Monday, January 24, 2011


I have found that sometimes in life as a mother and grandmother, you experience that “moment in time” where you just KNOW it will be forever etched in the pages of your heart and memory.  Those moments that somehow stand out from all the rest, and enable you to pull the pictures of them from your mind and linger over them and dwell on them to your heart’s content for years to come.  I experienced one of those moments on Sunday and I hoping that I can “somehow” describe it to all of you in such a way that you can experience it with me.  It is one of those times when I wish I had the ability that I have seen in so many of you to express myself in such a way that you are living it with me.  I am trying (though not very successfully) not to be upset that I just took the better part of two hours typing all of these thoughts out, only to SOMEHOW lose it.  I could have just cried.  But I am NOT going to let that stop me from trying again.  It is just too precious of a moment not to share, though I know this one will be MUCH shorter, haha.    I have experienced many of “those moments” over the course of my life as a mother.  The moment each one of those babies was born for sure.  Watching them take their first steps.  The first time I watched my oldest child go off to school, or the day my youngest graduated from college.  Watching my oldest throw his first touchdown pass as the varsity quarterback, or the karate tournament where he won overall best, or the day my middle son stood in front of a large audience and did his first standup comedy performance, or the day my daughter came around the corner sitting on the back end of the convertible Mercedes in her wedding dress and veil looking soo beautiful, or was it simply the look on her face that day when she saw her husband to be for the first time?  All those moments in time….I am afraid I could go on and on as I have been blessed with so many of them.  I am sure all of you mom’s know just the “moments” I am talking about.  The moments that make all those OTHER moments unimportant, haha…All the sacrifice and hard work and time spent on your knees worthwhile. 

 As I have already told you, we traveled down to San Diego yesterday to hear my son James deliver the message to a church where he will most likely be the senior pastor to come next summer.  Now I have heard him teach many times before, and have already experienced “the moment” the first time I ever got to hear him do so.   This was somehow VERY different.  Maybe it was just the overall feel of the church.  It is a much smaller church (around 200 people) than the one he has been serving at for the last 6 years, so the “feel” would be very different to begin with I guess.  The people were warm and friendly and greeted us with enthusiasm as obvious newcomers.  The worship team was wonderful, and very quickly drew us all into a time of worship and praise.  But I think for me it really began in earnest as my son began to pray and teach.   I believe the Holy Spirit anointed him in such a way as he spoke, that it was soon very obvious that the words we were hearing were God’s words for this precious church of believers.  His love for these people is strong and flowed through the church in almost a tangible way.  I watched my son being only the vessel the Lord used to encourage and bring comfort and hope to these people.  It doesn’t really matter who the new pastor of this church is, as long he is chosen by God to do so, for the Lord will protect His people.    I am proud of my son (and all of my children) and for what he is able to do to serve the Lord and make his living at the same time, but that was NOT what this was about.  It was the witnessing of the power of God and the moving of the Holy Spirit among His people.  I have not explained this as well as I would like to, but I think you get the idea.  It was a VERY special moment in time.  How grateful I am that I was able to be there to experience it.    The rest of the day was also very enjoyable, but WAY too long to type out and now I have been at this WAY too long so I will tell it another time.  How blessed we all are by the moments that make our lives special and unique and unforgettable.  May we always be grateful to the one who makes it all possible


  1. As John says, I know of no greater joy than my children walking in truth. This is very moving and awe inspiring. I can only imagine what if would feel like to see one of my sons expound and teach the Word of God. I think you did a wonderful job and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you and I enjoyed the moments that you shared too, of those special places as Mary, did she pondered each one in her heart.
    Just lovely,
    Thank you.

  2. OH! Debbie, Your thankful heart just comes through so well on this post. and I know all to well of those special moments that have and continue to take place. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family, and I will pray for God's will in this pastorate for James. Much love,

  3. I can only imagine..hold it close in your heart, let the Lord remind you that you were faithful in your son's raising and rejoice in what the Lord is doing in and through your son.
    Hugs and I rejoice with you! Enjoy the moment etched in your memory.

  4. AMEN...AMEN...AMEN!!

  5. Oh Debbie - what a beautiful blessing!! and so thrilled that you shared it with us! I got goose bumps just reading it...

    God has great plans for your son - and there is not greater joy for a parent!!

    Huge hugs, friend.

  6. Oh yes! There's something so powerful, so un-equaled as God's obvious movements. They leave us breathless and, as you say, without adequate words.

    I've had similar experiences, both in the mundane and the magnificent. He never ceases to amaze me, but when tears flow unbidden, it's usually because He's captivated my heart like nothing else can.

    May we be captivated today, and always,


  7. That is neat Debbie. I know what you mean by those "moments". I have a handful since I became a mom that will be etched in my brain as clear as if they were yesterday. :)

  8. This was beautiful Debbie. I have seen him teach and he definitely is a great teacher. I want to really come back and see him again and learn from him. You did a great job with him! I'll let you know when we have the evening for it! We are out of town this weekend and coming next week I'll take a look at my calendar.

  9. Beautiful, Debbie! Those Divinely breathed upon "moments" forever change us don't they!!

    May our days be filled with Divine moments!



  10. I think you explained it fine... especially for those of us who have witnessed that kind of moment. It's happened for me on several occasions, but none recently. When we first moved here last summer, I well remember the Sunday prior to my official diagnosis of cancer. I had a feeling what the results would be that following Monday morning, but that Sunday was so special for me and my husband. He preached from a different place, and the Holy Spirit's presence was palpable in that room. Several responded to the message.

    We haven't been there again. Not sure why some occasions are like that and others are not, especially when our hearts crave Him so very much.

    As a mother, I'm sure you were so very proud for so many reasons. My mother has expressed as much about me as I've journeyed through this cancer season.

    Such a good thing to be given these God moments. Let's pray for more.


  11. What a precious day! I LOVE it when God does that for us. It always makes me want more...

  12. this moment was so special and anointed
    that the enemy didn't want you to share
    it. :)

    but, he underestimated your resolve and
    joy! oh, to see our children serving the
    Lord with anointing and gladness! that is
    all of heaven we need on this side.

    thank you for sharing your special moment.



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