Monday, February 28, 2011


Well, hope everyone had a good week-end. Ours was wonderful. We did go down to San Diego and spent LOTS of quality time with our precious grandkids which had a lot to do with it I am very sure for this Grandma. They were just soo good! And I am not saying this as a very biased Grandma, they just really were. We got down there around 3 on Sat. afternoon and my son took off so he could finish preparing for services with some quiet, haha...We played with the kids for a while and then took them out to dinner as "kids eat free" on Sat. nights at Marie Calendars which seemed like a very good idea. The kids were as good as they could be and cleaned their plates (including their Broccoli ~ which is something I could NEVER get MY kids to eat, haha) and finished off with ice cream. It was a VERY cold and rainy Sat. night in California, complete with hail. We got the kids cozy in their jammies and put the movie UP on the video. Grandpa and I had never seen it, and we all enjoyed it quite a bit. James got home around 8:30 and he made short work of putting them to bed. Again, I don't remember mine going in quite that easy. He simply said, "Time for bed", they kissed us and he went up and he put them in their beds after prayer. The just turned 2 year old Tella, and her sister Capri share a room, and I thought this might be a problem putting them in there together awake, but NOPE, nary a word. The adults then put another movie on and we talked and enjoyed some time with our son. I slept great! Another thing I wasn't real sure about, haha...The next morning James left a little before 7 as first service is at 8:30, just as the kids were getting up. We were busy then I won't lie, feeding the kids breakfast, and getting ourselves and them ready for church. We wanted to leave the house all straightened for them, and have our stuff all packed back up in the car before church so we wouldn't have to come back to the house afterwards as well. I actually enjoyed doing the girls hair as like I told you before, I am a frustrated hair dresser, and I really do enjoy it.  I totally intended to take a pic or two and had even charged my battery up in my camera, but I ended up forgetting.   We even got to church early enough to get the kids a doughnut which they usually enjoy before going to their Sunday school rooms we'd heard. We got them settled in and walked into the church just as the worship music was beginning...perfect. Now we have been going down on Sun evenings for a few months to hear James teach, but it has been a while since he has done the Sunday morning services and I had forgotten just how packed the church is. 3000 people with their voices raised in worship is soo wonderful to hear. The message was great, and we sat outside afterwards and waited for James to finish up with prayer etc., so we could all go to lunch together. They have a HUGE patio area outside with a water fountain etc., and the kids kind of went nuts running around, haha. Good thing Grandpa was there to keep up with them, as Grandma watched from a chair on the sidelines. We went to a wonderful fish restaurant down there for lunch, and again the kids were just as good as they could be, though they didn't eat much. You don't suppose it was the doughnuts do you? haha...After lunch we headed home and James headed back to his house to nap the baby who was beginning to show the signs of needing one. The other set of grandparents were going to watch the kids last evening as James had another service to do, and Larissa was not do home until midnight. I am grateful that Larissa was able to go to that wedding in New Jersey. I know she has missed her family and friends that still live there. It was funny in some ways being back responsible for 3 little ones if only for a little while. It was a good thing Grandpa and I work well together in this department, otherwise it might have been a little more than either one of us could have done alone anymore. Just getting 3 wiggling bodies strapped into their car seats and seat belts took some doing, lol. There was also the usual brother/sister squabbles to settle, a mild melt down or two, and the need to be organized and moving so as to not fall behind schedule.  But again, I was soo impressed how quickly they obeyed and did what they were told to do, how polite and well mannered they were at the restaurants, and how sweet they were as they crawled into our laps for hugs and kisses. How grateful I am to be a grandma, and how grateful I am for their parents who are doing such a wonderful job with them!

Not much else new here. The weather is supposed to be about perfect this week, and I am looking forward to it. My poor Melly continues to be pretty sick...sigh....hopefully she'll get past the morning sickness soon, and settle into the rest of her pregnancy with no problems. This is one of those times where I REALLY wish I knew how to quilt as I would just love to be working on one for her. I do intend to make her up some nighties and matching receiving blankets though. And I might check around on-line and see if there is somewhere you can buy a beautiful handmade quilt.  Any ideas?

OH! I was glad to hear that the King's Speech won best picture, what about you?   It was SUCH a good movie I thought.  Hope you all enjoy your week. 


  1. That sounds like such a nice weekend! Glad the kids were good for you! That always makes it that much more fun! They sound like angels compared to mine! Hoping Mel starts to feel better soon!

  2. oohhh, Tella and those names! Doesn't it seem like grandkids are so much easier? Wish I would have skipped right through to them.

    Sounds like you all had a great time!

  3. Debbie, I enjoyed this so much, it brought back so many memories when we would visit our grandchildren when they were little. My dh and I also work well together,and he is such a great papa too. It was all I could do to keep from crying, I do miss ours so much.
    I am praying for Mel! . Enjoy your nice weather this week, we are under severe thunderstorms warnings tonight.

  4. What a very nice weekend. Did you like UP? I cried so hard I told my kids I would never watch another Pixair movie again. I still haven't seen Toy Story 3
    Am I a whip or what. I was glad about The King's Speech too.
    Don't know when I will see it.
    I am so glad you have such great grand children. It makes me happy.
    I hope you have a great week!

  5. Glad you enjoyed your weekend Debbie. Hope Mel starts feeling better soon too!

  6. It sounds like a great weekend. I am missing Bella in OK and am ready for a weekend visit. Hope Mel is feeling better.
    Enjoy your day

  7. Check with Marlene at Stitching by the Lake: She is always quilting and maybe will do one for you!

    I haven't seen The King's Speech yet but will when it comes out on DVD. I was glad it won too because it sounds like a great movie.

  8. I always love reading about
    your sweet family and hearing
    all that's going on. I love
    quilts though I have been
    trying to make the same one
    for so long.

  9. What a blessing and joy well-trained children are...not only to their gramma and grandpas but to everyone! Says a lot about their daddy, too:) Glad you had a great weekend.

    I am trying to "rethink" my blog - and bloggin in general - and might not post for a bit...but I will be checkin' in on you very often!!:)

    Have a wonderful week!!

  10. Haven't seen "the King's Speech"; we mostly wait until movies come out on DVD.

    Glad for your weekend with family. You should have done a video of fixing the girls' hair. I could use some pointers for my little one.

    Have a blessed day in Jesus. Thanks for all your prayers.


  11. It's so good to hear that things are going well with you! Thanks so much for following me to my new blog! God is doing something new and exciting and I am just along for the ride!!

    Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!
    Love and hugs to you!

  12. Well I have heard over and over again you know if you did a good job parenting when you see the results in your pat yourself on the back, those grandchildren's obedience is the results of the seeds you place in your son. Enjoy the fruit of your parenting.

    Haven't seen the movie...must do that soon.

    Congratulations on your continued weight loss...that is just awesome!! Another fruit of your labor.


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