful.
    The first year is always so hard for me. I want to forget and little things this week keep coming back. I have fought that hard depression that comes so I have been working harder
    at seeing God in all of the things he allowed.
    Thanks for asking, and I loved your comment about your sweet husband. How nice that he does that, cooking dinner and doing dishes. We are so blessed.

  10. It looks great! Loved catching up with your week. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and blessings of the season. It's my favorite time of the year!



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