Monday, September 17, 2012


It's early Monday morning and I have MANY things to do, but I am going to try and get a post up.  I am finding myself with little time for this anymore.  But!  I am am NOT going to give this up as I soo enjoy making my "memory" books for kids and grandkids someday, and somehow it just seems important.  I can easily find to time to read other people's posts, and even make a quick comment or two, but thinking and writing and organizing my own?  Well that's another story...Anyway...

The week-end was VERY full and went VERY fast, but was VERY fun...By the time mom leaves on Fridays for the week-end, I am usually just downright tired and looking forward to a little "alone" time.  So we don't do much of anything at all on Friday nights.  Sat. we left here around 10 to pick up little Jeff.  He was suppose to come spend the night with us on Friday night but that ended up not working out so we headed down to get him for the party.  We arrived down in San Diego to a scorching hot sunny day for JD's 6th birthday party.  He is such a little sweetie.  The kids (and Grandpa) promptly jumped in the pool and spent the next several hours swimming and enjoying themselves.  I stayed out by the pool long enough to enjoy them enjoying themselves and then ended up going inside in the air conditioning.  It was 105!  There were a few others who chose this as well, haha, so there was plenty of conversation.  Here are a few pictures of the day...didn't get many really though.

I have NO idea why I did not center this better, AND it was kind of blurry, haha, but you get the idea.   Soo cute!

They had HOURS of fun in this boat!


Sweet Donatella...she has NO fear in the water...such a little fish!

Cake time!  May all your wishes come true JD!

I thought this was soo hilarious.  The kids swarmed in soo close for presents, I couldn't even find JD!  He got lots of goodies!

We left Jeffie to spend  the night with his cousins, and we headed home around 6.  It was a good day. On Sunday we headed back to San Diego (twice in one week-end WAS kind of a lot, haha) and went to church and then over to James and Larissa's for lunch and to spend the afternoon.  We had also decided to go back to the evening service (which we usually skip) as the church family was going to  celebrate Rosh Hashanah which is the biblical Jewish Feast of Trumpets.  James taught all about this feast in his message on Sunday, and the symbolism and significance of ALL of the feasts was really interesting.  I wish I could explain it all the way he did, but not only do I not have the time, I just know it would suffer in the translation.  So if you get the chance and are interested, click on his link on the side here and go to Sunday Sept 16th and listen for yourself.  I can tell you this much.  We need to have our hearts ready for the return of Jesus, as it is closer now than ever.  We had a delicious semi-traditional feast, and then gathered for worship, a short message, prayer and then the final "blowing of our trumpets"  which really meant whatever horn or noise maker we had.  It was soo fun.  One teen-aged boy even brough a tuba, lol.   How I love this church and all of these people.  I did manage to take a few pictures.

Today I need to run over and pick up mom from my sister's and take her to the Neurologists's (yes, CLEAR out in Newport, sigh) for a check up.  It is all going so well I am not anticipating any changes being made.  I also need to stop for groceries after that as we didn't get that done yesterday.  Mom and are going to be trapped for a couple of days after that as they are going to repave our street.  Now if we wanted to park our car WAY out of the park on the street we COULD walk back and forth and be on our way, but neither my mom or I are up for that.  Maybe I will get something done here instead.  Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Blessings to you all, Debbie


  1. Wow 105! Yes, we all need to be ready for Jesus's return. My daughter sang special music this past Sunday in church-such a blessing.

  2. Hi there, I'm surprised you didn't settle in San Diego-seems like you are constantly running down there(but I don't know how far it is from you); you certainly do stay busy my friend. I got one star, out of twelve, done today-yippee. Have a great evening!
    Love, Noreen

  3. What a fun birthday party. I hope your drive wasn't in the heat. I feel like I am going to crack. :)
    I wished today that we celebrated Rosh Hashannah. I used to with the kids when they were younger.
    I hope you have a very nice week Debbie.

  4. It's still that hot? Oh my! I'm not sure if I could handle being in the house knowing I couldn't get out. Hope that that goes well for you gals. Just pretend that you can get out whenever you want. ☺

  5. I loved that picture of the kids hovering around the opening of the presents. Happens at all our birthdays too, it makes it hard to get a picture of the birthday person opening any of their gifts. Hope you guys cool down pretty soon...shouldn't be long??
    hope you have a great week

  6. You are a busy lady for sure! If the saying, "busy hands are happy hands," then you are also a happy lady. :o)

    Our little Grandson is about to have his 4th birthday so we're heading to Kansas next week. He will be having his 1st party and he's so excited.

    Hope it's a happy week!

  7. Love all of these sweet pictures, Debbie. Your grandkids are all just beautiful. Birthday parties are so much fun for every member of the family.
    We are starting to have lovely cool weather now. Hope you all cool down soon.

  8. you manage to pack more fun into a weekend
    than ten women! what darling grandchildren
    you have!

  9. I just finished reading this post about the hot weather for you over the weekend and I thought, "I wonder if she answered my comment on the A/C" and then went to read the previous post and there it was! A shout out to me! So funny! Thanks for answering that question. I always wondered about that! I usually have to put our A/C on when it reaches around 80 in the house. And now in the future I'm going to feel bad about doing that considering you don't turn yours on till it's much hotter! I enjoyed your posts! Enjoyed catching up with you and your family. That pool looks so refreshing but I would have been inside as well. AND I love your haircut! So pretty! Enjoy the rest of your week! Hope all went well with your mom's doctor's appointment!

  10. Your grandkids are all so precious -- love the pictures on the sidebar. Sam has grown up so fast, I love his little crinkled up nose! Also, I saw your haircut post, it looks really good!

  11. I read your post yesterday but was unable to comment as I was on someone else's computer. I want to go to your son's link and listen to this sermon on the Jewish feasts you mentioned.

    Blessings and love,

  12. Glad to know that I'm not the only one who has troubles getting a good picture of the birthday boy/girl opening gifts ... with all the others hovering to see. ;-) Perfect spot for a birthday party in that heat!

    Hope you have a nice quiet time with your mom when you're "trapped" at home.

  13. Oh I am!!

    You know as I read this and looked at all your wonderful pictures I couldn't help but celebrate life!! Your life is a celebration...both the blessings and the know how to celebrate life!! God is so good to put the balance there...and girl you have it, so much I need to continue to learn from you. It has been over two months since our family has been together...everyone so busy, and we all live right here...I need to know how to do what you do!!

    Hugs...and thanks for the lift this made me smile


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