Saturday, May 12, 2012


I have had some unexpected time this afternoon, and so decided to put together a quick post.  I am feeling so very grateful right now as my mom is doing soo much better!  We played cards again Friday night after bringing them over a little dinner and giving my mom a beautiful bouquet of flowers in honor of Mother's Day.  The fragrance of flowers was soo sweet and somewhat overwhelming in their small place, but we all just LOVED it.  The girls have won two weeks in a row btw, and so we are on a definite roll it seems, haha.  She has only been off the medication 3 days but it has already made such a big difference.  She was MUCH more clear headed and walked around pretty good.  In fact, when she used her walker she was downright speedy, lol.  She was just so much happier.  What a relief.  Now I won't pretend that she was 100 percent, but then neither am I most of the time.  : )  My step dad does continue to go down hill and has become so thin it is truly unbelievable.  He sits at the table in obvious pain, using his oxygen, with his hands shaking from fatigue.   And yet he is as sharp as he ever was, and was in high spirits just because my mom was doing so much better.  I know he hangs on just for her, and plays cards when he would probably be more comfortable doing nothing at all, because he knows she wants to play.  I have watched him love for her for almost 25 years now and I can tell you she is one blessed lady to have him.  It is really hard for her to watch him decline, and I have absolutely no idea how she will ever manage without him.

As Mother's Day is tomorrow I have been dwelling and thinking back over so many memories I have of my mom.  I have read so many wonderful blog posts of other women's as they too have been doing the same thing.   I have also thought back over all my years of living that role.   I thought about how motherhood changes and evolves and how much we change as we go through each faze.  My young daughter is at the very beginning with her first baby being only 7 months old.  How I have delighted in watching her joy as she discovers just how wonderful it is to be a mommy.  I know what roads she will probably travel in the future too,  as Sam reaches the different stages in his life.  Soo much still lies ahead.  She called me yesterday and was talking about how hard it is for her to not worry about him.  How he might bump his head as he tries to move about, or get sick with something, or all the things that can harm him as he grows.  She wondered how old he might be when she can relax a little bit.  I told her quite truthfully it is never really over.  I still find myself constantly praying over  things involving my children, and they are all grown adults of course.  I know my mom worries about me too when she doesn't hear from when she is expecting too, or when I am not feeling well.  No, I don't think that part of motherhood ever changes.  We want the very best for our children, and will do most anything in our power that we are able to for them.  I think that is just how God intended it to be.  My daughter also told me yesterday that she forgot to strap Sam into the high chair that afternoon when she and her hubby went out to lunch.  When Sam began to slip out of the wide leg of the high chair she felt her heart in her throat and her chest began to pound as she leaped into action to stop him from falling.  She was in tears at the thought of how such a mistake could have been such a disaster when she is always trying to be sooo careful.  What a terrible mother she felt she was.  I don't know how reassured she was when I told her it is the first of many such "mistakes".  There is no such thing as the perfect mom.  How many times but for the grace of God one of my children could have been really hurt.  Many things will be out of her control as well, the older and older he grows, and things will hurt him she can't stop.  How many times I wish I could have spared one of my children some of the harsh pains of life.  And while of course that is not possible, how comforting it is to know that our God understands our mother's hearts, and desires to protect us too.  No, the best thing we can do for our children is to give them to the one who loves them most, and trust He will care for much more that we could ever could.

I am looking so forward to tomorrow as all of my sons will be here for dinner.  We are having a wonderful tri-tip and garlic potatoes.  YUM..... I am sure we will spend time in conversation "discussing" all the "mistakes" they all endured through their childhoods, haha, and the hopefully the joys as well.

I pray that God might bless all your moms, grandmas, special aunts, big sisters, and special women who have helped mold and shape into the women you are today.

Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future.  She opens her mouth in wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.  Prov. 31:25-26


  1. Great post Debbie! So, so glad that your Mom has shown improvement.

    Yes, as my Mom use to say, "once a Mother, always a Mother.' It doesn't matter that the child is grown, they are still your child.

    Happy Mothers Day to you!

  2. So very glad to hear that your mom is doing better.

    And you are so, so right ... no matter how old our kids are, we are still their mom ... and they are our babies. It's just the way it is.

    Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day!

  3. Happy Mothers Day Debbie! Glad your Mama is better. Prayers for your Step Dad!
    XO Kris

  4. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on Mother's Day. I am sure your heart is lighter since your mother is doing better.

    Happy Mother's Day to you!

  5. Enjoyed your stories and "worries" as well! We all have them don't we? You can let your daughter know that one time we buckled Olivia into her car seat, she was probably around 2 and off we went on a LONG car ride. When we stopped at our destination we realized that we forgot to buckle the car seat into the car!!! We were so upset with each other but now I can laugh at it! Hope you have a wonderful day!!! Happy Mother's Day!

  6. Yea!! for the girl's winning streak!
    I am so thankful that your mom is feeling better, but am sad for your step dad, I will continue to pray for them and strength for your journey too! I know that there are times when you might feel helpless as you see them going through their trials.

    Mel is so blessed to have you, and the comfort you give her as she too is on a new journey!
    Enjoy this most "Special"Day, with your family.

  7. That is just lovely and chokes me up.
    It is so nice your Mom had such a man in her life.
    I am so glad you have such a Mom in your life.
    You have been so blessed.
    Have a lovely day today.

  8. Hi Debbie, Happy Mother's Day to you.
    What a wonderful mother you are and I know your children rise up and called you Blessed. Your own mom sounds so amazing. Hope you had a wonderful day, you deserve it.
    Love, Noreen

  9. I'm so glad you found that extra time because I truly enjoyed reading your thoughts. I found myself nodding my head in agreement.

    We never stop worrying, do we? And since that seems to be a chronic condition of motherhood, we spend a lot of time on our knees as well.

    Thank God for his willingness...eagerness to hear our mother's hearts.

    I'm so glad to hear that your mom is responding well to being weaned off some medication. That was as I hoped it would be!

    Happy Mother's Day from one Debbie to another!

  10. Blessings with your mom....hugs! So glad you had this special time.

    Thanks for this post....I am in such a mixed seasons of motherhood that my emotions go up and down. Benjamin hugging and kissing and the others flapping their independent wings, which seem to knock me over more than say thanks...they each are just so into themselves at this my emotions seem to bounce up and down. Yes, need to get a hold of this morning your post just put a balm on it all.

    You are always an encouragement to me and thanks for always sharing your honest mothering advice.

  11. Oh yes, it's always fun to learn about our "mistakes" in parenting from adult children. =D

    Your advice to your daughter is just so good. I had to laugh when she asked you when the worrying might end and you had to truthfully say that it never really does. That's why I was so grateful to the Lord that He stood in the gap for me in the parenting department and in all departments for that matter.

    Hope that you had a wonderful Sunday meal all together!

  12. Hey Deb! Thanks for sharing your heart, I love it! You are a blessing to me!

    Happy belated Mothers Day!


  13. this is such a sweet post. my kids
    love to tease me about all the
    things i made them do, too!

  14. It's so hard to see our parents grow old. I miss my mom, especially on Mother's Day. My dad is 83 years old and still going strong despite many medical conditions. It must be that strong Viking heritage. :)

    I read your sad news earlier this week but was on a computer where I couldn't comment. I am so sorry about the loss of the baby. May the Lord comfort the parents during this time.



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