Monday, December 12, 2011


Well, I have been one WHOLE week with NO internet connection!!  Did anyone notice I've been gone?!  haha  Oh my, I had NO idea just how much I would miss the internet world.  Not only my sweet blogging friends, but NO email, NO facebook,  and NO internet shopping (a real problem right now what with it being Christmas time etc).  And on top of all of our internet problems my phone line has been soo messed up for weeks, I may have forgotten how one is SUPPOSE to work.   : )

It all started a few months ago when my hubby decided he was going to switch our telephone and internet connections to some other company.  We won't go into WHY or that I TRIED to tell him not to, haha, the bottom line was he did.  And ever since then my phone has had numerous problems....from ringing with no one on the line, the caller ID was not working, I could hear full on other people chatting on my line etc.  And no matter who we complained to, nothing was fixed.  Finally after 2 months we gave up and switched back.  Well, the line was STILL giving us problems and AGAIN we just got the complete run around.  We have switched again, (to the one I wanted to use in the first place I might add ~ just saying, lol) and 4 hours (yes, I said 4 HOURS ) later it is up and running, and so far so good.  I am soo excited to have it all back.  Oh the things we take for granted some times.  I will not lie.  My patience has been sorely tested.  I am soo behind on all of my blog visiting I am not sure how long it might take me to catch up.  I have soo missed you.  I may not post more than once or twice a week, but I visit you all every day.

So much has happened in this last week I think I will not even try to catch it all up.  We did have a wonderful week-end and celebrated sweet Capri's 7th birthday!  I honestly cannot believe she is already 7.  Such a sweetie.  I am also moving right along with my preparations for my hubby's party on Friday.  The book I had printed for him arrived today just minutes before he did.  I was soo pleased I wasn't caught.  haha.  He is never home during the day so it is not usually a problem, but he wanted to be home today while the cable company was here.  And thank goodness he was as there were numerous problems.  I haven't had time to check the book out yet, but it is next on my list.  All of our Christmas decorations are up, and most of my shopping is done.  I have totally simplified my shopping this year, and I am soo loving it.

I will try and download some pictures later from our new camera.  I am soo pleased with it.  It was not real expensive, but it is definitely much nicer than the one we had and is almost up to the same quality as the professional cameras.  I am quite grateful for our early Christmas present to each other.  OK, I am off to do some much missed visiting.  : )


  1. Dear Debbie, I did miss you and noticed you were away(sort of). So glad you got the internet fixed, we are addicted aren't we! I can't wait to see what camera you got and see photos. Have a warm evening my friend.

  2. gee whiz mine was down too. I just got back up as well.
    It is terrible to be with out. Ours would come back for just a bit and I would order things for Christmas then it would go down.
    I thought I would pull my hair out.
    So glad you are back now.
    Isn't it weird how much we depend on the internet now?
    Well glad you are back now.

  3. Debbie
    Yes, you were missed! I have to admit I haven't been blogging much this last week. So busy...
    I'm looking forward to seeing your new photos!

  4. Yes, you were missed. And, internet issues are so, so frustrating!! I just want my internet, my vehicle and my vaccuum cleaner to work when I go to use them. Oh, yes, and my washer and dryer.

    Looking forward to seeing pics!

    Happy week!

  5. So glad that it was "only" internet issues that kept you AWOL. Not that having the internet down is a minor problem ... oh no, it is definitely a major problem! ;-)

    Can't wait to see pictures from your new camera.

  6. Yes Debbie, I have noticed that you weren't online. You were missed! Glad to hear it was just a phone line problem. Happy birthday to Capri. I remembered her name as you mentioned it when I posted a photo of Capri, Italy. Btw, it's a beautiful place to visit.

    Glad you're back.

    blessings and love,

  7. I was wondering where you were! I knew you were probably busy getting ready for your hubby's party! Glad the book arrived. Can't wait to see pictures! What kind of camera did you purchase? Enjoy your day!

  8. You were missed! lol Glad you have a connection back.

  9. I would have noticed if I had been here myself! I have been absent too so welcome back!

    We have had problems with internet connection ever since our cable company came in an replaced with their fancy schmancy fiber optic lines. I just shake my head and remember the old adage. If it ain't broke...

  10. Yes, I missed you very much and wondered where you were. I always wait for your posts. Your new header is so cute.


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