Monday, March 7, 2011


What a glorious week-end we had in Southern California....Just soo pretty. The weather just couldn't be beat; clear, warm, and slightly breezy. On Sat. Jeff & I sat around and had our coffee and tea and chatted the morning away. How I love that time. After that we headed out to Market Broiler and had a REALLY good lunch. I always enjoy Sushi there, which isn't actually Jenny Craig of course, but is really pretty healthy and low cal. Then, we headed down to see my youngest sister's son play a game of little league baseball. Now he is only 7 so there were LOTS of wild pitches, missed catches and soo much "just learning" going on, but how I enjoyed myself. I love watching kids play sports. Always have. Their cute little excited faces as they do something they have been trying to do just can't be beat. It really brought me back to days gone by when Jeff & I seemed to live at the ball field. I've missed it. I am glad Blake lives close enough now that we can enjoy his games once in a while, and am really looking forward to my own grandkids getting started at sports. I could write a WHOLE post on why I think sports and kids go together, but I will spare you for now, haha...Blake, I might add, is a SUPER little athlete (really he is!) and belted a hit towards the end of the game that was truly quite spectacular. After the game, Jeff I headed down to the beach. We got there about 5 thirty, just as the sun was setting on the water. It was GORGEOUS!! There were soo many people down there it was really almost funny. One would think it was the dead of summer instead of the tail end of winter. We sat for a while and just watched the people go by (one of my favorite things to do ~ such a people watcher I am) and the kids enjoying their kites etc. I could have set there for hours. What a beautiful world the Lord has really given us. I am not sure what I enjoyed the most....Could have been the water as the waves crashed upon the shore and the setting sun made it glisten…or maybe all the kids running around flying their kites or playing in the sand. It might have been watching the birds flying overhead and swooping down occasionally to get something to eat. It could have been just talking with Jeff and enjoying our time together. But whatever it was, I loved it. Then we had fish at one of our old favorite little places down there and headed over to my parents to play cards. They only live a few minutes from the beach, which makes the weather by them always pretty nice. The girls won this that made the game just that much more fun. On Sunday morning we headed down to San Diego for church. Now we go down the 5 freeway which swirls along the coast and just makes for a gorgeous drive. Truly, it is just soo pretty…miles and miles of beaches and crashing waves and palm trees swaying in the breeze. It makes the hour and fifteen minutes it takes us to get there soo pleasant. We sip our coffee and chat and enjoy our drive. Service was just another REALLY good message. REALLY good. In fact, I might say it was one of the best I have ever heard....not just that I have heard my son give....just the best I have ever heard. Maybe it was just my frame of mind or the state of my heart that it so ministered to me, but it just did. After church my husband and I kind of "worked" the kids for a while so my son and my dil could mingle in the crowd, and then we all got lunch together and went over to their house to spend some time. After we had been there for a while, Larissa and I left to go and get JD some new shoes. Grandma had decided she wanted to get him some, and once he got there, haha, JD thought it was a pretty good idea too. We got him both some new sneakers and some new sandals. He has SUCH big feet for a 4 year old. But then he is such a BIG boy. If this all keeps up the way it has been going, I am guessing he will be a good 6 foot 5 or so some day... After that we headed home, stopping on the way to get some groceries. What a wonderful week-end....As I layed in bed last time before I went to sleep I just thought about how much the Lord has blessed me with, and how grateful I undeserving I am...and how much I want to give back to Him.

Melody had another ultra sound today and she got SUCH good news I couldn't wait to update you on it. EVERYTHING just looks wonderful!! The doc is really not anticipating ANY problems whatsoever. Now he is still going to consider her high risk and follow the pregnancy MUCH more closely than usual, but he doesn't even really think it is going to be necessary...but rather safe than sorry. She doesn't have to go back for a month this time, though he will do another ultra sound then. She is coming out here in a couple of weeks (though NO date yet ~ hint hint Mel) and I am soo excited to see her. I guess you would have to be me, or someone who has a similar situation, to really understand, but it is such a weird thing sometimes. I just want to "see" her. She went to a baby shower of a close friend this week-end and another friend of theirs posted pictures of it on facebook. I found myself carefully going through the pics just to see if she might be in any of the pictures. She was in a few of them. I was soo giddy. Isn't that ridiculous??? She looks soo good. How I miss her. Haven't seen that face since the day after Christmas. How grateful I am that we live in the times we do. Phone calls, texts, and FACEBOOK, haha...which makes me be able to see the pics of some girl I don't even know so I can see a pic of my girl. Oh, I go on Mel's account btw so I can see her friend’s pictures. She lets me of course, haha. Jeff interviewed this morning for the new opportunity, and all went REALLY well. He will talk to them again on Friday so I guess we just continue to wait. How I appreciate all the prayers about these things. If I can pray for any of you about anything in specific, please let me know. Hope you all enjoy your week.



  1. So glad your daughter is having a healthy pregnancy!!!

  2. My Goodness Debbie, I had the most fun reading about your weekend. I was thinking about the graciousness of God to us,His children.
    And to read of your humbleness toward His goodness, just blessed me so much.

    I was thinking about the awesomeness of you and your dh as you listened to your son speak into your lives God's message, and of the times in the past years of how God used you both to speak into your son's life. How Awesome is this. When I think about this I just want to shout for joy!!

    I am thankful for Mel's good news, and will continue to pray for her and her dh. Also for your dh.
    Last year was a tough one for you, and you withstood the storms and were so faithful! I am so happy for you.

  3. Oh too funny about your writing a post on sports...I have had one in my head for weeks (confessions of a sports mom)...I just started year 22 with Stephen playing baseball...I don't think I will know what to do with myself without someone playing some sport...but than again I do have a long way in front of me, Ben is just 5!
    Your blog should be named...weekends to remember because they are always a dream.

    So excited for Mel....what a joy...I can't wait for my daughter-in-law to become pregnant.

    What a precious blessing your family is and what a good example

    Blessings...always enjoy your weekends.

  4. that is such great news about melody! i'm
    so glad everything looks so awesome with
    the baby.

  5. So sweet - another grandbaby on the way!! Congrats to your family!

    Although I'm plenty busy with my 7 -- I am looking forward to having grandchildren some day too. (my oldest is 13 so it will be awhile!)

  6. What a fun weekend! Your grandchildren are all adorable! you are one blessed nana!

    Teresa from NanaHood

  7. Enjoyed your post!!! What great news for your daughter. Blessings to you, my friend.

  8. Wow - really does sound like a dream weekend. So looking forward to some "perfect" weather around here. It is getting better but a bit from perfect. The perfect days are short-lived so I "milk 'em" for all they are worth!!

    Go girlies...winning the card game! and so excited to hear the good news from Mel! Can't wait til one of those ultrasounds is the big reveal:)

    Have a wonderful week, friend.

  9. Praise GOD for Melody's good news. Hope you have an awesome week! I am soooooooo sorry I have not been getting by here often. I love your blog and I thank you for being my friend. Hopefully, life will slow down some and I will at least get by my favorite blogs more frequently.
    Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

  10. Living & loving life. It doesn't get much better than that, does it? And with a grandbaby on the way, I'm thinking a batch of frosting is being whipped up with which to top all that good stuff.


  11. First, I just wrote a comment and off it went into cyberspace, probably becauzse I never hit the enter button!

    I'm so glad about your daughter and the baby!! Sounds like all is well.

    I am WITH you on your weekend jaunt, all of it, it's where I grew up, so I can PICTURE the beach, the ride on the coast, and it makes me miss California. I do love Texas, but we will never have the beaches or the mountains that I grew up with. Okay... now you have me going! :)


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