Saturday, June 25, 2011

HAPPY SATURDAY....and a giveaway it is Sat noon and I never did write a post this week, haha...Guess I have just been that busy.  I am coming to an end of all my sewing projects and I have such mixed feelings.  On the one hand I an soo pleased to be almost finished and feeling stressed to get things done, and yet I have soo enjoyed this I am a little sad I won't have a "need" to continue sewing.  Not that I can't come up with a thing or two I could make of course, but I have also spent enough money for now on sewing and I do tend to get carried away, haha.  It scares me sometimes that I have "stirred one of my giants" (as I say) and want to run over to the fabric store even now (badly, lol) and look around. 

I guess I never did tell you about the wonderful Father's day week-end we had last week-end.  It was just soo good.  On Sat. we went over to my oldest son Joe's house for the afternoon and then dinner.  Leah made a REALLY yummy broasted chicken, salad, rolls, beans and for dessert strawberry shortcake.  It was really good, but also allowed me to stay on my diet; which I haven't mentioned in a while I know.  Yes, I am STILL on it, but it goes sooo slowly it is definitely overwhelming at times.  I have lost 26 pounds which is OK I guess, but should be soo much more for as long as I have been on.  But a GOOD week for me is 1 pound!  Most weeks it is more like a half a pound, or I even stay the same....sigh.....WHY oh WHY did I let myself put it back on when it gets harder and harder to take it off?  But I back to the dinner at Joe's.  We also went outside and they all played volleyball so that they could help Annabel practice for tryouts that she was going to on the following Monday.  After a while she was serving the ball really well which is where she tends to be the weakest.  Anyway, she found out on Thursday that she DID make the high school freshman volleyball team!  YAY!!  I am already looking forward to those games come fall.  I have really missed sports.  Mel played volleyball all 4 years at the same school, and it was soo much fun.  Then on Sun we went to church of course (which was AGAIN just wonderful) and then we went over to my son's house where they had gotten lobster for lunch!!  YES, LOBSTER!  What a was soo yummy.  We also had corn on the cob, rolls, and cold slaw.  REALLY yummy.  We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with them, and then headed on home.  We did miss Mel & Mike of course and John & Yolanda had to work, but they called and we soo enjoyed our conversations with them as well.

We played cards last night with my parents who are doing pretty well.  Us girls just can't seem to get past our losing streak however, so mom we are just going to HAVE to step it up! haha..

Jeff is out having a couple of necessary things (oil change?) to the car, and we hope to maybe see a movie this afternoon.  We do need to do a massive grocery shopping as well.  It's funny how much two people tend to need which is even more surprising as I am still eating the Jenny Criag food as well.  Thank God we are not still feeding a LARGE family as things are just soo expensive it seems.

I ended up re-doing all of my blankets....there are 8 of once I saw how much better they were double sided I just couldn't stop myself.  I am sooo pleased with them now.  I finished they with a quilt binding and they look MUCH more professional, haha....I also made a couple of the stuffed animals.  They are quite cute, but are not really my cup of tea.  Too little and too fiddly as I call it, haha....Here are some pics of this weeks work...

This is the cow print one that I orginally had trimmed in red fleece.  I put on a silky white backing and re-trimmed it in black.  I LOVE it...much more "cow like" haha

This is the John Deere fabric that I have now put a solid yellow backing on and trimmed in green.  The blankets are now a little heavier of course and are now reversible as well which will give her a lot more options.

This one is actually new altogether which means I guess there are 9 blankets (don't panic I am NOT going to show them all, haha...) I just couldn't resist this fabric.  She will have a nightshirt for Sam out of the the giraffe and lion print that you see here, and a single sided receiving blanket as well out of the same.  This one is definitely heavier for going out, and I put a really printed light green flannel on the other side and trimmed it in brown.  I also found a monkey applique that matched perfectly (again I just couldn't resist) and put it on another little hat to match.  Really cute!

And here are my elephant and giraffe....see how well the fabrics all go together?

Here is a close look at his little mane....I had to trim it to fit...can't tell can ya? haha

Hello Sam!

A close up at those antlers....I won't tell you the story on them as it does make me look dumb, haha...let's just say he's REALLY lucky they are even on his head....I loved the eyes!

