Monday, November 8, 2010


Good Morning and happy Monday to all....

What a busy week-end we had.  My knees are certainly paying the price this morning and I sit here icing them as I type.  This works well, and I do it often...A few weeks back I got a cortizone shot in each of them and it did help "some"...I think I am going to try some sort of gel injection (or something like that) next.  Hopefully that will work at little better.  I am thinking springtime maybe for the surgery...In the meantime, I am grateful that there are some things to do that help some, and trying not to be too overwhelmed at my inactivity and inability to do what I would like to do.  Christmas shopping should be interesting.  I did quite a bit on-line last year, but I really don't like this.  It is hard to see colors, sizes, (they always vary so)  etc., and I had some things that didn't come and then had to be traced etc.  I have at least got a start and have taken care of those youngest 6 grandkids.  Pretty good I am thinking.  I also got a handicap sticker just recently so I can park near the stores now.  How I fought this, and now I am wondering why.  It has SOOO helped. 

I have been reading how there are others of you out there who are changing up your holiday traditions a bit this year as well.  Janette @ Janette's Sage had some wonderful ideas and I personally would love to hear some others as well.  What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions?  What have you planned for this year?  As it turns out my middle son John and his fiance and her oldest daughter are going to join us for dinner afterall.  I am quite excited over this as having NONE of my kids for dinner was just feeling "weird"...My youngest sister and her family will join us too, so altogether we will have 12 for dinner this year.  A very small crowd compared to other years, but I am just fine with this.  I am looking soo forward to our first Thanksgiving in this home.  How grateful I am for all He has blessed us with this year.  And there has just been so much.  His hand on me as I went through my breast cancer journey will be forever on my list of thanks.  And our new home, my mother's recovery, and soo many other things as well.  God is so good to us...

I still can't get my pic thing to work right.  Kristi, I had already done what you suggested as I have had many side ways pics in the past and I simply rotate and flip and save and then they show up fine on my computer storage,  but when I go to post them on here they start out fine, but then they are flipped upside down or side ways.  I have NO idea why.  I do have a darling one of my granddaughter Capri as a mermaid so I will try and leave this one on here at least for you to enjoy. 

How adorable is this? 

Believe it or not I tried my husbands suggestion and it worked well, haha.  This is Lindsey as a 50's girl..soo cute.

Jeffie the Power Ranger

Cody the lion (though he wouldn't keep this costume on)

My great niece Priscilla as Little Red Riding Hood...soo darling.  I had a really cute one of her and her big sister Jackie who was also Little Red Riding Hood, but I never could get that one to work..

My dil Larissa has posted her other cuties on her blog, and I TRIED to steal them so I could post them here, but another thing my husband installed on this computer has prevented me from being able to do this...sigh...I know he is trying to protect the computer, but it has been soo frustrating for me as I learn how to work things on here sooo slowly.  But if you want to see, you can check HERE.  There is an absolutely darling Night in Shinning Armor, and a precious Cupcake Girl.  Meanwhile I am quite perky I got these at least to work.  Hope you all enjoy your day.  I am wanting to get lots done today, so now that my knees are good and numb I am going to get busy...God's blessings to you all....Debbie

btw Kristi, I never could get the wonderful signature that you made for me work either...such a glue I guess. 


  1. How fun to see the photos of the kids dressed up. Even though I'm not a fan of Halloween, I do get that kids love to pretend and dress up like that. Too cute.

  2. The pictures are just precious...oh, my, I can't wait until we have our own grandchildren.

    I love that you are still having a group for Thanksgiving, 12 isn't too small of group. Blessings as you prepare.

    I have invited some single women in our neighborhood to join us this year...I love when I can open my doors to others besides our family. I don't know yet how many I will have.
    Our married son will not be here, but my mother-in-law (age 95) will be coming with my sister-in-law...I sure wish I had a few more girls...all the cooking is on me!, but I will make it..KISS - keeping it simple stupid

    Well another one of our traditions is reading Thanksgiving books all now I go to read "Cranberry Thanksgiving" to my four year old.

    Blessings...enjoyed dropping in..I have been praying for your knees and will continue to! Healing and endurance.

  3. We seem to always have a small showing for Thanksgiving. We have a small family as it is anyway though. I enjoy it. More turkey for me, yum!!

    All the kids looked so cute in their costumes!

    Hmmm...don't know about the pictures. How frustrating is all I can say! That would probably drive me crazy!! If you want to call me, I can walk you through putting the signature on your blog, it would be the easiest I think! Either that or some people that I help just give me their password right quick, I fix it and that is that. But I understand when people don't want to share a password with me, I recommend changing your pw, and then change it back when I'm done fiddling! Let me know if I can help you with it! 951.743.2318 or 951.496.4923

  4. What a darling mermaid, and the other grands and nieces too. So cute!

  5. Hi sweet friend, Love all the pic's! So glad you are icing your knees, got to take care of our old bodies don't we. This year my oldest is hosting Thanksgiving at her house; there will be 16 of us in all and we all pitch in to help.
    I love visiting with you Debbie-you just make me smile.
    Have a good evening.
    Hugs, Noreen

  6. Some of the finer nuances of blog technology drive me bats! To this day I haven't been able to upload a video, or post a signature. Ugh!

    Loved the pictures.

    Still working on new traditions for Thanksgiving now that we've moved back to the Pacific NW (from Arizona). Our kids are helping with that project!

    Be blessed,

  7. I wanted to say thank you for your sweet comment and for becoming a follower. I am so sorry about your poor knees. I would leave a comment about our Thanksgiving traditions but it changes year by year. We will have all of our kids this year and I am super excited. But of course, God does bring other people who have no where to go so I try to be open to that. I am going to follow you back.
    I love your picture in the very top of your blog, and your grand babies are beautiful.
    So welcome to my Field of Dreams,

  8. Good evening Debbie,
    I am glad you are finding some relief for your knees. I know how bad knee pain hurts, I used to have it so bad that I could hardly get up for the pain. I went to a holistic doctor, and he put me on Corral calcium, and it worked wonders. If i stop taking it , in one week i begin to feel the pain again.

    I know you are so glad to be having company for Thanksgiving, none of our children are coming, it will be dinner at my mothers with my siblings and their families.

    And girl you know me, I just love photos of grandchildren, and yours are beautiful. May you have many years of time spent with them, and may you continue to pour into their lives.
    Hugs, Sue

  9. Your pictures are adorable! Glad you got some posted...they are always so cute. Twelve people for dinner - now I would say that is a house full:) Sounds like a lovely didn't mention your mom. Where will she be for the day? Just curious. Still working on my plans...anxious to check out the ideas you mentioned (and linked to)....

    Hope your knees are feeling better with that ice. Shots in the knee?? Ouch and double yuck! Hope it helps...

    Have a great Tuesday - hugs, Jennifer

  10. What cute pictures of your grandkids in costume. I love the 50's outfit. I was a 50's girl when I was about 11 I think. :)

  11. They're so cute!!! Coming by to wish you a great week ahead and to thank you for your encouragement. God bless you sister and praying all is well with you.

  12. Love the pictures!

    The one thing that we ALWAYS do for Thanksgiving is make place cards with "thankful" scriptures inside. We each take turn reading our scripture verse always ending with prayer. Love this tradition!


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