Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I decided I would try and write a quick "update" at the happenings over here. We have been having quite the storm these last couple of days, complete with lightening, thunder, hail and LOTS of rain...pretty cold too...especially for California in March. And as gloomy and dreary as it has been I am not complaining as I know soon enough the warm weather will set in and STAY for quite a while. I have half of my front planter complete, and we should have the rest completed in the next couple of weeks. The flowers are blooming and it is looking good. I read the blog posts of my farmer's wife's friends, and some of you other gals who plant gardens etc., and feel like I know NOTHING about the earth, and planting, and gardens etc., and sometimes it makes me feel like I have missed soo much. I love reading about their happenings, and seeing their gardens in progress etc. I DO love the taste of home grown veggies, fruit, and herbs, and I know how I like my flowers and planters and things to "look", but have such little knowledge as to how to get them to look that way or how to go about "working" a garden. And I guess (as my mother pointed out ~ you can always count on your mother to be honest with you can't you?) little desire to DO the actual work either, haha. I feel like I "should" want to, but I really don't....Does anyone know what I mean? I was thinking about that the other day. How many things I want to know how to do still and wondering how I have gotten to be the age I am and don't know how. Maybe they are things that I "think" I should be doing, but really just don't have enough interest. I soo admire the people who do these things; like quilting,or painting, or knitting, or crocheting....Sooo many creative people out there. Sooo many people with MAJOR careers. Soo many who are always on some project or another. Just feels like I should have done more....Maybe I shouldn't wait for MORE interest, and just DO it. I know this is all pretty random, haha. But it is just where my head has been this morning.

We had another wonderful week-end. Guess that is what I like to do, haha. On Sat. morning we picked up my grandson Jeffie who I hadn't seen in a few weeks and I was soo missing him. We visited for a while first with my DIL and Cody and then got on our way. We went to another one of my nephews baseball games. How I enjoy this as well. My hubby and I coached a little in our day (actually he did the coaching part, I did the organizing and keeping track of who played where, the lineup, etc. part) and I actually REALLY miss it. I think I could do it to this day if I was physically able. I am not sure which part I like the best about the whole thing. The sitting outside in the warm sunshine, the smell of the snack bar (I do avoid eating the food anymore, but I used to LOVE that too, lol), the little ones and their faces as they learn the game, the pride of their parents and grandparents as they play, or even the game itself. Simple pleasure really. After the game we went over to my sister's house for a while so her son Blake and my grandson could play for a while, and the adults could chat and visit. They get along really well, and just seem to click. Jeffie was impressed with the whole baseball adventure and is excited to get started with it all next year. Grandma is excited for him to begin too. We stopped for dinner on the way back to his house, and Jeffie learned to work his chopsticks really well. : ) Sunday we went to service, lunch and then headed down to San Diego for more visits with another set of grandkids. They are just sooo sweet and bless me so much. Sunday evening we headed over to hear James do the Sunday evening service and Bible study. He is teaching in first Cor. and it was good as usual. We did almost get washed away on the drive home as it was raining sooo hard. I was glad to get home and in my warm, dry house.

Melly is coming on April 6th and staying for a whole week! I am soo excited. Already the schedule of things she wants to do and people she wants to see is filling up. She is still battling the morning sickness and so I am praying she is doing better by then. She will be 13 weeks, so should be over the worst of it, but you never know. We are going to get an ultra sound done while she is here as she can get one done for 25 dollars. It is mainly just so us grandma's (Mike's mom will join us for this) can get to see and experience the whole thing with her. There is a GOOD chance we will be able to SEE the sex at this, as this is what they specialize in, and they can usually always tell at 13 weeks at this place anyway. Sooo, if the little one cooperates, we "might" find out the rather it is to be a boy or a girl as well. I am thinking "girl" but don't know what I am basing that on other than just a "gut" instinct, haha....No one really cares one way or another. A healthy baby is what is important, but it is STILL exciting to know.

It is looking like James is to be the senior pastor of this church. We are all very excited about it. The details all still have to be worked out so it is not definite yet, but VERY close. We are soo happy about this and excited to see what the Lord is going to do.

One last thing...My oldest granddaughter Annabel (14) had to have an emergency surgery last week as she had a cycst on her ovary that was ready to burst.  Sooo scary for her.  She is home and doing well, but can't go to school for a couple of weeks.  I sure would appreciate a prayer or two for her speedy recovery.  How I LOVE that girl!

I am sitting here soaking in the smell of my CLEAN house as George and his crew just left. What a blessing this has been to me, and how grateful I am that they do such a good job. I am going to head out and do a little necessary shopping with my mom now, so hope you all have a wonderful week....


