Monday, April 25, 2011


I have been really anxious to download my pictures and tell you all about our day yesterday as it was SUCH  a good one, so I decided to start first thing this morning before I have done much of anything else. (I am breaking one of my own rules that I am to have "things" done before I begin blogging, haha)  The day started really early as we needed to be on the road EARLY to San Diego so that we could drop off the ham at my son's house before joining them for church.  The door was opened by these 3 little darling grands bursting with excitement.  Their mama had a VERY busy morning indeed getting them all dressed in their Easter clothes (by herself as my son had to be at the church REALLY early), and having everything prepared for our Easter dinner later too,  but she had done a great job.  Look at these faces!!

SISTERS CAPRI & DONATELLA IN THEIR MATCHING DRESSES...They looked soo pretty and it was a toss up which one enjoy "twirling" in them better, lol

JD joined in between the girls...look at that pose! haha

Our arms are full....soo sweet, but let me tell you when I look at this unflattering angle of my double chin and squinty eyes it lets me know that even with the 25 pounds I have lost off,  it is just a drop in the bucket to what must be done! 

Loved this! They are really soo sweet together

Larissa took some pics for me of JD...He has grown up soo much and has become SUCH a handsome boy...He reminds me soo much of his daddy when he was growing up!

Look at those big blue eyes!  A future heart breaker for sure!

How I love his little personality!

Enjoying a donut before service while waiting for daddy.  He taught the high school service during first service and then joined us for second service.  I thought this was "quite brave" of their mama as I thought they might mess up their clothes....but they did GREAT!

James, Larissa and their little family....

The service itself was sooo good it would truly be hard to describe.  I have not been anywhere different for Easter Sunday services in over 25 years, so I really didn't know how this might be.  I miss our old church and our Pastor since we have moved and often catch him (Dave Rosales) on both the radio and the internet.  He is truly soo blessed of God.  But since we do not have a new church home yet since moving, we decided to attend with my son and his family at theirs.  My son will probably not start as the senior pastor of his own church (The Lord willing) until the first of June so he is still teaching the high school group at his old one.  But I am off track as usual...haha.  Phil Wickham lead the worship.  For those of you who don't know who he is, he is a TRULY gifted musician in today's music world with a few CD's of his own.  He was sooo wonderful.  There is just something about over 3000 people with their voices and hands lifted in worship of our mighty God that is sooo overwhelmingly inspiring.  It moved both Larissa and I to tears more than once.  The message was also wonderful, and I would guess that at least 300 or more went forward to be saved.  It was moving to say the very least.

After service James had to stay and help pray and council with the hundreds that went forward, but the rest of us hurried back to their house to get dinner together.  It was soo good.  James is also dieting, so the dinner was VERY diet friendly which worked for me quite wonderfully.  The food was soo good.  I did eat a little more than I should have probably, but I tried to make up for it by it being both my lunch and my dinner, haha.  We enjoyed the kids sooo much.  Tella took a little nap, but afterwards they got to find their Easter baskets from their parents, and enjoyed an Easter egg hunt. 

Tella finding her basket and her little Hello Kitty toy

Capri got a Tangled purse and fun girly gear with hers

JD finally found his in the closet, haha

Checking out their loads!

Tella loved her chocolate egg, haha...Grandma's girl for sure!

Her little checks full, lol, how darling is this??

Now the hunt for eggs was on!

She was sooo darling on this!

JD is such a sweet big brother....he "found" a few and then pointed them out to Tella.

Showing their finds!

Loved this pic of Tella with her daddy

At the end of the day Capri brought out her Resurection Egss that she made at the Christian school she attends, and told us all the story of that first Easter.  Grandpa made a tape of it and her daddy put together this little video.  I am soo glad to have this moment captured on tape.  She was soo darling on it.  How much this little KG girl has learned this year!  She did such a good job.  ENJOY...

Hope I copied this html right and this works.  It is a first for me, haha

I did miss our other kids and grandkids on the other two sons were celebrating with their in-laws this year.  I have mentioned before that it is hard to share, but I do understand.  I did hear that Mel made a big roast with all the fixings for her husband and FIL and had a nice day too.  She actually felt like eating it too, so guess she is FINALLY getting a little bit past the MS, thank goodness...


  1. Looks like you had such a wonderful Easter! Our service was so, so good too. Love the pictures of your Grandkids, what beauties they are with those blue eyes!!

    I was going to write more but just realized that Madi got into the Easter candy AGAIN!!

    Great post!!

  2. Well I just have to say I am totally speechless, which is not me!

    This is just such a blessing. You are reaping every one of those parenting seeds you planted for years....aren't you just busting with Praise to a Mighty God who has worked through you to bring another generation up in Him?

    I just applaud you and God for His faithfulness...and the joy of seeing these wonderful pictures which really tell it all!!!!

    What an awesome day!

  3. What a lovely day! I loved all of the cute clothes and all of the happy faces. Did you ever dream you would feel so blessed?
    That is how I felt yesterday.

  4. What a beautiful family! Those little girls in their princess dresses look so lovely. Your GS is a hoot! I can see he is a busy fellow! Blessings to all of you! Anne

  5. What a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing the photos! What a wonderful Easter you must have had. It's too bad your whole family couldn't be together, but like you said, even though it's hard to share, it's something that needs to be done. Hope you had a marvelous Monday.

  6. These pictures are just
    darling! What precious
    faces and smiles! You all
    had a wonderful time for
    sure. And don't say a thing
    about yourself, Debbie! You
    are so pretty. Who cares
    what any of us weigh? Let's
    just be happy and love life
    and enjoy it all. Thanks for
    sharing all this sweetness!

  7. Hi there, I loved seeing these photos-we are so blessed! I think your grands are as adorable as mine.
    Life is good!
    Love, Noreen

  8. So precious Debbie, and Girl. What fantastic job you did with the video.My heart gets so overwhelmed when I see children loving the Lord. You have a lot to be proud of. You looked fantastic too. Just keep up the good work. I think 25 lbs. Is awesome!!!!
    One day at a time.

  9. My daughter made Resurrection eggs as well; I then copied it for my SS class. Great teaching tool.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful Easter. They are adorable in purple!


  10. It sounds like a wonderful Easter Sunday for you and your family. I loved the video of Capri explaining the resurrection eggs; too cute. And Deb, you are much too hard on yourself. I know because I'm the same way. But I looked at your photo and you look good girl.

    Blessings and love,

  11. what a adorable photos of precious grandbabies!
    and you are way too hard on yourself. you look

  12. Oh, Debbie - it really looks like such a wonderful Easter! The kids were adorable..truly. I just love that cutie eating her chocolate egg:)

    So glad you had a wonderful day - and I think you look terrific:) Twenty-five pounds off - really!!?? So impressed. Anyhoo, I love that picture of you, your Hubbie and your three sweeties! Take lots of pictures like that!

    Have a great week. Savor and enjoy the memories from yesterday! Hugs -


  13. Your little ones were so cute in their Easter finery!!! Such sweeties!!! Nice day!!!

  14. Glad you had a nice Easter Debbie!
    The girls dresses were so cute!!

  15. awesome beautiful guys are making some neat memories for these kids.

  16. So very Precious! Beautiful children and sweet, sweet family. It warmed my heart reading your post because as one with grandchildren, I know how your heart is bursting with joy!


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