Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Well here we are to Tues. morning and it is my first opportunity to catch you up on my week-end.  Time is just whipping by.  It is November first too!!  YAY!!  Nov. is always a busy month for us, but I love it.

Friday night was our weekly card game with my parents, and I am not sure what the deal is, but us gals just keep getting beat!  haha...Truthfully though mom we are going to have to get our game on, because this is getting old.  My stepdad is recovering from his surgery but is still out of breath pretty much no matter what he does.  And now he is starting to have a problem swallowing.  He has a doc appointment later today, so hopefully we can get some more answers.  I am afraid the lung cancer may FINALLY be making it's ugly presence known.  He was diagnosed 3 years ago this month and they gave him 4 months at the most to live.  Guess he beat those odds now didn't he?  Only proving in my opinion that no one knows the day or the time our souls are required but our God.

Sat. was a both a fun date time with my hubby, and a partial work day, haha.  We went to lunch at Panera Bread and had a yummy bowl of soup, and then went and saw the movie Courageous.  Let me just say if you get the chance... GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!  It was wonderful.  It is soo seldom of course that you get to see a movie where the Christians are the hero's and God's Word is freely preached, but on top of that the message of the movie's towards the responsibility of a father is totally right on .  I'd love to get all of my sons to this movie....OH, and bring tissues, I cried through a great deal of it.   After the movie we went to Home Depot as we needed to figure out a way to correct one of the few problems we have discovered after living in this house for a little over a year now.  And that is the front porch.  It has a patio cover on it.  But it is one of those patio covers that is more for show than anything else as it is open and provides no real coverage from the sun, which is no big deal, but also from the rain, which is the problem...In the wintertime when it rains there is no protection at the front door.  The door get wet, the welcome mat is wet, and therefore anyone coming in and out or just standing at the door is wet.  Oh, and also tracking wet, sometimes muddy feet into the house.  All not good.  And if this wasn't enough of a dilemma, the porch itself was not put in right either as the water does not drain off it properly and there is an area where a LARGE puddle accumulates and sits.  This happens even in the summertime etc., whenever I water my large Sega palm as well.  And even if I could live with that, right on the other side of the puddle in the house, in the entry way of our home, we had to replace the floor boards and wood that were rotted from water when we were putting in the new tile.  We wondered at the time WHERE the water had come from, but we know now... : )   The truth of the matter is what we REALLY needed to do is to tear out the porch and the cover and start over.  But WAY too BIG of a project right now, and WAY too much money.  Soooo, we came up with a brilliant solution I think.  My hubby built somewhat of a ramp on the cover itself (up against the roof) and put in plastic ridged covers that drain off the end of the cover.  It will work PERFECTLY for when it rains, and yet lets the sunlight through to the windows that are all around it. On top of that it was clear and you can't even really see it at all.  It won't do anything for when I water my Sega Palm so I guess I can either move the palm somewhere else, or simply sweep the water off when I am done watering.  Think I will do that for now....He got the whole thing completely done too, though it did take ALL of Sunday afternoon as well.  We did not travel down to San Diego for church as my son wasn't there (still in Italy until Thursday) anyway, and this gave us the extra time.  We turned our internet on and listened to our old pastor who you can always get live.  It was a GREAT message as always.

On Sat. morning EARLY I got a call from Melody telling me that the baby was sick, and that she had been up ALL night....Poor Sam, and poor Mel!  One of the many things that is hard about her living soo far away is that there is just nothing I can do to help besides pray and be an ear to listen.  I occasionally have my words of wisdom to offer, but in this case there really wasn't much to say.  He is thankfully doing MUCH better, and I am soo glad he chose last week-end to be sick, as this week-end Jessica is coming out to see them.  The girls are both soo excited, and I happy for them both.

Yesterday, I did a little sewing and ran a couple of errands and then headed over to my oldest son's house for dinner and to see the grands in their costumes before they headed out for a night of fun...I OF COURSE got some cute pictures.  Here they are....

Jeffie as Indiana Jones

Lindsey as a clown....LOOK at those eyelashes, sooo fun

A closer look

My sister Diane's grand daughter Priscilla as a darling little cow

The whole gang...minus Cody

Cody wasn't sure he wanted to be anything at all, haha

The girls love to "pose"   They all looked soo cute!

