Monday, May 9, 2011


Good Morning! I hope you all had as nice of a week-end as I did! It certainly was packed with activity, and I was sooo sleepy when I hit my bed last night, but I was NOT too sleepy to thank God for all of my blessings.

It all started on Friday afternoon when Melody & Mike’s GORGEOUS bouquet of spring flowers were delivered. They were sooo pretty, and are making the whole living room area RICH with their sweet aroma! And then on Friday night we headed over to my mom’s with another huge bouquet of some of her favorite flowers and took her and my step dad out for a WONDERFUL dinner at our favorite fish restaurant. We came back to their house then and played a COMPETIVE game of cards called Hand & Foot. As most of you know, we play with them pretty much every Friday night mostly because we all enjoy it so much, but also because the doc told us that such a game is wonderful therapy for my mom as there is MUCH to keep track of and remember. Despite our best efforts the guys beat us, (we were sooo close mom) and we are AGAIN two games down. I think they should have let the MOMS win, don’t you?

On Sat. Jeff & I sat around all morning having coffee and catching up all our stories, and then headed out to lunch and to run several errands. After we were through with that we went over to my oldest son’s house, where my middle son and his finance met us as well, and had a WONDERFUL dinner and evening. The girls combined their efforts to make dinner, and it was sooo yummy. I appreciated so much the effort that they put into it to make sure it was a “diet friendly” one for me. Joe’s new house is soo pretty and the views around it are soo gorgeous, that quite a bit of the time was spent sitting in the beautiful backyard drinking it all in and visiting. We did play several games of ping pong as well. And this Grandma had her game on, haha. I actually beat a few of them….or maybe they were letting me…lol….but either way we had SUCH a good time with it. We got home kind of late, but it was really a fun time.

Sunday morning we got up REALLY early and headed down to San Diego to go to church and spend the day with my youngest son and his family. It was a VERY special day in more ways than one as my son was FINALLY announced yesterday during the service that he is to be their new senior pastor. What a long, complicated journey this has been, but I am soo grateful that there were soo many confirmations that he is indeed the Lord’s will for this church, and that It is FINALLY a reality. He will begin teaching there next week, and will be the official pastor on June first when their old pastor leaves for France where he has been called by God to begin his new ministry. It was one of the moments in time for sure that you know you will ALWAYS remember, and fills a mother’s heart with pride and joy. I think it was extra special that the Lord worked it out that it happened on Mother’s Day don’t you? After service we all went out to lunch at another really good fish restaurant, and then spent the rest of the day enjoying each other.

The Lord has blessed me so much through my children that my cup truly runneth over! This will be a busy week for me as I have much to do to get ready for a small trip we are making to Arizona next week-end for my nephews wedding. My mom and dad are driving out with us and I am soo glad that they are able to make the trip. John & his finance are coming as well, AND Mike & Melody are coming too! Melody will drive home with us for just a couple of days, and then fly home from here. She wants to get registered for her baby shower that will be in July and needs some help. Can’t believe we are already preparing for all of that. Hope you all have a WONDERFUL week. I will get around visiting every morning at least for a while I am very sure. ; )


  1. Oh Debbie! I can tell your heart is just overflowing with gratitude and joy!! What a blessing and delight! It gives me joy to hear all about it!
    And especially that you get to have some more time with Melly, and your son's wonderful announcement. To God be the glory!! I love that it was on Mother's Day, too!! That was indeed a special gift straight from God for you!

    I know you'll have a great week! You're just walking on air!!
    Love and hugs to you!

  2. Oh I am happy for you, hope your day is filled with lots more blessngs, hugs my friend, Barbara

  3. Hi! Debbie, well there you go! Count Your blessings! Love this story of Joy and blessings! Have a wonderful Day!! (And Blessings to your Son~ that is a Glorious Blessing to be called!)

  4. Happy Mother's Day Debbie! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Tell Jim 'congratulations' for me!

  5. You sure do have many
    blessings to be thankful
    for and I'm so glad you
    remember to give thanks!
    I so enjoy reading all
    about your family. Enjoy
    the wedding.

  6. A busy and really fun time you all had!

    It is so exciting about your sons pastorate position! Just wonderful! :)

  7. Debbie:

    You are blessed, blessed, blessed!!
    What a great Mothers Day!!


  8. Wow, what a fantastic Mother's Day weekend you had! Enjoy your busy week.


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