Mr. Elephant....I love how they sit.

I have fabric and the patterns to make at least one more animal, and I might make two.  This will definitely complete my sewing for little Sam.  (for now anyway, haha)....I have been thinking about soo many different ideas of more blankets I could make.  So, I have been thinking, maybe I will do a give away.  If anyone is interested let me know in a comment and I will figure out how to go about this.  I could make them a little bigger for older kids and more specifically for a boy or girl. 

Well, my hubby should be back any minute so I think I better get myself ready here.  Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful summer day. 

Romans 5:8  But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.


  1. What a nice week and all of the things you have made are so cute. I can't wait to see pictures of it in the baby's room.
    I am amazed at how fast that bar on your site is going down. Have fun at the movies today.
    Kudos on the 26 pounds!! If I had stuck it out with you I would be almost at goal. Bummer, I am happy for you though. You loose weight like me so slowly,
    Have a nice rest of the weekend.

  2. Hi there, Yes, where has Saturday gone???? Loved hearing about your week and of course Father's Day weekend too. Loved seeing the blankets and stuffed animals-your grands are so lucky!!!
    Have a wonderful evening and blessed Sunday.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. I think you're doing pretty well losing 26 pounds Deb! Good for you. All of your sewing looks awesome; how talented you are.

    Blessings and love,

  4. Hi! girl~ wow! how cute is all of this stuff! and to lose those pounds is great! and the longer it takes to take it off, it will stay off! good job! hope you have a great week! Love and bleesings~ thanks for all your prayers!

  5. First of all congratulations on your weight loss...I have toned up a bit and maybe lost 5 pounds this year, so you are soooooooooo far ahead and I know you are enjoying the fruit of your labor in this weight loss game...enjoy, enjoy

    The sewing is wonderful (sorry a key went ot of on compter can yo gess which one) so I mst stop...oh my

    Great beatiful (sorry another word needed that letter) Enjoy that shower....
    Hgs...there it goes again.

  6. Wow. Way to focus, girl!! Congrats.

    I'm amazed at anything creative. I do very well in the kitchen, and even with writing, but when it comes to crafts, I'm handicapped.

  7. You are so talented with you ability to create such lovely and useful items by sewing. I simply do not have an aptitude even though my mom was an accomplished seamstress. I really enjoy seeing your projects!

  8. Oh Debbie, I can't get enough of your sewing projects. I just love all the prints you picked, so perfect for a little boy, and perfect for what Mike does! So fun!

    I'm definitely down for a giveaway! Maybe you should start selling them, then you can feed your need and not be out the money for it all! I'd order two blankets for the girls! In a heartbeat!

  9. those are adorable! great work!

  10. Hi Debbie, As always i enjoyed reading of what you have been up too. and girl you have been busy and what beautiful work you do. I can only imagine the joy you felt while your hands were busy.
    Congratulations to Annabel for making the team, and to you for losing those 25 lbs. You go Girl!!

    I have been off line for about two weeks and it is such a joy to be able to visit you.

  11. Hi Debbie, Happy Monday! I meant to tell you congrat's on the weight loss-I know you must feel better-I always do when I shed some fluff. I finished the quilting last night and will work on the binding tonight. Unfortunately the dark brown print I used in the quilt was gone so I got another dark brown from the fabric line-I know it will look perfect. Have a blessed evening my dear friend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  12. awwwwww what sweet blankets and little stuffed animals....lots of love went into them!!!
    Congrats on the weight loss...Im working on that too...just joined WW....

  13. As I've said before, what a gifting, sister!

    Keep plugging away at those pounds. I will do the same. Have mercy... just wish I'd wake up one day and they'd be gone!


  14. Debbie,
    What? 26 lbs. That is so amazing!! What a great job you've done.

    And your sewing projects make me want to learn all the more. My daughter made an apron while I was gone, and it turned out so cute. :) Your family is very blessed to have such a wonderful seamstress available.


  15. I like your little stuffed animals. My Aunt made a set for me when i was very little. I still have a calico zebra/horse. I have the very pattern she used, (it is now probably vintage).....but have never tried to make any of them......they're not 3D like yours!


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