James & Larissa's kids are staying at their other grandparents house (they live 5 min. from them, so can easily get them back and forth to school etc.) while they are in Italy.  I stole this pic from her facebook, haha...This is right before they left for the harvest party at church.  The girls were wearing make-up!  I am sure they were giddy!..soo cute.

And of course baby Sam as a tiger....he didn't go anywhere of course, but he was DARLING just the same!

He has soo got his mama's mouth, and it looks like he might have her big blue eyes too!

Pretty much the cutest tiger ever I am thinking...

His watching football outfit, haha

Right before his one month old check-up here....he looks soo big already, though he only weighs 8 pounds 13 ounces....a nice growth for just a month though.

Stole this picture too off of facebook just because I love it.....My oldest son's 3 sons....Evan, Jeffie & Cody
I will leave you with this video of Capri reciting the books of the Bible that her other grandmother posted on Face book.  Soo cute.  I am getting to be brilliant (jk!) lol and have AGAIN figured out how to steal a video and post it here....I am not sure I could do it again yet....but I am getting closer.  : )

Well now I decided to add on a few of our travelers....what a WONDERFUL trip this looks like it has been!!  How blessed they are....Two more days till they are home....ENJOY

I LOVE  this!  Tuscany..  

How GORGEOUS is this??    

Looks pretty perky for this meal doesn't he?  haha  

My son seems to be eating his way through this country, lol


Dream trip!!  Her face says it all again...


  1. Oh what a lot of fun you must have all of the time. It all looks so nice and I love all of the pictures.
    We are supposed to get dust this afternoon. I hope you have nice weather instead.
    Thanks for sharing all of your riches today.

  2. As always,Debbie I have enjoyed
    reading all your family news and
    seeing these precious pictures.
    You are blessed with such adorable
    and attractive kids and grandkids.
    And yes, little Sam is indeed the
    cutest tiger ever!

  3. Okay Debbie, How many times have I told you how much I love your life. I enjoyed every word and every photo. i bet not many adults could name the books of the Bible, like Capri did, Please tell her What a great job!! Your grandchildren are adorable, I love the photo of Sam, yawning, so glad he is feeling better, I know how stressful that can be especially a young mother, but Mel is doing such a great job, and yes I do believe he has her beautiful eyes. Isn't it wonderful that our adult children still need us,.. and you want to know something, I still need my mother.
    James and larissa look like they belong in Italy, they look so rested and happy.
    Now young lady as far as the card game you two girls have got to get it together, for all of us girls.

    On a serious note, your dad is in my prayers.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful life with us, I always enjoy reading about it.

  4. Well, I feel like I've been on a whirlwind weekend! Every single little trick or treater is just adorable. I love your sleepy tiger!

    The video was adorable. I love the various ways she said Deuteronomy. So cute!

    As one who saw her dad fight lung cancer for five years, I so hope and pray that the swallowing and difficulty breathing are not what you fear. (I don't remember swallowing issues if that makes you feel better.)

    You are right. God alone knows our time table.

  5. LOVE the photos of the children in costumes! So, so cute! My favorite are the eyelashes though. Beautiful :)

    A joy catching up with you!

  6. Loved all the pictures! Especially the adorable ones of Sam! And your little granddaughter singing the books of the Bible was priceless! What a wonderful lesson for her! I remember learning a different song when I was about her age and I still can sing most of it! The Halloween costumes look great, especially those eyelashes!!!! Hope you had a great day!

  7. Enjoyed hearing and seeing pics of your past few days. Adorable "grans."

    Hope you got the porch "fixed" for the time being. Those type of issues are so aggravating.

    Happy rest of the week!

  8. Fun post! Panera Bread is one of my favorite restaurants.

    Sam is adorable!

  9. WOW - what great pictures!! The world travelers look amazing - and I am SO wanting to go to Italy!! I mean, really. Doesn't that look like the best time?? I'm using those pictures to lure my hubbie into trip:)

    The kiddos are too cute. And I especially love Capri wanting to be absolutely sure it was caught on video!! HA:)

    I also love how you "steal this one or that one from Facebook"!! You are a sly one:)

    Hope Mr. Samuel is feeling better. That first illness is always much worse on the new mama than anyone else! What a precious one.....

    Hugs, friend!

  10. As always Debbie..your family and your world is just so blessed. It is just such a joy to see the pictures and enter into your blessings through your blog. What encouragement and joy is shared here. I hope each time you post you walk away with a skip in your step over God's goodness.

    Precious, precious grand children and family.


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