Saturday, November 19, 2011


I am not sure how many of you caught my post yesterday before I deleted it, but delete it I had to.  It was not me at my best.  How many times I have done and said things in my life that I WISH it was as easy as hitting "delete"....It just makes me soo grateful again for my God.  My God who never tires of me begging for His Mercy and His forgiveness.  Who understands my heart, and leaves room for my mistakes, and my foolish ways.  Who loves me just the way I am, unconditionally, no matter what.

Dan 9:9  "To the Lord our God belongs mercy and forgiveness, though we have rebelled against Him.

Romans 8:38, 39  For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

I have had a busy last couple of days and I am checking things off of my list one by one.  Tomorrow is DEFINITELY going to be another busy day, but it is also one day closer to having my family all together to thank Him for all the things He has blessed us with.  I pray that I will let the Lord keep my heart and mind fixed on Him, and there will be a lot less reason to hit DELETE.  ; )  I will leave you with this darling picture of my grand daughter Capri at her Thanksgiving feast at school.  Hope you all have a wonderful week-end.


  1. What a sweet, original name and
    g'daughter you have!
    I'm not sure if I read yesterday's
    post or not. If I did I don't remember any reason it needed to be

  2. I think everything is okay. We all have moments like what you had and blogging is great to help get it out of our system. I understand your feelings completely. Hope you're having a nice weekend!!!

  3. Dear one, I saw the post, and I understand not only your decision to delete it, but your feelings. You are not alone in struggling through those feelings ... I imagine most of us grandmas have had them at one time or another ... I know I have. {{{hug}}}

  4. Didn't see the post, but isn't it just wonderful that we do have a "delete" button.

    Wishing for you a wonderful Thanksgiving and what a little sweetheart in this picture.

  5. I don't think I read any post that needed to be deleted. But then, I had a whirling dervish of a weekend.

    I do understand the need for a perpetual delete button, though.

    Now, that picture of your pilgrim girl? THAT'S a post worth saving!

  6. I must have missed it....but my mind is just flowing over the past few weeks and how many times I wish I could go back and delete...and it be erased from everyone's mind. I wish the hurt would also be removed...but God is great, merciful, and gives us all grace.

    You my friend are always seasoned with grace in your post

    Happy Thanksgiving...enjoy your whole bunch...we are starting the season of only have parts of our group...that takes getting use to.

    Have a blast!!!!!!!!! Hug that new baby and everyone of those grandchildren...with age 39 comes a lot of grands!!

  7. That is one cute pilgrim!! So, I did read your post and I have to admit I was "feeling your pain" so to speak - or, at the very least, really identifying with your feelings....and now I feel so guilty!!:) We may have seen your less than best side - but how refreshing to see someone is willing to acknowledge it and is tender to the Lord's convicting and then recognizes His working in her heart! That is a post I really enjoy - and hopefully can relate to as much as the others:)

    You are a blessing!! Thanks for sharing....

  8. Awe, the delete button! So glad that we have that one! I'm sure whatever you posted was not bad at all. Sometimes it's nice to vent on the blog. There are many times I do that and then hit save, and read it again in the morning. Just writing it out makes me feel better and then I can go on! Doesn't Capri look adorable in that picture!!


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