  1. HI sweetie, Firstly,lifting Annabel up right now for complete healing. I loved hearing about everything going on with you. I'm with you concerning gardening, in fact, will have to check out what blogs(farmer's wives) you mentioned cause I could use some help too. I love the pretty flowers but hate weeding.
    So glad you'll get to be there for the ultrasound-let me know what the sex is o.k.
    Hugs to you today dear friend.
    Love, Noreen

  2. So awesome about your son getting to be a senior pastor. Oh gardening is nice, but more often than not it is a pain in the lower part of your body. Lots of pain when I think about it. Just come by and read about mine. I will write you emails sometimes about the bugs, the work the plain ole heat and you will be glad you aren't me. :)In the spring it always sounds like a good idea. Your planter boxes really sound like a good idea to me.
    You have been through so much in such a short amount of time. Just keep doing what you are doing being a encouragement. You are that to me all of the time.

    The weather has been incredible, I think we are in for some more.
    Blessings to you my friend.

  3. This is such a cute post Debbie,I have had similar thoughts too. I look at all of the women here in blogland that are so talented with their hands and say to myself "I need to be doing this. LOL

    What you are doing... spending time with those precious grandchildren and family will last for eternity.Grandchildren love it when we grandparents go to their events. Continue to enjoy making these wonderful memories.
    I am so happy that Mel is coming and that you all will be together during this special time.
    Giving thanks with you over James being senior pastor. God is so good!
    Annabel is now on my prayer list, my sister had this same surgery when she was 16.
    And Girl, enjoy that fresh clean smelling house, I love that smell too.
    If by chance this post twice, know that google would not let me the first time. lol

  4. Oh, where oh where can I find a George and his crew??? That would be so nice:)

    I know how you feel reading about all these talented people. I do enjoy the yard and the garden - and feel like I SHOULD enjoy it as I come from a LONG line of green thumbs but I accepted the fact a long time ago that, indeed, that talent skipped me.

    I am most awed - and intimated - by those who can cook well! I also come from a family full of natural cooks...who make awesome food. And I so would love to be able to do that. I have to follow a recipe and am not at all creative - and my food is proof! Now there is a talent I covet..and wonder how did I get this age and still have barely mastered the basics! Sad, really.

    Hope you are having a great week - keep dry! Don't forget - all that rain brings the flowers....and the rainbows!!


    PS - Praying for Annabelle!

  5. I think all of us think we could or should do more...maybe that is why being still before the Lord is so hard. I am praying for your knees and continued health.

    Sports, oh I know that arena and will miss it also if we ever get to the point of not being around it. I am now in my 22nd year of kids in sports...baseball is in season right now for our 15 year old and I can say, I truly enjoy it!!!

    Yea on Mel, how precious and wonderful. I am so hoping I get to enjoy my daughter-in-law's pregnancy when it happens...it will be my first grand child.

    Enjoy your clean house and thanks for your encouraging emails this week...I truly could just hug your neck!

  6. Morning Debbie. I tried to comment on this yesterday but was having some computer troubles and couldn't post it. I will keep this short. Hope your granddaughter is feeling much better by now. ENJOY your time with Melly!!!

  7. Hi Debbie, I wanted to stop by to thank you for your well wishes and prayers for Will, and our military.Enjoy your weekend.
    Much love,

  8. Love your blog! I'm pretty sure this is my first time here. Came over from Farm Girl. I laughed at your honesty in talking about all the things you wish you had done (or wish you had wanted to do) but simply, in the end, didn't have the desire to put in the work :) I feel like that with our garden (my husband does it all -- I just get to enjoy the produce) and with quilting, too. I don't have the discipline to make real quilts built on real patterns (I'm always sewing things on upside down or inside out) so I just sew scraps together willy-nilly and make the ugliest quilts ever (not kidding!) but I do have fun. I guess that's the key, just enjoy what you're doing, and it sure sounds like you enjoy your life and all the beautiful family members who are in it. We're not quite at the grandparent stage yet, but greatly looking forward to it some day, Lord willing. It's great to meet you.

  9. I hate yard work, but I love admiring the handiwork of others!

    So glad your daughter is coming; I'm sure you'll be spoiling her. As for your precious granddaughter, I can't believe she is already having this kind of female trouble. Bless her precious heart. Be sure and spoiler her as well.


  10. Yay!! Jumping up and down! Great news about James! That is just the best news ever! He definitely has a way of teaching, I'm not surprised at all. You raised a great son!

    I can't wait to find out what Mel is having, I say girl too. But I don't even really know her, lol. I'm pretty good at guessing the sex for other people, but apparently not myself. One of my good friends is having another boy, and, I knew it!! Haha!

    So happy that George is working out for you Debbie! I just love when he comes here. He does such a great job, and his crew is so nice! They walk in the door singing, good morning!! Love it!

    Happy Friday to you Debbie!

  11. What a snapshot of life: the simple pleasures intermixed with the challenges. I'm not sure we can have one without the other. I'm also very grateful that all things "come to pass".



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