Thursday, September 29, 2011


Well it is already Thursday morning and little Samuel and his mama and daddy are doing GREAT!  What an eventful last few days it has been.  As a first time mom Melody is going through all the typical emotions I think that go with the territory of motherhood.  Anxious if he is out of her sight, and jumping up at the slightest sound of his stirring, I was beginning to think she was never going to get any rest herself, haha.  Wondering if she is really ready for the enormous responsibility that lies ahead.  Filled with such an overwhelming amount of love for such a tiny little being that is 100% dependent upon her.  But she is S L O W L Y beginning to realize that he is really here, and that he is indeed just fine, and knowing that God has blessed her in one of His most loving ways.  Looking at his tiny little fingernails, soft pale lashes, and listening to his sweet squeaking sounds that can quickly escalate into demanding cries of hunger, it really is a miracle to behold.

Psa 139:14I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.

I am soo grateful that I have been able to spend this time with her.  We took little Sam in for his 4 day check-up yesterday and he has only lost a few ounces.  He now weighs 5 pounds, 14 ounces.  Sooo tiny.  I never had a baby that weighed less than 7 and half pounds, and a couple of them weighed over 9, so he just seems especially tiny to me.  I guess those last 3 weeks in the womb would have put on a little extra weight, but again, I am soo grateful she carried him as far as she did.  He is just bordering on Jaundice so he is busy taking his sun bath even as Grandma types this.  We will have him checked again tomorrow, but I think he is going to be just fine.  His coloring looks much better this morning already.  Yesterday was my 57th birthday.  What an incredible gift I feel I have received.  I thank each and every one of you who prayed for Samuel's safe arrival, and for all the good wishes and love I have felt from you all.

I have a few more pictures to show you.  Sorry if my "grandmaness" is showing, haha...  ENJOY

Time for his sun bath
Can't get enough of this little face!

Getting his first sponge bath from mama...look at her concentration... : )

Already for his first trip out to the doctor's...such a face

Soo sweet

Psa 98:4Shout joyfully to the LORD, all the earth; Break forth in song,rejoice, and sing praises


  1. Such a very sweet blessing. You know I never had one that tiny either.
    My smallest baby was over 7 pounds. They just got bigger each time.
    Have fun there with your girl. It looks like such a nice place to be.
    So glad you shared.

  2. I have tears in my you ever forget the wonder of it and when you were a mother for the first time, or even the last? It is truly the best thing God allows us to experience here on earth, other than His presence with us.

    He is just precious...and little, none of mine where that little, but I did have one who had to have sun baths also. Oh course I will remember this little guy since his middle name is the same as one of my sons.

    Oh enjoy enjoy and enjoy.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to You!!! I can't think of a more excited way to spend it.

  3. Can I hold him for a little while? lol! I am jealous!

  4. Oh he is so precious!!! What a perfect birthday gift for you!!!!!!
    Love to see such happiness!!!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday, Debbie!
    Can't think of a more darling gift
    than a grandson. He is so cute.
    My Shaun weighed close to nine
    pounds but Seth was just a bit over
    six so I know about tiny babies.
    Shaun was also jaundiced and had
    to stay under the lights for several
    days. You just never forget those
    days when each of your children came
    into this world. Such joy!

  6. Hi! Debbie, so happy:) that you are a Grandma! again!! How precious is he! I love that scripture in Psalm 139~ that is my life script. over my Grands!! and what a Birthday Celebration this is!! I love it, and he is so very cute! and the little family pic is so sweet! Congrats!& Blessings to all of you:) Happy:) Birthday!!

  7. Such sweet pictures! Everything sounds great and your daughter looks beautiful. Enjoy your time with them! i hope the jaundice goes away. My Olivia had it also and she was a preemie also, 6 weeks early. It does get under control! Enjoy!

  8. Love it, such great pictures! There is nothing like a newborn, I can feel that soft little head from here. Such a cutie, enjoy it!

  9. My dear Debbie, Loved seeing little Samuel-so very precious and such beautiful eyes. I would be wanting to hold him continually. No, you can share pics of him anytime. I sure wish I would have known it was your birthday. My friend, Happy Happy Belated Birthday to you. May the Lord grant you the desires of your heart and bless your socks off.
    Sending lots of love to you and yours, give little Sam some lovin from me.

  10. Debbie - how precious!! And, yes, how tiny! I can hardly remember those days....

    Hope you are enjoying your trip - of course, I know that you are!! LOVED the pictures....

    Hugs friend!

  11. Oh Debbie, he is so..precious. And I love the name Samuel.
    Your daughter realizes the dear gift God has given to her and will be a good mother. Her motherly instincts have already kicked in!!
    So glad you're there to enjoy him!

  12. Oh! Debbie,I saw myself in this post many eons ago. I was probably more intense than Mel.I thought our son would break if I didn't hold him a certain way., How blessed for her to have you there. I remember when my mom was with me, that I knew if something went wrong, that she would know exactly what to do. ~smiling`. Samuel is beautiful!! I love the way she has his outfits color coordinated.

    Please give my best wishes to both Mel amd Mike, I know they are going to be the best parents, and many blessings to them on this new journey they are taking.

  13. Debbie, Please forgive me, In the excitement over Samuel, I forgot to wish you a very Happy Birthday. And what an extra treat to be able to spend it with your grandson. God is so good.

  14. he is so precious! and your daughter
    doesn't even look like she ever had a

    i loved his hands splayed out while in
    the car seat.

    congratulations, grammy!

  15. I've missed a while in stopping by and had no idea the baby had been born. So glad that all is well, but he is a tiny, tiny little fella. But, so, so precious!

    These are special days and you won't turn around and he'll be a year old. I'm sure his Momma can't imagine that right now, but she'll soon see how quickly the time goes by.

    Happy weekend to you and enjoy making those memories!

  16. Oh, I am so happy for you and for your family! What a precious little guy! I just want to reach through my computer and give him a hug. As I read how you wrote about his mother's serious approach to mothering, I had to smile as I remembered my own apprehensions when I first brought home my little girl, from the hospital. I wish you all many new joys and blessings as you enter this part of your life's journey. Congratulations!!!

  17. Congratulations on your new grandson!! He's absolutely adorable! What a joy and blessing he is going to be for your family! Praise God he's doing well! I love the pic from the last post of you rocking him -- soooo sweet!


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