Monday, July 11, 2011


All ready to be showered with love!
What an incredible last 5 days it has been...It has gone soo fast, and yet so much has happened that is seems like a LONG time ago...Mike and Mel arrived late Wed. afternoon just as I was finishing all my last minute little errands and things I wanted/needed to get done. It was perfect timing. We visited for a couple of hours as they rested up from the LONG drive before they headed out to have dinner with one of Melody's good friends, and her new fiancé. On Thursday morning Mike & Mel & I spent a leisurely morning chatting and catching up some more. Then Mike left to go and visit some of his friends while Mel & I went to have lunch with my parents before heading down to Newport so that Jessie could do Melody's hair. She won't get another chance before next Christmas. Good thing Mel's hair is only slightly highlighted so that she can get away with this. I can't imagine what mine would look like if I waited 6 months between touch ups, lol. Anyway, both of these activities were enjoyable as always. Afterwards I dropped off Mel with Mike so that they could have dinner with his mom and step dad, his sister and her boyfriend, and his brother and his girlfriend. On Friday morning Mike & Mel and I had ANOTHER long visit and chat before we got busy on our day again. I felt bad that Jeff was missing these times, but he was working. Mike spent the day with his brother golfing, and Mel and I went over to my oldest son Joe's house so that she could visit with all of them. Mike joined us there later before we all met Jeff back at home where we then left to celebrate Melody's 25th birthday at a yummy restaurant we have been wanting to try for a while. The food was sooo good I can honestly say it may have been the best I have ever tasted. Sooo yummy. I stuck to fish and didn't feel like I could go to wrong with my diet. We chatted and visited the rest of the night away. On Sat. we ALL sat and had a yummy breakfast and visited away until it was time to go to the shower....And now to tell you about the shower....I am not sure I could ever remember to tell everything that made this day soo wonderful and special. It was just soo good.

Jessica, Mel's cousin, best friend, maid of honor at her wedding, hairdresser ect., could have a job making TONS of money as a party planner and coordinator. The shower was honestly the best I have ever been to. (and I have been to MANY!) Everything was just perfect. The place she rented was in the hills of Orange and just BEAUTIFUL....The food was spectacular, and the dessert table held some of the best sweets I have had in quite some time. It was soo darling in the way it was decorated too. The other decorations soo darling and cleaver I am sure I could never begin to describe it all. Every little detail that could have been thought of and done, she did! She had to have spent literally hours and hours doing it. Such an act of love was unbelievable. I wish the pictures we took could do it all justice, but they of course don't. I can honestly never thank her enough, and neither could Mel. There were over 40 some people there, so it was a LARGE shower as we combined both families and several of Mel's friends too. She got soo many wonderful things. It took her almost 2 hours just to open them all, haha. She is to have another shower in Texas next month, and I pretty sure I will be there for that too. What a blessed baby this already is. Mike came as the shower was drawing to a close to take some pics and load up their truck with all the gifts. There were soo many they didn't even fit, so after we got home we spent a couple more hours organizing everything in plastic containers so that they could get them all home. We all went to bed quite tired that night, haha. What a wonderful day, and one we will all remember with such warm hearts and big smiles for ever more. The next morning we headed down to San Diego so that Mel could go to her brother's church. She was soo excited as she has wanted to do this for a while. It was another just wonderful day. Church was great as always and afterwards we went to lunch at a WONDERFUL barbeque place. Oh my goodness it was good. We visited for a good 2 hours before we finally headed back home. We did feel bad as Larissa and the kids were at home as the youngest two were sick. I was glad Larissa didn't have to miss the shower so that she could see Mel while she was here. We all napped for a while when we got back as the busy days were starting to catch up to us all. That night Mike & Mel went to have dinner with his sister and her boyfriend. They got home, loaded up their truck, and went to bed early as they left about 4 this morning. I did hear the truck leaving and felt the familiar sadness at her leaving. I am grateful though for this time that we had, and if all goes as planned we will go there next month so that I can go to her other shower, and then help her get the babies things all organized. Mike will paint the room this week hopefully and then start in putting the furniture together. Yesterday morning as we were getting ready to leave for church, Mel had run back in to use the bathroom again before our long drive (you remember how that goes for pregnant ladies, haha) and Mike told me, "I didn't think when I married Mel I could ever love her more than I did. I was soo wrong. I love her more every day, and this baby just makes it beyond describing." It was just soo sweet, and soo what any mother wants to hear from her girl's husband. How blessed she is. I have put together a slide show that while kind of long is worth viewing (in my opinion, haha). Remember to click on full screen to really see it well, and hit escape on your keypad to exit. Also, you can always hit the pause if you want to view something a little longer, and then just rehit it for it to begin again. ENJOY....


I haven't gotten around much this last few days, but I am coming. I've missed you!

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  1. By far one of the prettiest showers I've ever seen! The details were amazing and everything was just gorgeous, from the tables, to the food, to the adorable sweets table! Mommy and Daddy look so happy and now with all of those great gifts they should be ready to welcome the little guy! Just beautiful, great slideshow! And Mel is just glowing.

    All the cute stuff you worked on turned out perfect Debbie, I'm sure they love it all. How exciting for you all!

  2. Wow Deb! What a lovely, lovely event! How beautiful everything and everybody looks! I know it was a huge blessing for everyone.

    Noreen's quilt is amazing! What a labor of love!

    You are a blessed lady!!
    Have a joyful week!

  3. How precious! Your daughter is stunning! What a sweet Mama you are, Debbie!

  4. Looks like a lovely shower!
    Glad you got to have such a nice visit with Melanie.
    Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

  5. You can see the joy in your
    daughter's eyes. The shower
    pictures were just beautiful.
    I know everyone must have had
    a wonderful time. Can't wait
    to see little Samuel's pictures
    when he makes his entrance into
    the world. God bless them all.

  6. Hugs to you Debbie, What a wonderful shower(in fact, I'm sharing it with my girls for future ideas). Loved seeing Mel and all the family-what wonderful gifts she got. You and Mel look so beautiful together-it is clear where she got her joy-filled spirit-straight from you.
    Sending lots of love to you today.

  7. Oh I rushed over to see and this is just great...the slide show was wonderful! Oh so glad you had so much fun! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy...congratulations to all...God is good!

  8. I loved this! I am saving it to show my girls... what a fantastic shower and your beautiful daughter... WOW!!! Just LOVED this!


  9. Deb - that has to be the absolute cutest shower I have even seen! No kidding about being a professional party planner!! I know Mel must be over the is her mama:) You look beautiful with her in your photo together, I might add:)

    I am so thrilled to get back to blogging and visiting my friends. I have often thought of you and how you are feeling, how your mom has been doing and how Mel was coming along. It is great to read through your post - and to enjoy the updated cute photos of those kiddos!! Getting so big:)

    I hope summer has been going fantastic....and be sure to keep in touch. Not sure if I will post every day but will always be checking in!!

    Hugs, friend.

  10. Loved seeing the love in these pictures! Thanks for taking the time to post them here.


  11. It is nice to get caught up with you. You have been busy and the quilt in your top picture is so pretty. You do such nice work.
    I bet you are excited with this new baby.
    Yes, I agree you are so blessed.
    So nice of you to share,


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